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Ice Cream Run for New Jersey Family Interrupted By White Man with Sword, Leaving Children In Tears: ‘Why Do They Hate Us So Much?!’

A New Jersey family was left traumatized after they were confronted by a white man who appeared to be armed with a sword.

Diane and Antonio Bellamy conveyed their dismay in detailed posts on their respective Facebook pages. On the evening of July 27, the couple took their three kids and a friend to a Morristown, Pennsylvania, Dairy Queen to get ice cream. Antonio dropped his family off at a spot near the Delaware River and went back to the restaurant to retrieve his order.

The Bellamy family (above) was out having ice cream when they were confronted by a white man who made racist comments and appeared to be armed with a sword. (Photo: Antonio Bellamy/Facebook)

Diane, the family friend and her children were eating their ice cream when a white man carrying a sword in a sling approached the group.

“Obey the governor’s orders,” he told them, according to Diane. The comment made one of the kids laugh, which prompted the man to make a racist comment.

“It’s funny how minorities want to be treated equal but can’t follow the rules,” the man allegedly said.

Diane wanted to stand up for her family but she stayed quiet because she did not want to provoke the man.

“I completely kept my mouth shut! If you know me, like really know me that was extremely hard for me,” Diane wrote. “As a mother all I could think about was what if I say something and he pulls out his sword. I felt defenseless, I felt that I wouldn’t have been able to protect my children in that moment, I was genuinely afraid.”

Her husband showed up shortly after and the children told him what happened. Antonio was upset and wanted to confront the man but his son changed his mind.

“When I arrived my knee jerk was to approach him and lay hands on him,” Antonio wrote in a letter to Morrisville Police Chief George McClay. He posted the letter on his Facebook page. “But I restrained myself after hearing my 6-year-old son cry out to me, ‘daddy, no.’ His tears and loud cries made me halt as I realized the best way to protect my family at that point was to not lay hands even though a part of me really wanted to.”

After talking with Antonio, McClay released a statement about the incident on July 30.

“The words and actions of this one individual, who lives in a community across the river reflects poorly on our own community and should not be tolerated by any of us in our community,” the statement read. “It is important that Morrisville remain a respectful and caring community upholding the individual freedoms for all our citizens.”

According to the chief, the man’s sword is made of wood. Additionally, other residents have complained about him, reported. However, he will not be charged because what he did was not considered a crime.

The incident was a crash course in racism for the Bellamy kids.

“We quickly leave to go home and my 10-year-old daughter begins to cry…. asking “why do they hate us so much?! Just why?” Diane wrote. “It’s so hard! It’s hard for black kids. It’s hard for black families. I have to not only protect them from the mental anguish that comes with the pandemic but all the mental anguish for being hated because of their skin color.”

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120 thoughts on “Ice Cream Run for New Jersey Family Interrupted By White Man with Sword, Leaving Children In Tears: ‘Why Do They Hate Us So Much?!’

  1. Jerry Franklin says:

    That’s a great question. So let’s start with we are the real Hebrew Israelites. Our history is in the Bible. Our fore-parents made a covenant with God to be obedient to his laws, statutes and commandments. They weren’t. Read Deuteronomy 28:15-68, Leviticus 26, and Jeremiah 17 4. We match ALL the scriptures about the ISRAELITES. I would be a great asset to the research department of Atlanta BLack Star. HIRE ME NOW.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Damn sad to go through life knowing your race is hated by so many ignorant folks that hate their damn self white and all others wake up just love life start living haters get nowhere growing up or teaching hate is for stupid folks karma on all that have a devilish attitude out here

  3. lazmor says:

    you know what the real shame is ? its that black people can’t have a damn thing decent in their own neighborhoods because in every city , town , or etc, that certain element makes it impossible to have peace without chaos. But the bigger shame is all these so called leaders and blactivist will not even dare bring up that elephant in the room. And then the final straw that breaks the camels back , is when this element starts venturing into other neighborhoods , malls etc. and seem determined to destroy what others have. and once again silence from the blactivist. As I have said the bigger shame is us , or too many who say they speak for us refusing to talk about or work on rectifying this. thats a shame

  4. Leonard Wilson says:

    This racist terrorism seems to never stop, and the police chiefs continue to spew the usual lame lip service of an apology. If this black family would’ve ‘laid hands’ on this race terrorist they would’ve been the ones arrested and in the news.

