NBA Player Alize Johnson Surprises His Family with a Brand New Home: ‘I’m Taking Care of Them First Because Without Them, There’s No Alize’

In a gesture of love and appreciation, Indiana Pacers forward Alize Johnson decided to give his family something they had only dreamed of — a brand new house.

Johnson used a Monday, Nov. 2, Instagram post, to share video of the heartwarming moment when he introduced his family to their new home.

The beautiful house, located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, is more than his mother can bear, and she can be seen in the video dropping to her knees in disbelief.


In the post, Johnson described his intention behind buying the home, emphasizing how much his family means to him, and the role they play in his current success. He also placed increased importance on taking care of them instead of catering to his own needs.

“God never seems to amaze me. I have been through everything with my family, both good and bad times,” he said. “We have never given up on each other, I would never allow it, EVER! My family is the reason I go so hard. The reason I sacrifice every day and continue to put in work. I just want to see a smile on their faces. Today I surprised them with a New House I always dreamed about living in myself, but I’m taking care of them first because without them, there’s no Alize.”

“When my second motor kicks in that everybody loves about me on the court, I’m thinking about them. It’s a feeling I can’t describe, it just takes over,” he wrote. “I start reflecting back on how I came up and where I am today. I spent so many long hours grinding and my eyes filled with tears of fears of not getting everything I want in life.”

“I’m glad I was built different because I never folded in any situation that looked impossible to complete. I went and got it done. I stayed humble and just believed in myself. I’m not ending this without saying I still got more work to do, but I’m going to act a fool in this house until I get my own!”

The post also prompted a reaction from teammate Victor Oladipo, who commended Johnson for his kindhearted actions.

“Proud of you slim!! You know what time it is!!! Congrats to the Johnson Family!” Oladipo wrote in the post.

Johnson is a second-year Pacers player who has had a very limited role on the court, averaging 6.9 minutes per game this past season. One of the lowest-paid players in the league at $1.4 million this past season, he nevertheless has a history of altruism and has remained involved in various philanthropic endeavors that support his hometown of Williamsport.

Fansided reported in July about the opening of Alize Johnson Foundation Park in Williamsport, a multi-court basketball complex for the local neighborhoods to use. Johnson was a key figure in the opening of the park, which involved food, games, and a basketball tournament. Johnson spent six figures on the venture, and local taxpayers didn’t have to pay anything.

Johnson also bought shoes for kids at his former high school, and in 2018 he also held a day of “Zaygiving” near the holidays, during which he fed over 100 families Thanksgiving Day meals they would otherwise not have had.

Still, he never forgets his family — in 2018, he surprised his mom with a new vehicle.

Johnson is unsigned for next season.

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