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‘I Ended Up Turning It Off and Running Away’: Janet Hubert Reacts to Will Smith’s ‘Red Table Talk’ Interview

Will Smith‘s late November reunion with the original Aunt Viv actress on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Janet Hubert, seemingly put an end to their nearly 30-year feud. However, the “I am Legend” star wasn’t done atoning for his role in their dispute just yet. 

On Friday, Nov 20, following the reunion’s premiere, Smith held a “Red Table Talktakeover alongside YouTube’s Dr. Ramani Durvasula to explain precisely why he treated Hubert the way he did — a manner in which the actress claimed ruined her career. 

(From left) Daphne Maxwell Reid, Will Smith and Janet Hubert. (Photo: @willsmith/Instagram)

The 52-year-old and Dr. Durvasula examined the reunion as they analyzed what could’ve caused the actor to treat Hubert so harshly. Smith cited insecurity, ignorance, and a troubled childhood for his misguided behavior during his tenure on the show. 

During an interview this week with KTLA, her first on-screen appearance since the “Fresh Prince Reunion” aired, Hubert spoke about her reaction to Smith’s “Red Table Talk,” admitting that at first she was a bit nervous about the whole takeover. 

“And when I saw it, and when I saw what Will did, I was absolutely so moved that I couldn’t watch it. I ended up turning it off and running away from the computer because generally, I don’t show that kind of vulnerability,” the 64 year old explained. She continued, “But to see him say what he said about his own pain, what he was going through and what I was going through. We were going through the same thing at different times. I was compelled to finally step back in front of the camera to do an interview. It’s time. It was time.”

The “If Loving You Is Wrong” star said all she ever wanted was to get her reputation back. “That’s all I’ve been asking for for 27 years,” the actress explained. She also said she wasn’t aware of the reunion until the day before she was set to fly out for filming. “They had been trying to get in touch with me, to no avail. So when I found out and asked whose idea it was, they said it was Will’s, I had to go. Because I wanted this to be over, desperately wanted this to be over,” she said. 

Hubert expressed that while it may be hard to let go of those 27 years, she won’t be able to get back due to her being labeled a “difficult b-tch,” she’s starting to heal. “There was no Oprah [“The Oprah Winfrey Show” debuted nationally in 1986, some four years before “Fresh Prince” premiered], no Iyanla, no Dr. Phil. Only Will could do this. It was always he and I. And when I did hug him, I hugged him, and he hugged me back for real because we both needed it so desperately from each other,” Hubert said. “I’m not used to showing that kind of vulnerability unless I’m acting, because people have been so cruel. It feels good. It’s starting to feel good.”

Check out Janet Hubert’s Interview below.

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