    I say…give up justice now, while its still in your hands to give. God is watching, and we people are not alone.

  5. Shaunita Burrows says:

    Not a crime huhh? Really but playing with a toy gun is? Our great america. Justice is blind

  6. AJ Bess says:

    Parents, teach your Black children self-respect and not to look outward for self-worth, look inward based on the value system you (their parents) teach them.

  7. Tony Thompson says:

    In my hood 31 shot,4 dead including a 8 year old girl, all done by black people doing this BLM protest. Just maybe someone will take us seriously because, hhhhmm

  8. Annoyed black woman says:

    Seems to me he only wants to imply we could possibly, maybe get equal rights only if we comply or confirm to his views. This type of behavior from people will only lead to violence.

  9. Lawanda Rouser says:

    Love Jerry Franklin’s comment, keep telling the truth. Once again why wad he not arrest and charger with a crime? Now if he was black and the family was white he would be in jail right now or on his way to some mental institution. Why didn’t anybody recorded this or call the police when the incident happen? Know where are all the Karens at; don’t mind your own business when its you race thats doing the intimidating.😢😲😠👮👎

  10. Elaine says:

    It’s sad that these children’s lives have been tainted by such ignorance and racism. This throughly disgusts me! Please know that all Caucasian people are not like this. My mother taught me to love everyone as Jesus did and hopefully I have passed that on to my children and grandchildren as well. That guy wasn’t much of a person if you ask me!

  11. Armanda Barnes says:

    I would have had my children and friend go to my car and I would have taken that ragged piece of shyte on. The police knew about this man and they did nothing when they heard that he was bothering people. The police is saying what this man does is ok

  12. Baby, Not everyone hates you – Just a hand full of stupid racists that just don’t want to know better – Yes Karma will catch up to them – Just know that you are Beautiful
    and to always keep your head up – this ugliness is all on them and not on You – Now go out and show them some Black Girl Magic

  13. Geneva says:

    A lot us love you!! I wanna believe that there’s more people who love you than don’t. ❤️ I’m so sorry about all the evil that’s going on. All the racism. All the hate. I hope love will overshadow all of that someday very soon.

  14. MARJORIE MEEKS says:

    JERRY FRANKLIN YOU ARE CORRECT OUR HISTORY IS IN THE BIBLE. I pray and spread this message daily but it seems that no one is listening. All black people have to do is research the Bible and ask the Most High to give them an understanding. When they come to the knowledge of their true identity they will understand why we are hated by the gentiles and be able to explain it to their children. Deuteronomy Chp. 30 tells us what must do to bring this oppressive state we are in to and end. Obadiah and Joel 3 tells us what will happen to our oppressors who hated and mistreated us.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Please do not lump all white people in the same category, this sound like a metal disturbed person. I try to teach my children to no judge people by what they look like but to get to know a person. This country is so divided and it is starting to effect are children. I think we all need to stop and rake a look around.

  16. Bill says:

    They need to get this jerk off the street before somebody gets hurt

  17. Shell Christoe says:

    Thank you for sharing this example of what POC and specifically Black people today are going through and what they’re at the receiving end of in their own communities. My heart breaks for this family and their children. I have no idea how anyone with two eyes and a brain can think that racism and white supremacy doesn’t exist anymore. I will never really understand, but I stand with you.


  18. Oliver says:

    This is why states need a reciprocal license to carry law . Why should a law abiding citizen be defenseless because some states don’t allow me to carry my legally owned firearm across state lines .

