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Botham Jean’s Sister Issues Strong Rebuke of Amber Guyger’s ‘Disrespectful’ Appeal to Throw Out Murder Conviction: ‘She Took His Life’

Attorneys for Amber Guyger, the former Dallas police officer who was found guilty of murdering Botham Jean in 2018, have filed an appeal against the conviction.

In the appeal filed Aug. 4, the attorneys argued that the evidence submitted to the court does not “prove beyond reasonable doubt that Guyger committed murder.” 

Her attorneys are seeking to have Guyger either fully acquitted of all charges, or acquitted of murder and charged with the lesser crime of criminally negligent homicide.

On Sept. 6, 2018, Guyger killed 26-year-old Botham Jean as the unarmed Black man sat on the couch in his apartment eating ice cream. The former officer had just returned to her apartment building at the conclusion of 13-hour shift, and says she entered Jean’s apartment accidentally. Guyger claims she believed Jean was an intruder, and fired twice, shooting him fatally in the heart.

Botham Jean. (Photo: Harding University)

In October 2019, Guyger was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing Jean. Her attorneys are now appealing the decision, claiming that when Guyger was confused about what floor she was on at the time of the shooting — Jean’s apartment was on the fourth floor, directly above Guyger’s third-floor apartment — that forms this basis of appeal as stated in their brief: “Guyger formed a reasonable belief about a matter of fact—that she entered her apartment and there was an intruder inside—and (2) her mistaken belief negated the culpability for Murder because although she intentionally and knowingly caused Jean’s death, she had the right to act in deadly force in self-defense since her belief that deadly force was immediately necessary was reasonable under the circumstances.

The appeal states that Guyger “realized that she was not in her own apartment,” only after shooting Jean.

“Her mistaken belief negated the culpability for murder because although she intentionally and knowingly caused Jean’s death, she had the right to act in deadly force in self-defense since her belief that deadly force was immediately necessary was reasonable under the circumstances,” attorneys argue in the appeal.

Amber Guyger. (Photo: Dallas Morning News/ YouTube Screengrab)

The lawyers attribute the fact that Guyger overlooked obvious identifiers that indicated she was entering the wrong apartment to benign confusion. The key-lock to enter Jean’s apartment blinked red when Guyger attempted to open it with the incorrect fob. Because it was left slightly open, she was able to enter the apartment.

Brandt Jean, Botham’s younger brother, created a national stir for his expression of forgiveness towards Guyger after her sentencing.

“I love you just like anyone else and I’m not going to hope you rot and die,” Brandt Jean told Guyger. “I personally want the best for you. I wasn’t going to say this in front of my family, I don’t even want you to go to jail,” he said before hugging her in the courtroom.

On social media, many people expressed anger and frustration over the appeal. “I really am not surprised Amber Guyger is appealing her conviction. She really doesn’t think she did anything wrong when she MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD Botham Jean. And THIS is why I had a huge problem with them forgiving and hugging her. You cannot have forgiveness w/o repentance,” wrote one person on Twitter.

@Mihrimah_FS/ Twitter
@Nature_Foto_MO/ Twitter

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting that other Jean family members are not nearly as forgiving of Guyger as Brandt Jean:

Botham Jean’s sister, Allisa Findley, said Guyger’s appeal is disrespectful and that the court should have sentenced her to life for murdering her brother. Jean was doing nothing wrong on the day he was murdered, Findley said. Jean was sitting in his own apartment, “minding his own business,” she said.

“I feel like she received a slap on the wrist for taking my brother’s life,” Findley said.“This tells me that she feels like she didn’t do anything wrong. She did not step on my brother’s toe. She took his life.”

Botham Jean was a native of St. Lucia, an accountant, and alumnus of Harding University.

If Guyger is charged with criminally negligent homicide she will face a maximum sentence of 10 years, and be eligible for probation.

What people are saying

70 thoughts on “Botham Jean’s Sister Issues Strong Rebuke of Amber Guyger’s ‘Disrespectful’ Appeal to Throw Out Murder Conviction: ‘She Took His Life’

  1. Corderio Edwards says:

    I wish she could get a harsher sentence in appeal.

