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Young Black Woman Reduced to Tears on Her Birthday After Irish Woman Goes Off on Her Friend Group on a Dublin Bus: ‘Go Back to Africa, It’s a Long Walk’

A young woman was left crying on her birthday after a white woman went on a racist rant and scuffled with another woman on an Irish bus.

The incident occurred on Sunday evening on the 44 Dublin Bus, as reported by Dublin Live. A video filmed by a bystander showed a blond middle-aged woman shouting at a group of young Black women who were out to celebrate one of their birthdays.

A young woman was left crying on her birthday after a white woman went on a racist rant and scuffled with another woman on an Irish bus. (Photos: Moroccans in Ireland/Facebook screenshots)

“My friends and I were out in Dundrum at the mini golf for one of my friends’ birthdays. We were getting the bus back when this lady started being racist towards us on the top deck of the bus,” one of the young women, identified as Shola, told Dublin Live.

In the clip, the white woman yelled “I don’t want coronavirus,” as the bus driver chastised her and threatened to put her off the bus. Despite the warning, the woman continued to shout at the group of women. At one point, one of the women is seen weeping during the tirade.

“I was in disbelief too, this is the first time something like this has ever happened to me, my friend’s birthday was ruined, she was crying,” Shola added.

After the bus driver threatened to throw her off, the woman told him she would walk home but “you can’t walk home to Africa.”

“Yeah, go back to Africa, it’s a long walk,” the woman shouted.

The white woman eventually stood up and charged at another passenger, who pushed her away. The two women briefly scuffled before the white woman went back to her seat.

“F—–g n—–s!” the woman shouted after she sat down.

“You f—–g racist piece of s–t,” another white woman responded.

“I am a racist because I am with a race, white supremacy,” the woman stated.

The women continued to argue for a few moments before the woman took a swig from a glass bottle and finally got off the bus.

“I can’t sit here with these Black c–ts,” she said as she walked down the aisle. The video clip is about two and a half minutes long but Shola told Dublin Live the incident lasted about 10 minutes.

“The abuse went on for like 10 minutes, she called us the N-word multiple times, told us to ‘go back to Africa’ and said we should get off the bus as she was there first.”

An Garda Síochána, the Irish national police, told The Daily Mail the confrontation is under investigation.

“An Garda Síochána takes hate crime seriously, and each and every hate crime reported to us is professionally investigated and victims supported during the criminal justice process,” a spokeswoman told the outlet.

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