  19. Robert hanley says:

    This man with the sword is a ASSHOLE
    very sad to what happened to the family
    Tell your daughter this man needs a check up from the neck up

  20. Joann says:

    I’d like to reply to that little child, bless her , honey most white people do not hate you , there’s only a very few . I believe this with all my heart , I have many friends who have blacks in their home, one of my husbands best friends was black , parents encourage the children with the thought that it’s very few whites that try to. cause trouble,

  21. Anonymous says:

    This is a sad story and one that no child or family should have to go through, but I hope the parents correct their child when they said “they”. Not all whiles are evil and racists. It perpetuates a stigma with this child to be afraid of all whites and it’s unfair to group us all into this category

  22. David says:

    He better than me ….this is why I carry my gun wherever I go. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Especially nowadays Sure he didn’t have much to say when the husband arrived. I would of surely asked if he had a problem with my family let me know. Tired of this damn racism.

  23. The racism & associated aggressive & assaultive behavior is totally repugnant!!! Accepting such behavior & attitudes is inappropriate!!! My belief is God is a God of love & loves all people-no one person is above another we are all equal in God’s eyes!!! God’s greatest two commandments are to love God with all our might & heart, and to love our neighbor as ourselves!!! This display of such hatred & violence is learned behavior & can be unlearned. We who are white must stand up & along side persons of color…when we do not we are complicit to racism!!!

  24. Bryan says:

    Jerry Franklin…so you’re blaming us for being hated so much???

  25. A. Wyman says:

    I’ve grown up with hate pointing at me because of my religion. Everyone hates Jewish people because 1. We run this country & 2. We are closer to God than anybody else.

  26. Mrs. Pinks says:

    So let me get this straight…It’s a hate crime to call a Jewish person out of their name or make anti-Semitic statements but it’s NOT a hate crime to call a beautiful black family the “N” word it’s make racist remarks about them?

    The system is broken

  27. Bunny says:

    I feel so sorry that you or anyone else should have to go through this. People don’t realize we are all the same just different color pigments in our skin. We feel the same, bleed the same. I’m just sorry for all the families that go through this hate.

  28. Tatiana says:

    Now, I understand why black peoples hate white, because it’s coming from childhood.

  29. Gerard Zimney says:

    Trump has given the green light on bullying, hatred, and white supremacy. That there are so many of these vicious, ignorant characters astonishes me. They need to crawl back under their rock of self importance and fear.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Y is a comment about a minority considered racist. BUT a comment about Caucasians is not ?

  31. Donna Turner says:

    Father in the Name of Jesus I thank You for the protection of this family and the man with the sword(made of wood or otherwise), we know that vengeance is Yours and You will repay. Lord we need You in this hour!

  32. Lynn says:

    So sorry that you had to go through this.
    Hopefully the kids have not learned that all whites people hate them from this incident. Most white people are horrified by this behavior.

  33. Shannon says:

    I hate this. People are people no matter what skin they were born into.

    Aggressors need to be shut down instantly by all means possible. If PA had better gun laws this man would not even attempted something so stupid.

  34. Warren574 says:

    This make me sick. I was robbed by four black males with a gun. It’s is documented and arrested some of them. After that day I hated black male it took me about six months and I was able to get rid of the emotions. You going to tell me one crazy male and it made you as crazy give me a brake. You all are scrubs on the East cost. You need to move out of that place. All the problems are in the east coast look at it all the time man. Can’t you all be at peace. Look you need to think. Soon you will need to explained to you kids like a good pedant there bad people and good people not white people and black people. Bad people in this world so you need to be careful of everyone. Shit if I say that’s a bad black man then I am say all black men are bad my kid learn the same emotional think. Where is everyone’s common sense.

  35. Denise Jones says:

    I bet if he was black, he would be charged.

  36. Davina says:

    We aren’t all like that. I’m sorry this happened to you. This man is deranged and needs mental help.

  37. Karen says:

    I honestly think this should have been considered a hate crime even though there were no physical interactions between them the man showed meanness & hate towards a family of color

  38. JackCoostow says:

    Jerry Franklin- are you high!???LOL!!!!!!

