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Woman Ambushes Black Couple’s Small Hawaii Wedding Ceremony Over Coronavirus Rules

A video on social media has surfaced that shows a woman crashing a Black couple’s wedding ceremony, stating that the beach is closed due to COVID-19 rules. The video surfaced online Saturday, Aug. 15.

The woman who approaches the couple and films the video is not seen, but can be heard saying that “the cops are coming,” as she walks down Waimanalo Beach toward the ceremony, which is taking place not far from a rented home.

She cites the fact that the beach is closed. In order to get to the ceremony, which appears to be made up of a group of less than 10 people, including several small children, the woman walks past other individuals enjoying the beach but does not seem to take issue with their presence. The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources reportedly ordered that beach wedding permits are invalid through Sept. 4.

“You’re lying!” the woman snaps when the bride gestures to the beach home nearby, seemingly indicating that the family is staying there.

“This is the beach, and the beach is closed,” the woman says.

Bride who was approached by a woman demanding that the beach near where the wedding ceremony was held is closed (Twitter/ davenewworld_2)

The bride and groom, along with a few family members and small children, turn and begin to head back toward the home away from the beach, led by the officiant of the ceremony.

“Don’t bullsh-t us!” the woman says. “You guys have a vacation home, which is illegal.” She’s going to get arrested too pretty soon.”

“Oh no, it’s not harassing. The cops are coming,” the woman says.

It’s not clear if the police arrived on the scene, or if the couple was able to successfully finish their ceremony.

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