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Black Man Records White Woman Threatening, Questioning Him as He Watches His Kids at the Playground Then Claims She’s ‘Just Joking’

A Black man was approached and threatened by a white woman as he sat in his vehicle watching his children play at a playground. The location of duo is unknown. He recorded the encounter and footage of the incident has circulated on social media.

Although the identities of the man and woman in the video are not known, the footage begins with the woman standing outside of the man’s vehicle as he asks her why she called him the n-word.

When the man asks the woman to back away from his car over COVID-19 concerns, the woman responds: “I don’t have the corona, but I got a 9 millimeter to blow your f—–g head off.”

“You got a 9 millimeter to blow my head off?” the man questions her in surprise.

“I’m just joking,” the woman says.

“Oh, now we’re joking. Can you please walk away from my car please?” he repeats.

The woman who approached the man as he sat in his vehicle watching his kids at the playground. (Photo: Video screenshot)

The woman then tries to make the case that she deserves to know why the man is sitting in his parked car, saying, ” ’cause I pay rent right here.”

Later, the man pans the camera around to show his kids on the playground. “Do you see how my children are looking like ‘what the f-ck is going on out here?’ Do you see this?”

The woman then takes a few steps back from the man’s car. “You’re so funny,” she says

“Oh, I’m not a n—-r no more?” he questions.

“You were never a n—-r. N—-r does not mean Black, n—-r means stupid,” the woman says.

As the woman continues to question why the man is there, he explains again that he is watching his children.

“You see all these children around my car? These are my children,” he says, in reference to the three children nearby.

“But you’re in the car,” the woman objects.

“I can watch my children from here,” he responds.

Toward the end of the video the woman claims she only approached the man to say “hey,” but he points out that she never greeted him.

The woman calls the man “a worthless piece of sh-t” just before walking off.

“Ya’ll see what I got to deal with?” the man says just before the video ends.

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