  39. Joanne says:

    Please let the children know that’s it’s not all white people it’s just the NASTY white people. I’m so sorry!

  40. Andrafn says:

    How ironic!!! Blacks have been doing this to whites for years and years. Only they do it in groups being to scared to go one on one. How does it feel to be treated different because of the color of your skin? Now you know.

  41. GP says:

    You all are so beautiful. Please, do not judge people by one idiots actions. If I had been there, I would tell you all how beautiful you all are. Always consider the source…the guy was known for his irradic behavior. You did the most mature thing by not saying anything to him. He was looking for a fight but you did not give it to him. Be proud of your excellent example to your children.

  42. Celeste says:

    During these sad times, I find great PEACE in GOD. HE has said “Vengeance is HIS”
    My heart goes out to our “babies “ BUT; like generations before; through prayer AND Parental wisdom – they will survive and WIN

  43. Eric says:

    Peace between the races may seem impossible. If we as a nation
    really want a different community, we must
    be willing, to do, want ever it takes to have it.
    We must want it as much, or may I say more; then as when we wanted to go to moon. It must become something we are not willing to exist without.

  44. Tonia says:

    Stop feeding into the racial decide…your part of the problem..stop with trying to make people feel bad for being white…white guilt is not an acceptable thing either in 2020 raceisum is being a Racist to anyone else including white people…stop acting like only whites are racists…your pointing an article at one race & blaming all, is racist.
    Shame on anyone who participates in adding to the conflict of raceisum.
    I will not now or ever be sorry for being white, stop being so upset that your black.
    No one is supirior to anyone else.
    Just because there is a mentally ill or ignorant person out there doing stupid shit does not make it my fault & does not mean you should burn whole cities to the ground for it, Stop terrorizing people just because their not black.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Please correct the opening paragraph to read MORRISVILLE, not Morristown. We have a very diverse community in Morristown. We are also not near the Delaware River and have no Dairy Queen

  46. Mike says:

    Please what was racist about this? Nothing! drop with the embellishments. The guy should have shut his mouth and left the family alone. The bigger crime now is making this a race issue which it is not. It was a mans opinion even though he is an asshole. There’s videos of all different people acting like jerks over the governments experiment of controlling people with this COVID BS!

  47. Del says:

    To each his own, but religion is a farce, and is subjective to the individual practioners. It holds no relevance to this issue. It’s all about money, and keeping it in the hands of the top 1%, which includes many within religion. The NOI has been in a partnership with Scientology since 2010. MONEY!

  48. Edie says:

    Jews have been hated for years just for being Jews. Maybe you could talk to a Rabbi to see how they deal with it. Get suggestions on how to cope and protect you’re families.

  49. MGM says:

    Sorry to hear about your exposure to racism; it’s a filthy stain for the kids; thank God you exercised self-control in a situation that could have backfired had you laid hands on him; sounds like you encountered a racist mental patient. However, you and wife both handled the encounter perfectly; the stain will fade but you all will grow.

  50. Ilia Smith says:

    Everybody want to be tough and obviously that white man is ignorant, unintelligent and sad. So if that black man would’ve reacted like he wanted , then everybody would’ve said the black man was wrong. Grown adults need to understand and get it through their head. Every action you make has consequences. So u poke the bear you get poke back. Its just that simple.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to your beautiful family. I just don’t understand. I am white and am embarrassed to be with this horrible racism.

  52. Tee Stone says:

    To Jerry: what laws did they break. You’re not allowed to eat ice cream outside

  53. Erik H says:

    Sad that this world is coming to this, but for those of us who have been suppressed, we know that this is nothing new. That said, the person who wrote this needs to get this all straight. Morristown or Morrisville? New Jersey, Pa or Delaware. Bad writing loses credibility

  54. Jenny says:

    I’m saddened by what this family experienced. Why people think they have the right to accost an innocent family because of the color of their skin is beyond my understanding. This person is either evil or mentally ill. The wooden sword makes me lean toward a little of both.
    Hate and racism is taught. I pray this family knows that those people are becoming less in number.

