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Georgia Corrections Officer Fired by County for Second Time for Using N-Word Toward an Inmate on Suicide Watch

A corrections officer in an Atlanta suburb will lose his job for using a racial slur to refer to a trouble inmate.

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill announced Gregory Hubert Brown’s impending termination in a statement on Sunday. According to the release, Brown lost his job because he used the N-word toward a troubled inmate.

Gregory Hubert Brown (above) will be fired for using a racial slur toward an inmate in front of his coworker and other prisoners. (Photo: Clayton County Sheriff’s Office)

“Sheriff Victor Hill ordered Correction Officer Gregory Hubert Brown placed on administrative leave without pay today after he called an inmate on suicide watch a “crazy N-word” in front of other inmates and another Correctional Officer,” the statement read. “Brown will be fired within the next 72 hours by order of the Sheriff in compliance with civil service guidelines.”

This termination will be Brown’s third firing from a correctional institution in a decade, according to documents obtained by NBC News. His first termination occurred in 2010 due to “workplace violence.” Disciplinary records state Brown engaged in a “heated verbal and physical encounter” with another officer who asked him to write in information missing from a report.

After he finished filling out the form, Brown reportedly threatened his coworker.

“If you ever jump in my s–t again I will tear your f—-g head off of your shoulders. You are not a corporal or a sergeant,” he reportedly told the other officer. After making the remark, Brown “aggressively” walked by the other person and pushed him with his “chest/belly.”

The confrontation ended after the co-worker pushed Brown back. The altercation was witnessed by two other officers. Brown tried to appeal his firing but it was upheld a year later.

Clayton County hired him as a jail guard a year later. He was eventually fired in March 2012 “unsatisfactory performance during his probationary work period” for locking other guards in cells with inmates three times during cell checks. He was also canned for opening cell doors without proper justification.”

The county rehired him the following year.

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