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‘We Want Something for Our Vote’: BLM Co-Founder Sends Letter to Biden and Harris Demanding Development of a Black Agenda

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors sent a letter to President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, congratulating the pair on their electoral victory, and calling for the development of a “fully resourced” agenda that addresses the challenges Black people face.

In the letter dated Nov. 7, Cullors called for a meeting with Biden and Harris to discuss the administration’s commitment to Black people.

Cullors noted that, although Donald Trump’s demise is to be celebrated, it does not guarantee that conditions facing Black people will improve.

Patrisse Cullors. (Photo: Instagram)

Given the Black community’s support of the Biden-Harris ticket, Cullors called for the administration to make addressing the issues faced by Black people a “top priority.”

“Without the resounding support of Black people, we would be saddled with a very different electoral outcome. In short, Black people won this election,” Cullors wrote. “We want something for our vote.”

About 87 percent of Black Americans voted for Biden, while 12 percent voted for Trump.

Cullors also noted that the Black community has historically been extremely loyal to the Democratic Party.

Cullors said Black Americans are “living in crisis” and that the devaluation and devastation of lives “cannot continue.”

“Black people can neither afford to live through the vitriol of a Trump-like Presidency, nor through the indifference of a Democrat-controlled government that refuses to wrestle with its most egregious and damnable shame.”

Cullors also advised Biden and Harris to take directions from Black grassroots organizers who walk in a legacy spanning back to slavery.

“We look forward to meeting with you at your convince to begin the immediate work of Black liberation.”

Cullors, of Los Angeles, is the Executive Director of the Black Lives Matter Global Network, and now has a new production deal with Warner Bros. She co-founded the Black Lives Matter movement in 2013 after sparking the hashtag on Twitter.

Biden and Harris have not yet responded to the letter.

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