  55. Candace says:

    Please tell your 10 year old that not all WHITE people hate Black people. Just likes not all BLACK PEOPLE hate WHITE people. The ones that do are just arrogant. I love you and your family.

  56. Clint Taylor says:

    Q: Why do they hate us? Well, let me take this one dad. As a father of a beautiful black princess myself, I feel at least somewhat qualified…
    A: In short… Because you’re AWESOME baby! They know the truth and that truth is that YOU, babygirl, are Blessed and Highly Favored in the sight of God. You are the mother of creation for ALL life, white, black, & every pigment in between sprang from the womb of an African woman. So, baby, they hate you because they AIN’T you.👸🏽❤️

  57. Riki says:

    I am so saddened and outraged for your innocent family and for all the black people who have suffered and are suffering from such deplorable racism. 💔 Try to remember how many more of us love and support your people, and keep up hope and love for all of God’s children. God bless and protect and strengthen your dear family!

  58. Vanessa Finnegan says:

    He was a nut complaining about them not wearing masks I guess…why does everything have to a race issue? I think this sword guy ( a wooden sword is not really a sword and the title of article is misleading for sure) would have bitched or complained if a white family was not wearing masks…he mentioned minorities because BLM has been making people pissed off

  59. Theresa says:

    Very puzzled — he has a history of this behavior and is carrying a potentially harmful object and he isn’t charged?
    Threatening behavior and language befitting a hate crime.
    This man and his family couldn’t even enjoy a peaceful outing for ice cream. Shameful.

  60. Jeanettea says:

    Praying for peace And comfort for this family is so sad that children have to go through this in 2020 but let them know they are chosen and God will cover them I wish charges would have been made against this man don’t stop trying get an attorney bless your family

  61. Anonymous says:

    Don’t people realize there are lots of psychos roaming the streets all over the country. This just happened to be one of them. Their parents should tell those children this is the case

  62. Emmy says:

    The man should of be charged with harassment, other wise he will do it again

  63. Tracy says:

    Based on Statement from the Police, the city is Morrisville, PA.

    Love, comfort, compassion and peace in Jesus’s name to the Bellamy Family. #PeaceMaker from Tampa.

  64. Anonymous says:

    So this makes national news !
    White people are tortured and killed
    In this country and the media is silent.
    This was a crazy guy insulting people
    Because of their race. Big deal.
    I deal with blacks doing this on a daily basis
    And they are not crazy.

  65. Anonymous says:


  66. Ronald Wilson says:

    I never understood why white people never understood the difference between a black man and a nigger, black skin does not a nigger make its more white bigger than there ever be black ones, the word nigger comes from white people not black so it’s their mind set that is in question we took the word and used it to our advantage by making it a loving not hating word we took it and gave it our meaning as to take away the negativity that is attached to it. GOD never gave me that name it’s not in the bible so it means nothing at all to me I’m not going to lose my soul over a word that means absolutely nothing to me.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Love is the only religion. Books and bibles were made to confuse and create hate by religion. Study philosophy. And psychology.

  68. Deidre Leeper says:

    Mr. Clint Taylor you are correct sir. As a white human I know life started in Africa. I believe in scientific evidence. But I am sad to say I am probably .0000001 percent of white humans who will acknowledge it. I don’t like seeing what I’m seeing today. It breaks my heart for anyone to have to endure hateful comment about themselves or their race, sex, beliefs or just plain anything. I don’t have a college degree and I’m not very eloquent in my speech. HATE from anyone is wrong and we need to change.

  69. Sarah says:

    I would say that this individual was abused in some way during his past. Let us not hate that person. I think this entire situation has nothing to do with hating others (especially people of a different color). This is about those people hating themselves. That’s all it’s ever about! Bullying, racism, etc. It’s all about hating themselves. Have pitty on that man! I can’t imagine what he had experienced that would result in carrying a wooden sword as an adult.