  2. Yolie says:

    Listen the buffoonery that went on during the amber guyer MURDER case regarding Botham Jean own family display of sympathy for a murderer!!! that MURDERED their family member🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️. Of course Amber is going to file for an appeal to be released from prison. Amber Guyger might actually win the appeal to be released🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. That family only have themselves to actually blame if Amba Guyer is actually released from prison. The problem is when these overly religious overly church tape people forgive so quickly and without thought. The only reason for quick forgiveness like that and without thought is because of that SLAVE Bible folks are heavily into🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️. The family actually hugged a MURDERER before they even hugged each other🤷🏽‍♀️ They consult a murderer before they even consult one another. So what does that tell you,the affects of slavery and how slavery was generational taught within our own people passed down!!!!
    I have no sympathy for this family, sorry🤷🏽‍♀️. What that family, the judge as well as the court officer displayed in that court room is proof of the ever lasting affects of slavery and how we treat whites as though they are victims even though they’re the killers, killing us!

  3. Lori says:

    The is bull crap. She had the ability to retreat and Jean presented no aggression, therefore the whole claim of self-defense is bogus! Defense from what? Being hit with the ice cream he was eating on HIS couch, in HIS apartment?

  4. Anthony Randolph says:

    She Should Have gotten 50 Years Only Eligible After 25 Of course She Appealed Part Of The Process . Now Her White Privilege Was Apparent Since Day One And Is Still Apparent

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday I watched her on TV. She had a smile on her face as if she did nothing wrong. She will probably get out of prison and go free. The Justice system in America isn’t for Blacks. It’s no surprise.

  6. Christian says:

    This no good for nothing but murdering an innocent black man pale face Heifer needs to rot and get her ass beat up everyday in prison! She was fake on the stand crying the judge who sentenced her was and is a Uncle Tom ass licking piece of 💩. And Botham is naive dude seeing everything with rose colored glasses SMH

  7. Christian says:

    Sorry I meant to say Botham’s brother is naive! Not Botham! And Botham’s sister was mad and wanted Amber’s sentencing for prison to be much longer!

  8. L Gross says:

    From where she was standing and from where he was sitting gives her ample opportunity to defuse her problem if she thought he entered her apartment. Why didn’t she recognize the surroundings first and then say something like “who are you” Giving him ample time to answer and question “who are you in my apartment?” This Would have given her a moment to assess and see “sorry for your inconvenience, sir!”

  9. Her plan the whole time! If he had shot and killed her, due to the fact she was the intruder then they would try to make him take the fall. But this, this can’t happen, she can’t walk!

  10. MisterMike says:

    That’s what happens when you’re buckdancin’ & ©oonin’ for the devils. His punkass brother needs disowned from his family. That Aunt Jemima judge and that bailiff stroking her yarn hair in court need their Black cards revoked and go sit in a car of skin bleaching cream, along with his punkass brother…smfh.

  11. Anonymous says:

    If she was black and the victim white, she’d be facing life in prison but she’s white so she’ll just get a slap on the wrist and then go back to life as usual but

  12. Mercedes Murchison-Hunt says:

    I am appalled that this Murderer who was ONLY sentenced to TEN years with the possibility of parole in SEVEN years has the NERVE to ask for an APPEAL!?!?!
    For killing an UNARMED MAN POSING NO THREAT, SITTING ON HIS SOFA, EATING ICE CREAM,and then LYING about it, is a real slap in the face of an already “White Privilege”Sentence. Hell, go ahead and reinstate her as an officer!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! NO, JUST, NO!!!

  13. Louise says:

    I agree that she should have at least been given as much time as a black person caught with drugs in Texas would have gotten! I am a Christian person, but I have absolutely no sympathy for her! I think if they keep insisting that her being overworked is the reason for her mistaken identity of her room, then the city of Dallas should also be sued for overworking the young woman!!!

  14. Nat Turner says:

    Botham Jean’s family set this in motion with asinine
    public forgiveness. I understand to forgive is divine however you do not have to publicly display said forgiveness. In the current “climate” of America, the judge and the family have paved the waive Guyger, to be released. The only thing that can be done now is vote the incompetent judge out of office.

  15. Colette says:

    A little confused how this garbage gets only 10 years. I have worked 15hrs a day and I have never walked into someone else’s home by accent. I really hope his family is suing for punitive damages as well.

  16. Louise says:

    She should be punished for the deed that was done! She committed murder, so she face the consequences of her actions! The Dallas police department should share
    the blame (if her work hours were responsible for her unexplainable behavior). They should be sued for as much as possible!!!

  17. Nana nana says:

    Amber’s needs to do the time All of it she got off too easy in the first place.And that younger brother if he’s so loving and forgiving let his dumb ass do so of the time .he was out of line in court and so was tha judge.

