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Pharell Announces Skin-Care Line Humancare with Black Dermatologist Dr. Elena Jones

Renowned hitmaker Pharrell Williams is now venturing into the skin-care industry, having committed to his own personal skin-care routine for more than half his life.

Williams, 47, announced his new skin-care line, Humancare via social media Wednesday, that results from a collaboration with dermatologist Dr. Elena Jones. In the social media posts, Pharrell appears in a photo holding the line’s first three products, under the caption “Proud dad moment.”

In a new interview with Allure, the musician shared his holistic skin-care philosophy, a mantra he is hoping will resonate with others.

“Sometimes you need to cleanse your spirit. Sometimes you just need to cleanse your mind. Sometimes you’ve just got to get rid of some dead skin,” Williams said. “Sometimes you’ve got to get rid of some bad habits. Sometimes you just need to be humidified, brought to life. Sometimes your spirit needs that.”

According to Allure, Williams attributed his boyish visage to an attentiveness to skin care he has stayed true to since his early 20s. He shared that earlier in his career, he’d ask models about the types of products they would use. He ultimately connected with Jones, who personally treats him as a dermatologist and acted as a consultant on the skin-care line.

(Photo: @pharrell/Instagram)

Jones is a board-certified dermatologist, currently practicing in New York City. She has gone on to become one of the few Black board-certified dermatologists in the city. In her 20 years of private practice, Jones has imparted her medical knowledge in “lectures, medical journal publications, legal case reviews, magazines, radio and television interviews,” according to her website.

Of Williams and his skin-care focus, Jones told Allure, “What struck me most about my first meeting with him was how committed to his skin and health he was at his age. He wanted a routine to follow, and he’s dedicated to a skin-care regimen. He wanted explanations for everything,” Jones said.

Some of the Humanrace products include Rice Powder Cleanser, Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator and Humidifying Cream.

Fifty percent of the plastic used to contain Humanrace’s products comes from “post-consumer recycled plastic,” with only a little amount of “virgin plastic” utilized. Every product also has a removable inner compartment that can be replaced for a refill. The cap is imprinted with a raised logo and is reflected with the brand’s name in braille.

Allure had an objective cosmetic chemist review the entire ingredients list for each product, with that chemist concluding, “They are formulated beautifully.”

The Humanrace skin-care line is scheduled to launch on Nov. 25 with an accompanying website of the same name.

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