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‘Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth’: 50 Cent Responds to Floyd Mayweather’s Claims That the Rapper Wanted Half of His Company

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather were once close friends, but that changed several years ago, which the boxer said has to do with business.

The first sign that 50 and Mayweather were on the outs came in 2012. That year, the G-Unit rapper admitted that he and Mayweather weren’t hanging out as much but didn’t explain why. However, Mayweather gave some insight while speaking with the Champside podcast in an interview that surfaced on YouTube Monday, July 27.

50 Cent (L) responded to Floyd Mayweather (R) after Mayweather said the rapper wanted half of his company. (Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images)

The boxing champ said that things went south between him and 50 when the rapper wanted half of his business, and although Mayweather didn’t name which of his companies he was referring to, his Mayweather Promotions enterprise certainly is a candidate.

“You can’t hang out with me every day for years then all of a sudden if I don’t give you half of my company, now it’s ‘you’re dumb, you’re stupid, you can’t do this and you can’t do that,'” Mayweather explained at the 0:20 mark. “But if I can’t do all these things, why are you hanging around me? That’s all I’m trying to ask.”

He continued. “If I’m such a person that don’t know certain things, and I’m not that sharp, why you want to be around me every day? My thing is this, and this is is the truth. Right now today, I don’t know what no one else can do, but I could sit in my house and I don’t have to do nothing else for the rest of my life, and I’ll still would collect money every week until the casket closed.”

50 responded to Mayweather’s interview Friday, Aug. 7, on Instagram, and accused the fighter of using his name to bring attention to himself.

The “Power” actor also took a shot at his former friend’s reading, something he’s been doing since Mayweather was heard struggling to read a radio promo on “The Breakfast Club” in 2014.

“I’m not the marketing campaign champ, keep my name out your mouth,” wrote 50. “Damn somebody read this for champ i don’t f–k wit you, you don’t f–k wit me. OK 😆.”

Many of 50’s 26 million followers left comments under his post afterward, with some saying it makes sense that he and Mayweather’s beef is about business, considering how long they’ve been going at each other.

“D–n 8 yrs tho. I’m sure it’s def over some money 🤦🏾‍♂️,” one person stated.

At the same time, there were others who want to see the two celebrities patch things up and return to their old days of being chummy.

“Can’t lie miss y’all being boys man,” one person wrote.

“I look up to both y’all so I hate seeing this s–t,” another person chimed in.

Ever since 50 and Mayweather began beefing with each other, they spent a considerable amount of time sending insults back and forth on social media. The boxer has called 50 a has-been rapper during those exchanges, while 50 said that Mayweather isn’t as financially well off as one might believe based on his spending habits.

“It’s fight, get the money, spend the money, fight,” 50 said in 2017 during an interview with Hot97. “With the lifestyle that money’s gone. Trust me. Now it’s like if you call him, he’ll be at your local host in a nightclub because he needs that action right now.”
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