  18. nana nana says:

    I agree with the sister.Amber is very disrespectful and so was the judge. That officer already got off easy.i say let her do all her tim do not release her not 1 day early.and I’m disappointed in that younger brother he has a SLAVE Mentality.His sister should have hit him in the mouth
    If he were my son I would have STOMPED him right in the court room.under the pretense of having a nervous

  19. Quenton Lynch says:

    I knew this was going to happen, that gal needs to rot in hell, in jail or not. She killed a promising black leader with her careless acts.
    That brother needs his ass kick from every black community of the United States because what he did was kick every black family in the face, they might do that where he’s from but here in the US we’re not allowing it.
    I have no sympathy for this family for allowing their belief of forgiveness to take away there love one, because if the situation was different, she wouldn’t be so willingly to forgive.

  20. Navymom0810 says:

    I think every time I senseless appeal is filed, that person should get the original sentence doubled for stupidity and wasting the courts time. She needs to realize how lucky she is to have only gotten 10 years.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wonder if she was chemically altered? What frame of mind would she have to even think that apartment was hers alone? The belongings, lightening sound? Just how could she had mistaken this apartment for her own. I wish that dear man would had completely locked his door.

  22. Angelia says:

    Christian: Uncle Tom was a good man who took beatings for other slaves. The term you want to use is Sambo.

  23. Melissa says:

    I’m sorry but Guyger should absolutely go to prison. I’m so angry by this! She walks into the wrong apartment and instead of calling 911, she shoots to kill. She doesn’t deserve an appeal. She deserves more then 10 years. She took a life, a life that was doing nothing wrong but sitting in his own apartment. And this ladies a police officer? What kind of officer is this? It’s scary that she was out “ protecting and serving” people. I haven’t seen this story. I find it so heartbreakingly sad. Guyger should not get an appeal and deserves to sit in prison for a good long time. All she had to do was call 911. That’s it. She’s a cop! She knows this! She would’ve had help in minutes. I’m sickened by this!

  24. Shiretta says:

    She needs to point that energy at the brother hugging this clown and not wanting her to be sentenced at all. What did she expect

  25. Elliott says:

    She deserved a harsher sentence. She is where her racist ass belongs. What an insult to the innocent man she murdered and the coverup that followed. Hope she rots.

  26. Vernon says:

    Black lives really don’t matter to amber and her attorney

  27. Anonymous says:

    Life in Prison without parole!

  28. Darrell says:

    This idiot needs to STFU!!! She’s lucky she only got 10 years. If she was a black person, she probably would’ve been murdered already.
    Just shut up🤬

  29. My thoughts give her the harsher penalty she failed as a police officer she is making excuses. PERIOD PAY THE PENALTY YOU WAS BOLD ENOUGH TO GO THROUGH A PERSONAL DOOR NOW GO BEHIND THOSE BARS AND BE HAPPY REFLECT ON YOUR BIG MISTAKE.

  30. Bettie says:

    No bewilderment here, she showed no remorse for killing Botham at all the tears in Court was shed to get jurors to symbolize with her. Botham Brother should forgive but yet be firm on her serving quality time. The Judge and Baliff should have exhibited professionalism to let Amber Guyer and onlookers know how serious Botham Murder is and was. We can forgive as Christians but expect swift Justice when we are wronged.i pray God will make the Judge be pursuaded to make her do her time.

  31. Kofi X says:

    Yes. No sympathy for that privileged white devil. None ! Jean family should be ashamed of themselves! Or the brother .
    Your Brother is gone and she will be out soon

  32. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry but those of you saying she was o Er worked can go jump in a lake. I am a Nurse soon to be doctor. We work day on and out trying to save lives one times 24 hours. So I call BS on that over worked and tires nonsense. That’s like me hearing someone flat lining in their room and walking on someone else’s who clearly has a pulse and performing CPR. So as tired as I am and I can still focus to save a life that o went to school to learn for years, her little 3 month class to hold a gun has no merit if she does not know where she is at and whose home she is walking in. If you look at his hall way and set up and her home and set up hey do not resemble anything. Mistake my ass tired my ass she does not know what tired is. So cut the crap. I’m still waiting on the system to put Mr Tills murderer in jail for lying that caused a death but y’all talking about locking up Bill Cosby for something that happened years ago..Well let’s go lock her up to. Amber needs to stay in Jail. How the hell you get more time for selling drugs than murder in this CRAZY USofA.

