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‘I’ve Been Harmed By This African Black Woman’: Video Shows Woman Pretending to Call the Police on Three Black Women During Deranged Rant

Three Black women were subjected to a racist tirade unleashed by another woman at a Los Angeles County beach Sunday morning. The confrontation was captured on video by one of the women.

Brittany, Jessyka and Raquel were on their regular Sunday morning run at Dockweiler Beach in Manhattan Beach, California, when they were harassed by woman who claimed they had attacked her.

“I’m calling the police. This woman just hit me,” the woman woman in a bright pink shirt says at the start of the video while holding up her phone. “You are so violent. You Africans are so f-cking violent,” she says. “You’re an African, right?”

The woman then says that she is just trying to get a description. “Why are you so offended by the fact that you’re an African?”

“You called me a n-gger,” says Brittany, the woman behind the camera.

“You’re an African.”

“So an African is a n-gger?”

“You’re trying to put words in my mouth, the woman says while raising the phone to her ear, and yelling, “Police! A woman just accosted me! She violently attacked me from behind!”

“I need a paramedic, I need an ambulance, “My environment has been harmed by this African Black person.”

Brittany repeats several times that the woman called her the N-word. Then, the woman in the pink shirt, who herself is not wearing a mask, says “She’s not wearing a mask,” while pointing in Brittany’s direction

As the woman continues to allege that she has been attacked, the Brittany says that the woman told her to go back to Africa earlier, and that she would get her the cheapest flight back to Africa.

Brittany stands back at a distance while filming, as the woman continues speaking into the phone. “I have been harmed by the environment this African has created.”

Seemingly anticipating the arrival of the police, the woman says that she is on the bike path at the beach and the video ends soon afterward.

The group of women told ABC7 they first encountered the woman at the beginning of their run and then began to film her upon the second encounter while on their way back.

“I have to expose this, so I actually caught up to her and was like, ‘Tell me again what you said.’ And that’s when I started recording and she just continued,” Brittany said.

El Segundo Police said the woman did not contact a police officer. One of the three women filed a report with the LAPD.

What people are saying

76 thoughts on “‘I’ve Been Harmed By This African Black Woman’: Video Shows Woman Pretending to Call the Police on Three Black Women During Deranged Rant

  1. MrJT2U says:

    Well looks like it’s time to rid this race of people and their racist ways

  2. Tiger says:

    We don’t know what really happened, but
    It’s like blacks can do no wrong and the White woman was viewed as Crazy for complaining. She never said n—- but black woman accused her and as validated that it happened. I am so tired of these stories.

  3. Lu says:

    A direct result of our bully racist president and his family as well as the enabling senators. Disgusting country we have created by saying this bully racist behavior is ok. Our students look to adults like her and him to make their behavioral decisions. Watch out they’ll be taking care of us!

  4. Leonard says:

    Trumps America

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Mexican lady is an insult to her race. I am mexican and I would never call someone an african black person. Shame on you lady…

  6. Robert Pope says:

    People like this cops should arrest them for filing police reports. Cause they pulling cops away from some people who may need help or they need a medical attention. They have waste thier time on some filling out a bogus report.

  7. Jeffrey says:

    OMG! I would say she needs an ambulance all right but they and better bring a straight jacket with them! This Woman’s way over the edge she’s a real wackadoodle.😳😳😳😡😡

  8. Misty says:

    White people. Please stop this behavior and act like adults. Or are you wanting to get us killed?

  9. Anonymous says:

    She is obviously not in her right mind:(

  10. vh says:

    Kinna shit is this?

  11. Mar says:

    Don’t understand why they went up to her again. They should have went on their way instead of “ catching” up to her again just to film it. Didn’t hear her call them the n word either. Think they were looking for trouble.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This garbage has been so often slated by these crazy deranged folks sad and very sad stop and get these folks help stop over looking these folks

  13. Paulette Davis says:

    That woman in pink is a freaking LUNATIC!!! I think she must be off her meds!!! So sorry you had to go through that! Shes just freaking nuts!!!

  14. Constance says:

    What did black and brown people do to the United states of America for our rights to be taken our lives our not valued to some people we people of color know what it’s like to not be respected or treated like our lives matter, it Bothers me when people say that all lives matter your life matters but we people of color are saying your life it’s been taken

  15. Milley Webber says:

    My comment is that there should be a law against people like this. They are calling the police 👮 knowing the police will send some hit head cop to the scene and One that is a racist that will abuse his authority and hurt or kill someone because of the people’s bulls::t lies. One of them is going to get themselves killed. Then maybe they will stop.