  70. Sarah says:

    I would say that this individual was abused in some way during his past. Let us not hate that person. I think this entire situation has nothing to do with hating others (especially people of a different color). This is about those people hating themselves. That’s all it’s ever about! Bullying, racism, etc. It’s all about hating themselves. Have pitty on that man! I can’t imagine what he had experienced that would result in carrying a wooden sword as an adult.

  71. Mike unger says:

    I thought we were de-funding the police why call them.. ?

  72. Anonymous says:

    You are the very cause of this

  73. Anonymous says:

    I think this man with the wooden sword was bullying this family because it makes him feel big to dominate innocent people. He’s probably been shamed and had many failures throughout his life.

  74. Sylvia Houston says:


  75. Donna Nichols says:

    It is true that not all white people hate black people. Just like not all black people hate white people. There are so many mixed families now. There are extremist on both sides. Makes me sad. I am white from the south and did not grow up being a racist. There are many mixed couples here now. Doesn’t matter to me one bit that one parent is black and the other is white. I want equal rights for all. We reap what we sow. Wake up people!!! There will be black Christians in Heaven just like there will be white people and other races. Some people make me sick. God’s blessings on this family. Know it was hard to keep a cool head. I praise you for it. God was with you. Again, many blessings on this family!!!🙏🏻😇

  76. Anonymous says:

    Wow this article is what’s racist. A crazy person with a wooden sword mouthed off to your family, and you took the opportunity to twist this into all whites hate all blacks, because all whites are racist. Why didn’t you call the police then? You were going to lay hands on him? Sounds like your little boy is the only one making good decisions. Maybe we should back up to grade school, when we all got along because we didn’t read trashy magazines like this.

  77. Carrie Horn says:

    God bless you and your family. Racism is taught and its disgusting. Be strong, love yourselves and love your God. I love you all.

  78. Winston Harrell says:

    It is unfortunate that these types of inncidents continue to occur but in the black community once again this is
    nothing new. Each day we encounter some sort
    of racism in one form or another. It is a constant battle
    that black people fight everyday….. Don’t walk on the same
    Side of street as a white person or they may think
    You are trying to rob them, don’t pick up anything when
    You go to the store, don’t sit next to a white person on the
    Bus or train they think that you smell or are dirty..
    These are just a few examples of the things black
    people go through every single day…. white people fear
    us because of our potential to be more than what we are.
    They see our creativity, our abilities and our weaknesses…and they seek to demean our accomplishments through racism….by causing us
    to believe the we are inferior…when in fact we are not.
    I pray that someday maybe not in my lifetime
    every single white will acknowledge that our blood
    Is the same color as their blood…

  79. Trutelia Crawford Mcintyre says:

    Help me understand how harassment of so many people is not a crime chief. You stated that there have been other complaints about this individual who carries a wooden sword, as if wood can’t hurt someone (not sure of the size or thickness of the weapon). Yet, in the same breath you say, “The words and behavior of this person should not be tolerated because it reflects poorly on the community.” So, why do you allow the community to suffer from his behavior? At least insist he stay on the other side of the river where he lives if he can’t behave in an area in which he does not live. Why is he permitted to be racist with threat of intent to harm and nothing can be done? I just don’t get it. He’s jeopardizing his own safety too.

  80. Angela says:

    I try to refrain from any comments but not white people not Black people but racist people are out of hand and I won’t tolerate it period!

  81. Anonymous says:

    Bull shit

  82. Ryan says:

    Why is it “your people”? I really don’t understand why people who try to relate to racism make comments like this. We are a human race with one goal. I don’t understand why people see color or origin. I think we are all people regardless of where we come from or what color our skin is. It is detestable that people treat other human beings with disrespect or hate regardless of their skin color. People need to stop making a differentiation about skin color. Just because you are a certain skin color does not mean you are not a human being. Treat others as you want to be treated. I think it is a pretty simple ideal to follow but for some reason a lot of people think they are above others and therefore need to treat them with disrespect. It’s appalling

  83. michele says:

    How about starting with the name of your paper. It does nothing to foster equality and unity.
    Is your paper to good/ not good enough for whites or others. What would it be like if the paper were call Atlanta White Star? They wouldn’t be able to hire lawyers fast enough.
    Be the change you expect in everyone else

  84. Chris Sloan says:

    As a married, white, 50-something Grandma, I stand firm and resolute in my belief that we are all children of God. Black white red yellow or brown. Makes no difference to the Lord Almighty. That man sounds like he was 51/50. Should have been in a psych inpatient unit. He did not speak for all of us. It makes my blood boil every time I hear put-downs for any race, including my own. I am so happy that the movement is building stronger and stronger. God did not create us to spew hatred. Satan, be gone!