  33. Pissed off black person says:

    No this fake ass bit*h shouldn’t get out a day sooner. If her ass was BLACK she would have gotten life plus some years for this bullshit they’re trying to pull. The black people should tear the courts up if they do.

  34. Sherry says:

    She should have received lofe without parole. She was given her white privilege. She also should not have received hugs. They would not have done this if it were a black person.

  35. Andre says:

    Fucking white people can blast a brotha right in his mothafuckin’ apartment and skate like they didn’t pay some parking tickets. Meanwhile a nigga sells a dime bag and gets 30 years. Fuck this white country. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!

  36. Amanda says:

    I guarantee you I wouldn’t have gotten 10 years.

  37. Anonymous says:

    The Family is getting Exactly what they deserve for that foolishness at the Trial.

  38. Montiela lucca says:

    they were screwing he was done she killed him otherwise explain how she got into his LOCKED APARTMENT

  39. Max says:

    The judge should be voted out of office and anyone
    Else associated with showing a display of religious
    Beliefs in a Law/ court which is supposed to be impartial
    And certainly not stepping off the Bench to display a religeous action like invitation to seek forgivness. Amber probably talks to GOD all the time…but when the family decided to hug the woman..i knew then she would appeal
    And if she gets it…the family can only blame themselves.
    Trust me if it was us there may have been forgivness..but a hug and invitation to salvation? Yea it will be hell frozen over with no Ice pick around mofo!! We gotta stop with this turn the other cheek business. Let justice speak its truth. A life for a life.

  40. Anonymous says:

    This is BS 💩! I wonder what Botham’s brother feels like-an ass maybe? HOW do you hug someone that has taken a loved one? And to top it off, looked like a puppy begging the judge to let him hug her😳 GTFOH WITH THAT 💩💩

  41. Anonymous says:

    The hypocrisy is astounding on here. Many of these same folks go by the “snitches get ditches code and let these black killers in our communities run free. Black lives only matter when we’re killed by white cops! Where is BLM when we are killing EACH OTHER????

  42. Juanita says:

    This is being so disrespectful to the family of Botham John! Why should she be released! She committed murder! She knew she wasn’t at her apartment because if she knew she did not leave her door opened, then why she would enter that apartment without identifying herself? She took that young man’s life! She should have gotten more time than she did. If the scenario was reversed and he committed the act, he would have gotten without the possibility of parole!

  43. Mr somalia says:

    I knew this was to happen after shameful act by his stupid family and lil trash bro, I can bet she will win on appeal, even if she fails in Texas any sentence below 11 you can see parole after 9 months the parole board if you have no prior felony conviction.

  44. Altorro says:

    I think the brother wanted to tap that fat lil ass she got to be forreal how she kill ur brother an u hugging her wtf house nga field nga

  45. Gee Gee says:

    I’m with his sister on this one and as far as his brother I would have kicked his behind when we got outside

  46. geo hainsworth says:

    bo knows ice cream

  47. Anonymous says:

    There were pictures of them together. She knew him. Maybe he dumped her for her friend or didn’t give her the attention she wanted.

  48. Maria says:

    So why isn’t she charged for being drunk in public?

  49. irv gitti says:

    totally agree with Yolie…I have no respect for the victims family and the entire court system including the judge.

  50. Tanya Ward says:

    He was mining his own business sitting on his sofa Enos ice cream when she walked in and shot him death is she thought he’s into the she didn’t even say she was a cop and many times you probably been doing that shift and this was our first time going into the wrong apartment didn’t make no sense there she knew if he key he must have forgot to close the door tight enough for her to get in it she didn’t give him time to say anything she just shut him cold blooded murder they always trying to get these white cops off of killing us it’s time to realize they are not above the law

  51. Anonymous says:

    I am truly baffled as to why there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY being taken? The sentencing gave NO ACCOUNTABILITY and Amber has yet to take ACCOUNTABILITY for her own actions. You can not be tried for murder twice but I swear I’d bring her butt to court again and charged separately for something else, just like they did OJ! No way should she be allowed to get away with this or get off on a lesser time penalty or charge. The world should be protesting this as well!

  52. Deborah says:

    My theory is way off. I believe that she may have been a jilted lover, and that she targeted him.

