‘Always Been Bad’: Tamar Braxton Gets a Little Spicy for Her Fans on Instagram

Tamar Braxton is getting frisky for the camera. In a Nov. 7 video, she lies down and pans the camera to show off her body in a sheer lavender one-piece lingerie with matching nude bra and panties.

On the video are the words “Pajama jammy jam.”

tamar braxton
Tamar Braxton. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Loving the spicy photo, a few Tamartians went into the comments to show their support.

One simply wrote, “Glowing.”

Another wrote, “Tamar is really an unbothered queen.”

“She’s always been bad, y’all just hate too much,” someone else said. 

Other people were completely thrown off about where Braxton was that she needed to wear both a mask and a lingerie piece. 

One person asked, “So where are you that you’re wearing that…..but need a mask ?”

It looks like Tamar was attending Nene’s Leakes’ “Ladies of Success” event where the women wore cute pajama sets.

Her other supporters were just happy to see Braxton looking happy. 

A commenter wrote, “Look at Tamar enjoying her life and her peace. Tamar look beautiful and gorgeous you go Tamar.”

It seems like things have been looking up for Braxton lately. About two weeks ago on Instagram, on Oct. 28, she announced that she has a new podcast in the works. 

In the caption of her post, she wrote: “This whole experience has opened my eyes on what I’m REALLY supposed to be doing with my life… FIXING IT‼️ so, I’ve started a podcast Tht is dedicated to my new self on a journey to be my BEST self and I want to take you all with me on this ride ❤️ there is No MORE reality foolishness but the fun, singing, sister-girlfriend Tamar who you don’t know and who is up front and honest about my struggles. Come join me to laugh, cry and relate to each other while we get better and better together. We all are not perfect and we all are UNDER CONSTRUCTION 🚧 here a sneak peak❤️✨going down NOV11th.”

Five days later, on Nov. 2, she revealed that she will be making an appearance in the film “True to the Game 2: Gena’s Story.”  

In the caption she wrote that she was “excited” about her movie role and that she was “proud” of her friend producer and entrepreneur Manny Halley. 

The movie was released on Nov. 6, and celebrities like Vivica Fox, Columbus Short, and Bernice Burgos are also starring in it.

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