  85. D. Moses says:

    Many mentally ill people act like this. Perhaps this person was mentally ill because his actions do not make sense. I try to get away from people acting like this as quickly and as quietly as possible.

  86. Melissa Jones says:

    Ignorance means darkness. They are ignorant and they don’t know the truth. Man teach hatred but the manual the bible teach the truth.NOT ( RELIGION, NOT THE TRADITIONAL CHURCH that I grew up in what you see today. Please seek the truth their is another government that out here . the kingdom of God find it please. Your eyes will be open. God Bless you.

  87. Max says:

    I believe the confrontation was about not wearing masks!

  88. Cherie says:

    The children should be told not all white people hate and many white people are very loving. Racism comes in all colors.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Asians experience it too and it’s a lot worse because we get attack by ALL RACES.

  90. Edie Sine says:

    I’m stunned by any and everyone that acts like this man. I’m not black, I’m spotted, with freckles. So what! We are all the same! Wish I’d been there with you. I don’t understand people’s thinking. It’s not “you and me”, it’s US. I hate (and that’s not a word I use carelessly) the divisions that have been sown in this country. What do you see when you look at someone? I look at someone and see man or woman. Period.

  91. vickie says:

    Not all people hate !

  92. Pamela Walton says:

    Whats sad is that children have to read books and listen to historical tales from those who came before them , because they have no concept as to the why and frankly ; no matter how far you go back in history , that is a question that nobody white has ever answered , or been willing to answer , so its merely been blamed on our differences by us . What did we ever do to them ?
    Thats a question that may garner better answers if one would go to Africa and learn about its history , people and the riches the land posessed .

  93. T. Covarrubias says:

    Prejudice is not something new. It has been going on since Cain and Able in the garden! It will not end until those who have been obedient to God reach heaven. In the mean time all we can do is examine our hearts for faults and pray for those who act with ignorance. May God bless your family in such a way as to be able to avoid the ignorant in the future. I am married to a Latino and we have 4 daughters so I have experienced ignorance from both sides: Comments of being too Anglo for the Latinos and too Latino for the anglos. I just pray for the ignorant and try to set a better example for my kids.🙂

  94. Mildred Magee says:

    So happy that the father listened to his sons voice of reason. Never fight evil with evil

  95. Henry says:

    Might want to take a look at those black on white crime figures.

  96. Karen Surles says:

    I hate that this family had to go through this, so many ignorant people in the world!! I do not understand why people can not see that God made us all different colors because color is a beautiful thing!! I am ashamed of my race (white) when they act like this!! I am so truly sorry for these children, and their terrified parents!! Just know that no matter what you are not the problem! Ignorance, stupidity and having no brains is that idiots problem!! I saw your picture, you are a gorgeous family!!

  97. Nidia Rivera says:

    As a Hispanic that grew up very close to that Dairy Queen across the bridge in the Burg an all Italian neighborhood in the 60s I can say I felt that hurt until my mother sat me down and taught be the history of Puerto Rico and all the reasons why I should be proud and strong as ignorance can be hurtful. It has given me character to be successful, educated and continue to make a difference and proud. They have alot to be proud of let this make them stronger.

  98. Eileen says:

    Don’t judge all of us because of a few handfuls of idiots. What your family went through is absolutely horrible majority of us would love to put our arms around your children and reassure them that they are loved, People of all races can be the absolute wrong humans or they can be the best friends you’ll ever meet.