  16. Anonymous says:

    She need to go back to Mexico trying to be a Katen

  17. Smitty says:

    They said she never even called so she just up there FAKING like hell. Smh! But y’all talking about we don’t know what happened before. Well we can see what’s happening now and it’s complete bull….

  18. McKenna says:

    I am a white person and I would never say or do any of this to an African American. I have friends who are half black and friends who are black and I would never say any of this to them obviously. This woman in the pink shirt needs to grow up and get a life and stop being so ignorant and racist.

  19. Larry says:

    I’m white and the way she treated the 3 ladies out walking is terrible and I’m embarrassed.

  20. Pastor says:

    I’m confused!!! She’s MEXICAN ACTING LIKE THIS!!! I guess she forgot what her president said about her…. rapist, murderers, thugs. If the cops came… They might arrest her first!! SMH!!! This hatred has to stop!!

  21. Bon says:

    Commenter #2 – We’re tired of these stories too so perhaps when racists stop calling the police and making false accusations against people of color, they will stop.

  22. Ishmael says:

    The dispatcher is like this wannabe white chic is bat shit crazy.

  23. Joanne says:

    Lucifer is working overtime. God is not pleased with us. We are allowing Lucifer to reek havoc in the supposedly “greatest country” in the world. We have become the laughing stock of the world.

  24. Angela Matthews says:

    Ridiculous and u til people stop pointing the finger to black or white and being childish and realize a racist is a racist , doesn’t matter the color. And our president is a idiot. It takes the people to make the change government are Greedy Bullies nothing more. They could care less if black or white or any race dies.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I’m surprised that some people in this post are defending “Karen’s) behavior

  26. Connie says:

    Everyone is jumping on the band wagon about the women making a false police call for help. I dont know if a you don’t realize the vedio did not show them attacking her from behind (which could have been a push or hit from behind) and calling her the n word. None of that is recorded!! So we are just going to believe what the african women are saying. Its BS in my opinion there is more to this story than what’s on the vedio.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Mexican poor bitch

  28. Cathie says:

    @Tiger, then why hasn’t the other woman come forward if her actions have been misconstrued. The three joggers involved have given numerous interviews & have been named. Why hasn’t the woman come forward & actually filed assault charges. BTW, there are actually other witnesses to her racist behavior.

  29. Northern Belle says:

    And yet there’s absolutely NO mention of the white woman on the bike who circled back around and stayed to offer assistance and protection. It goes without saying that the woman in pink is simply horrible. Which brings up the question of why anyone would provoke a second encounter with her – the first time it was on her, but the second one was on the 3 runners. I just find it troubling that every time there’s any kind of slight or incident, suddenly all white people are painted as evil and hateful, even when IN THE SAME VIDEO there are clearly white people who are NOT evil and hateful. And they are by far the majority. It’s especially troubling when black folks are (rightfully) indignant when there’s a story about a crime involving a black perpetrator and somebody makes a comment similar to what the lady in pink is saying. BOTH are examples of racism.

  30. Cynthia says:

    She has a lot of nerves to be calling someone the N word she’s considered just like it in is she really want to know the truth Trump don’t give a damn about her or me or any other race so I don’t know what she called herself trying to do calling the police on a black woman who’s not even bothering her she’s a minority herself if she must really know the truth you #shame on you racist # WE HAVE NO PLACE IN THIS WORLD FOR THIS !! ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!!!

  31. Carol says:

    Like my grandmother use to say, there is 2 side 2 every story. That heffer pretended to call the cops. This have to stop.

  32. Savage says:

    Well let’s see. Africans were brought against their will to be enslaved in this supposed melting pot country. While the indigenous ancestors of the Latino culture were fooled, murdered and put on reservations. Why would anyone of African or Latin heritage be against the other aside from being uneducated and misinformed about their cultures history.

  33. Sus says:

    I dont think shes mexican. Probably from Nicaragua 🤣. In all seriousness, ppl like her should be given a hefty fine for false accusations. Unbelievable the world we live in

  34. My Life Matters says:

    I am so done with this type OF behavior. Especially from a Spanish bitch who isn’t AMERICAN!!!!! I never claimed to be an American. I am Black period, my suggestion is to start fighting back with the same Bullshit. SEE A WHITE PERSON, SCREAM AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS, MY LIFE MATTERS!!!!! #HARRIETTUBMAN2020.