  53. Anonymous says:

    My opinion is she should get more time no parole ,u killed an innocent man sitting on his couch minding his business and this bitch may like she thought this was her apartment bitch how in tf u thought that your bitch ass wasn’t that fucking tired ,you wasn’t that tired to pull that muthafuckin trigger stupid ass bitch I pray u get life w/o parole

  54. Davis says:

    So let me get this right. If I go into someone’s house after a long shift and kill them because I think it is my place and there’s an intruder, that makes the victims life less relevant and justified? Should he have not been in the comfort of his own home because technically in her head it was not his home it was hers? Let me guess he’s at fault for his death because in her head he was in her place. I’m sure once she opened the door she could see by the decor that it wasn’t her place or was she blind too? This is complete bull.

  55. Anonymous says:


  56. Greta says:

    Amber actually is trying to use her white privledge, card. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Young day . You did the txt me you do the time Police Officer of the LAW “ Murderer”
    Girl Bye

  57. Anonymous says:

    I’m Not SHOCKED I have said for so many years and years about Theres more White Racists in this Country than you will ever Know but Black Folks too many times See Themselves Through White Eyes because they have a Slave Mentality and they don’t Study History and Read that’s why a lot of us Worship a White Man as God all lies but we believe the lies We Are in Trouble

  58. Dawn says:

    This is ridiculous!!! She should have gotten life without parole. No matter what her excuses are, that was straight murder! Botham Jean was an innocent man, sitting in his own apartment, minding his own business, eating ice cream. She had other options even if she legitimately thought it was her apartment, which I don’t believe is even possible. I wish she could get more of a sentence by appealing this. What is wrong with people today?!?! To me, race shouldn’t matter. He was an innocent man and she murdered him!

  59. Teetee says:

    And people wonder why these protests are going on. People of color can’t even live in society without a cop or guard killing them.
    She better get a murder charge. Because if table were turn he would got a life with parole for murdering her. So this is ridiculous and unethical to.

  60. Teetee says:

    Without parole

  61. Anonymous says:

    She got ten years. He got death. Her sister can see and talk to her, his can’t. How is that injustice toward her.

  62. Salima Mohammad says:


  63. JL says:

    I’m white and think this woman’s lawyers should shut the fuck up and be thankful this piece of trash got away with a ten year sentence – 7 with parole for murdering a man in his own apartment. Bothan was the victim here, not her! She should have gotten a decades longer sentence with no parole in the first place.

    Hopefully the appeals court will pay attention to the protests going on outside before making a decision that will only add fuel to the fire about no justice for Black people.

  64. Anonymous says:

    If you paid attention to the article, her electronic key card didn’t work BUT the door wasn’t fully closed so she was able to walk in.

    It happens all the time where people think they closed their doors fully but don’t make sure. Some people, including me once, have actually forgotten to take their keys out of the lock. Fortunately, most times an off duty cop doesn’t come in and kill you.

  65. J says:

    The door wasn’t fully closed. It happens all the time where people don’t check their doors but most of the time an off duty cop doesn’t come in and kill you!

  66. She was either under influence of drugs or mentally challenged.Either way she killed a Blackman in his own apartment.She deserves 25 to life.

  67. Tony says:

    First thing first, this so-called Officer was able to drive from her place of work to where she lived without getting lost. Enough said. Case closed. Appeal lost.

    You are an officer, you are trained to work long shifts and still be able to operate more efficiently than the regular civilian, sorry not an justification, just an excuse. After all, I am sure this is not the first 13 hour shift she has pulled. Allow that crap to fly and you set a precedent for other cops, 100s of thousands of cops to use, in everything from domestic violence to other criminal actions.

  68. Cai says:

    10 years was a light sentence to begin with. But his brother took the whole cake. When he asked the judge can help hug her? I wanted to go through the television. And then the Judge have her a Bible. If my son/daughter had displayed such ignorance towards the MURDER that killed my child he/she would have same serious explaining to do. She was NEVER SORRY. Since she had a chance to think she friends in blue are going to get her out.

  69. Cai says:

    10 years was a light sentence to begin with. But his brother took the whole cake. When he asked the judge can help hug her? I wanted to go through the television. And then the Judge have her a Bible. If my son/daughter had displayed such ignorance towards the MURDER that killed my child he/she would have same serious explaining to do. She was NEVER SORRY. Since she’s had a chance to think her friends in blue are going to get her out.

  70. Ambiguous_Thug says:

    She’s a monster,I hope she rots

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