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‘Stop Messing with Your Face’: Cyn Santana’s Sexy Pic Goes Left After Folks Claim She Looks Different

Social media users claim there’s something off-putting about Cyn Santana’s appearance in a recent post.

The “Love and Hip Hop New York” star posted snaps from a recent photo shoot to Instagram on Wednesday, Aug. 5, and flossed her good looks in front of 3 million IG followers. She took photos inside a record store and modeled an oversized shirt, blond locks, and a glam makeup look.

Cyn Santana
Cyn Santana. @cynsantana/Instagram

“On chill ✨,” Santana captioned the post.

She garnered over 53,000 likes on her images and received several compliments from fans.

Cyn Santana
Cyn Santana poses it up in a sexy orange top. @cynsantana/Instagram

“Blond Cyn for the win! 😍🔥 always so gorgeous baby,” one person wrote. A second added, “Damn forreal babygurl…ur so pretty omg I hope u like this 😍🥺.”

Others barely recognized Santana and suggested there was something different about her face.

“I swear I thought this was someone else, you look so different,” someone wrote. Another fan claimed Santana got a “nose job,” while a different one said, “botox, face injections.”


One commenter wrote, “Plz stop messing with your face b4 you end up like all these other women on IG…🤢 atural is the way to go…. especially for latinas… end up looking like a cat.”

Joe Budden‘s ex-fiancée is no stranger to people criticizing her appearance.

In December 2017 the extremely confident 27-year-old took on naysayers who made comments about her “big” nose. Santana, who was pregnant at the time, clapped back at detractors and urged women to embrace their imperfections.

“I read a comment that said ‘I cant wait for you to drop your baby. Your nose is way too big’ and it made me really sad,” the mother of one wrote on Instagram. “Not because it hurt my feelings… (cause I don’t give a f–k what y’all talkin bout) but because others have to deal with reading these type of low comments.”

Santana continued with words of encouragement, writing: “Unfortunately, cruel people exist in this world. There’s nothing that we can do about them. So we need to protect ourselves and lift each other up… This goes out to ALL my women. Pregnant or not. Big nose or small nose. Embrace it. Embrace you. You are beautiful.”

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