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Alabama Police Captain Resigns After Controversial Comment Suggesting People Who Voted for Biden Deserve ‘A Bullet In Their Skull’

An Alabama police captain has resigned after making controversial political comments as the nation was still awaiting the results of the presidential election.

Flomaton police Capt. Scott Walden resigned on Friday, Mayor Dewey Bondurant announced. The captain had been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation after implying in a comment on Facebook that liberals and Joe Biden supporters deserve “a bullet in their skull.”

After one user commented under a post, writing that Biden voters “hated Trump enough to throw the country away,” Walden responded, adding, “They need to line up ev1 of them and put a bullet in their skull for treason.”


Walden later defended himself by claiming he wasn’t referring to Democrats or liberals, just to people who commit treason.

He responded to the controversy in a separate post, accusing critics of trying to “stir the pot.”

“Well apparently someone, and I know who you are as well as the others jumping on the ‘gonna get them fired’ train is circulating a comment I made about TREASON. The comment even says TREASON but someone has run rampant saying I was meaning liberal n Democrats. Well #1 I don’t care who you vote for, #2 the comment was about treason and what should happen to the ones who are charged for committing treason . So either you trying to stir the pot or you are ok with someone committing treason but not ok with someone who says they should be shot. This is the world we live in.”


In a statement released by the Flomaton Police Department on Thursday, Police Chief Charles Thompson said the office received numerous complaints about Walden’s comments via phone and email. He also said the department had received records of the comments.

An internal investigation was announced, as the department pledged to handle the issue with transparency.

“People from out of this country are commenting,” Thompson told ABC3 Friday. “I can’t begin to tell you the numerous amount of complaints we received. It’s been nonstop.”

Mayor Bondurant said his office received about 500 calls. He also said Walden had been addressed about his social media conduct in the past. Thompson stated that he does not condone Walden’s comments and that they reflect poorly on the department’s mission.

Scott Walden. *Photo: Flomaton PD

Walden was placed on administrative leave on Thursday and resigned the following day.

“My plan is to move forward from this, have professionalism on everything we do, Thompson said. “Have pride — you’re a police officer. That is not an easy job. You are doing something that is important and you should be proud of that and hold yourself to higher accountability.”

He said the other officers on the force will receive updated training on social media usage and conduct.

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