  35. Jennifer Crotty says:

    Leonard. Trumps America? Why do you nuts lump people into catagories over the actions of a few? That’s like me saying “Leonard’s a pedophile” Doesn’t sound fair, does it? You follow Biden, correct? Then it must be true. That’s how people like you think. It’s disgusting.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Tiger your an idiot

  37. Anonymous says:

    It is cheaper for her to walk across the border than to fly back fly. This woman isn’t white so people stop…

  38. Em Jai Taylor says:

    This is the effect of when fair-skin privilege goes unchecked when people get used to being praised and handed easier rewards in life because their skin color resembles that closes to a white person – they feel entitled to a better life than others around them because they are not part of the club. This is what is harmful to use as a black community, racism is conformity, and the lack of outside experience with others. We must acknowledge that fair-skin privilege is a problem, and it comes from the notion of assuming you are as white as others that seemingly run the world or the people around you. This is how you stop it, calling it out and exposing it!

  39. EmJai Taylor says:

    This is the effect of when fair-skin privilege goes unchecked when people get used to being praised and handed easier rewards in life because their skin color resembles that closes to a white person – they feel entitled to a better life than others around them because they are not part of the club. This is what is harmful to us as a black community, racism is conformity, and the lack of outside experience with others. We must acknowledge that fair-skin privilege is a problem, and it comes from the notion of assuming you are as white as others that seemingly run the world or the people around you. This is how you stop it, calling it out and exposing it!

  40. David says:

    First of all she’s not white she’s Mexican second of all she’s not African she’s American when will you people realize that you’re not African because of the color of your skin that’s an insult to anybody who is from Africa and then thirdly you are all trapped in the illusion of your skin color there is no such a thing as a black or a white person! There are only nationalities of people not races.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Well as we all know these Karen’s just haven’t run into the right n word yet because one of these days she will and she’s going to need the National Guard to get that n words foot out of her raciest ass!! Lol

  42. Anonymous says:

    I believe the Mexican woman who became an American overreacted to the situation. She was the one insulting and shouting like a maniac. What example is she setting? Influenced by the hatred and racism of this government.

  43. Paige says:

    All the posting and commenting on garbage like this is what will keep this Country “Trump’s”. He’s succeeding and everyone is playing along.
    Shut downwn social media and media!

  44. Sonny says:

    One of these days one of these Karen’s are going to run into a real N word and it’s going to take the National Gaurd to get this N word’s foot out of her ass, real talk!! Lol

  45. Monica says:

    She is a disgrace to all Latinas. Us brown people should be sticking together. I wish I was there i would of beaten her ass

  46. Michelle says:

    That woman shoulf be ashamed of herself. I am a Hispanic woman and she made us look like crap. She most of forgot that as she telling them to go back to Africa others can tell her to go back to Mexico. So ignorant. Thats what people do make up lies so they can come an arrest them because they are black and the police will tale the karen side. KARMA IS A BITCH that’s all i have to say…

  47. Rock says:

    Saying trump is responsible when shit like this goes down is as irrational as the lame ass person in the video.

  48. Michael Averett says:

    Always those like tiger and mar that want to condone this type of behavior. You two are as pathetic as this woman, and, just like her, the cancer killing this country!

  49. Me says:

    Why are you guys calling her white? The video says she is mexican.

  50. Anonymous says:

    This reaction is disgusting and a disgrace to all human beings. However, I don’t see how the President Of the United States has anything to do with this. This is not political, just pure racism!

  51. Anonymous says:

    This is atrocious behavior. We are all descendants of the first couple. Adam and Eve, created in God’s image. Love us our heavenly Fathers’ dominant quality. What the world needs now is more live.❤️

  52. Eracism Jones says:

    The woman in the pink is obviously racist and afraid. But it seems like she is trying to get a black woman or women in trouble for nothing. One more killed by a cop or in jail seems to be the thinking. I am half Black and half Mexican and believe me, it is no secret nor is it something new the Mexicans are taught from birth to despise Black people. I’m not saying all Mexicans but my Mexican mother was written out of the family will for having me if that gives you an idea. Clearly not the whole issue here. There is also mental health. Being that I believe racism is a mental illness.

  53. La Quinta Jackson says:

    Some of us are tired of the always the victim mantality.lets start telling the truth. Words don’t hurt. Walk away be the bigger person. Free your minds there’s a lot of mental health disorders out there apparently that this woman had a psychological problem. And without seeing it from start to finish I don’t believe any of them not one of the four involved that’s all of them.

