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‘Whole Family Fine’: Saweetie Reveals Her Mom Was a Video Vixen In the Early 2000s

Saweetie revealed on Tuesday in a clip of her YouTube vlog series that her mom was formerly a video vixen in the early 2000s for many popular hip-hop artists.

The rapper disclosed that her mom Trinidad Valentin was in the videos “Ride Wit Me” by Nelly and “What These B–s Want” by DMX. In Saweetie’s “The Icy Life” episode posted on Sept. 29, the “Tap In” rapper, who was sporting a teal wig and a white one-piece bathing suit, was taking a break after shooting a video in the pool. At about the 8:37 mark her mom, who hadn’t been featured on the show previously, comes out and asks, “D, where is the rest of your outfit?”

A young Saweetie and her mom. Photo @saweetie/Instagram

Saweetie replies by casually introducing her mother and explaining that Valentin, too, was once in the same shoes, saying, “Mom, she don’t be on ‘The Icy Life’ yet but this is my mom, and she act like she ain’t used to be one of us back in her day.” Many fans raved about Saweetie and her family’s good genes.

Saweetie’s mom Trinidad Valentin dancing in Nelly’s video “Ride Wit Me.” (Photo: Official Saweetie/YouTube)

One fan said, “She had no choice but to be fine😂.”

“Saweetie whole family fine as baby powder,” a second fan gushed.

A third fan replied, “💙💯apples don’t fall to far from the tree boos😂.”

“Yesss momma og Saweetie,” a fourth fan cheered.

A fifth fan commented, “Whole family fine🔥.”

Valentin isn’t the only celebrity connection that the “My Type” rapper has in Hollywood. Saweetie is a second cousin of actress Gabrielle Union and is also related to former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Willie Harper. Although the California native has well-known celebrities in her family roster, she didn’t want her rise as a rapper in the entertainment industry to come as a handout.

Saweetie hanging out with cousin Gabrielle Union, Union’s husband Dwyane Wade (rear left), Saweetie’s beau Quavo (rear center) Wade’s son Zaire. (Photo:@saweetie/Instagram)

During an August interview with Desus Nice and The Kid Mero on their Showtime series “Desus and Mero,” the rapper opened up about how she didn’t want her famous family members to help her break into the industry.

“They were all kind of upset at me because they heard ‘My Type’ and was like, we didn’t know you was doing music. What you doin’ over there? But I have so much pride. I believe in being self-made and trying to figure things out on my own, I appreciated that they reached out and was like, ‘We see what you’re doing. Our friends keep talking about you. We see you, and if you need our help, please let us know.’ So I appreciate the support, but for me, I’ve always been self-motivated. So instead of asking for help, I just wanted to see if I could do it on my own.”

In this episode of Saweetie vlog series “The Icy Life” she reveals her mom was a former video vixen. (Photo: Official Saweetie/YouTube)

Saweetie revealed that although she initially refused a handout in the beginning, after she started gaining traction, news of who her famous relatives are became public.

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