  54. Glen says:

    Sorry you went through this. I don’t see a white person in the video. I understand that no one likes to be called names. That is never good but being called an African or Mexican or American is not bad. That is who we are!
    I never heard anyone say the other words that she was accused of saying.. I am not saying she didn’t before the video started.
    I think everyone should forgive and let this mess go. It will only destroy you.
    I am a white man who loves people of any color and believes your life matters as much as mine. I am not against you but I am called names every day. I drop it and forgive… Why can’t you do the same?

  55. Marvin says:

    She needs acting class, and Xanax

  56. Terry says:

    black people this is a Mexican woman who called the police and used racial slurs against another group of black women do not think that Mexicans are your friends they are not they are for loraza and Santa muerte that’s all they care about is taking over California and the country that’s what they’ve been able to do by the Democrats.

  57. Diane says:

    Funny thing is though, we all originated from Africa.

  58. Anj says:

    It seems that everyday a woman exercises her privilege over some blacks person. They either curse you and then when you don’t run off. She then calls the police making a false claim of being attacked or in danger. Which is an actual crime. But none of these people get jailed for it. If the police start arresting people for making false claims perhaps this BS will stop.
    I want people to use the police when really needed not to intimidate some person of colour just to see if they can.
    Because these days that’s what it looks like. Let me call and see if I can get this person arrested since I don’t want them in my neighborhood.

  59. Jennie says:

    She is Hispanic.

  60. Mz K says:

    There is a law that treats them like a hate crime and punishable by law

  61. Lisa says:

    First off this isn’t a white woman so please stop saying all You white people Second of all stop sayin all black are trying to start trouble. Can’t you all see the media they are trying to divide us. This has to stop treat each other with respect don’t judge people on their race or religion

  62. Anonymous says:

    Who cares we all get along I call my niggas niggas all the time lol she’s just getting offended by her calling her African who cares blacks brown we all the same some niggas don’t like Mexicans like that lady putting more words on the Mexicans lady’s mouth

  63. Anonymous says:

    black people are violent thats why they get killed they dont follow police orders.

  64. Mayla says:

    Because of people like this one. I went to jail once because she said all this lies and called the police

  65. Greg says:

    Yep, in fact she was actually in the phone with Pres Trump and repeating what he told her to say. He told her if she gets arrested he’ll pay her bail, it’s what Trump does all day, right?

    You stupid moronic assholes, the lady is a loon and needs help and probably a good ass kicking but to say Trump is responsible is beyond foolish

  66. MARY E HEINLY says:


  67. Tammy says:

    Ridiculous 1St neither one of them r white which doesn’t matter at all, it shouldn’t b a race issue and 2nd for the Mexican female to continue to say black lives and ask where she is from is irrelevant. She is from America this is part of the reason y we r still having violence and race issues. Give it up no one is better than the other…

  68. Marsee says:

    This is just wrong for that idiot girl to call her a N word. I’m a Republican and THIS IS WRONG!

  69. K says:

    Fake. Knock it off. Fake stuff like this is why BLM is withering. Nobody believes it anymore because y’all take it too far.

  70. Anonymous says:

    I am an black woman and I know that was a lie because if those black women was violent they would have whip her behind. The White woman would have never been able to call no one. Facts are Facts and my comment is a fact.

  71. Jordan says:

    @” Tiger” So why not take your lame thoughts and waste your time commenting?? So tired of idiots like you, LOSER!

  72. Bonnie Pollack says:

    These people are setting fantastically bad examples for their children.They are also making fools of themselves. The children and others are laughing AT them not with them.

  73. Squirrely Wrath says:

    Does she not realize that Trump doesn’t consider her any better than he does black people because to Trump she’s brown and an animal and a drug dealer and a criminal. So I don’t know why she thinks that the cops would want to help her anymore than they would want to help them. If she’s Mexican she’s trying on white privilege that isn’t there for her. You would think she would be a little more sympathetic just sayin…

  74. JP says:

    As part of the Hispanic community, we don’t claim her. I do hope this video goes viral and whatever employer she works for sees this and fires her. There’s no place for people like that.

  75. Jose Pere says:

    As part of the Hispanic community, we don’t claim her. I do hope this video goes viral and whatever employer she works for sees this and fires her. There’s no place for people like that.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Trump’s got these hillbillies feeling some type way

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