  99. Anonymous says:

    Not all white people hate…. that ugly ignorant man doesn’t represent what is in my heart or the heart of my daughters. The little girl who cried saying “why do they hate us”, I don’t hate you beautiful and pray for peace

  100. Robert says:

    Thank GOD you and you family are ok I hope and pray you never have to see this any more may the good lord bless you and your family and keep you safe under his arm of love and Joy

  101. Cheryl says:

    It is bad and should not of happened with that said my daughter and her children faced the same hatred in reverse in Alabama and Georgia so I guess the same question is asked why do they hate us so bad there are a lot of good in all it only takes a few bad ones actions to get us all asking ourselves why?

  102. Henry C Ybarra says:

    I know the feeling, wondering ‘ what did I do wrong?’ Why do those full grown people (I didn’t even notice they were white, I was only in grammar school and my parents taught me better) hate me? Being Mexican American living in Texas back in the early 50s we faced a lot of the hate, discrimination,and adversity that other people of difffernt races still deal with today…like I told my kids when they were growing up racism will always be here it’s how you handle it…be mentally strong, keep your self respect in who and what you are…show them you are equal in every way…

  103. Patricia j says:

    That guy are speaking about with the sword had been locked up several times by the local authorities for carrying that wooden sword because it was considered a weapon. Now he’s approaching and being disrespectful to women and children. Doesn’t matter if they are black or white. He should have never approached them. PERIOD.

  104. Anonymous says:

    That’s how folks loose their lives over a wooden sword.. He was lucky

  105. Rich says:

    Not all all of us hate you. If I were there I would have been between you and him. Some people of all races are bad, most are good. God bless you and watch over you and your family little sweetheart.

  106. Anonymous says:

    They should’ve jump on his ass and beat the shit out his ass

  107. Beticus Magnus says:

    Doesnt matter what colour that idiot was. If your State supported, as they are bound, your Second Amendment rights – that man would have just kept stepping.

    Hold your socialist, anti-Constitutionalist governments accountable.


  108. Ron says:

    Not every one hates you because of your skin color there will always be individuals who no matter what have a heart issue . The real truth is some people are just plain rude and ignorant. I appreciate you being a real dad and walking away .

  109. Janet says:

    This makes me so sad. I was not taught to hate people of other races or cultures, it’s hard to fathom why people hate other races. I think it’s a waste of energy to hate someone. God bless you and keep you safe. I am so sad you are having to deal with this.

  110. Kez says:

    What this family had to endure was stupid. That man is out of touch with reality. Walking around carrying a sword 🗡 talking like he’s in mid-evil times is ridiculous. I would have laughed too if he walked up to my outing acting like a Skyrim town guard. I understand why mommy & daddy didn’t go after him he’s a nut obviously, you don’t know what he’s gonna do next. Or just an Extreme nerdy jerk can’t get out of his fantasy land. Harassing folks just eating ice cream enjoying the river smh I’m so sorry to this family and them babies. White people don’t hate you baby girl You did nothing wrong, this guy just another crazy they’re letting walk the streets.

  111. John North says:

    they should have beat his ass in his own sword

  112. Yolonda Mccann says:

    ** FIRST of all……
    My heart goes out to these children for the terror that they endured at the hands of this mentally deranged individual..
    ** Second….
    The fact that no one , NO ONE, has explained to these innocent children that it is NOT AN ENTIRE RACE HATING ANOTHER ENTIRE RACE, but instead a mentally, and criminally deranged individual, is in itself the most long term damaging effects of this incident.
    ** THIRD……
    People judging, assuming, labeling ANY individual based off of prior incidences involving yourself or someone else is being prejudiced. Any color. Any nationality. Any Race, Gender, Sexual orientation, or job title.

    posted by a white girl, named YOLONDA.

  113. Anonymous says:


  114. CH says:

    This is an open letter to the children that experienced this situation, I hope it makes to them:
    Im sorry that person scared you, that should have never happened. I’m sorry that you had that experience but I want you to remember that there are people in this world that are not the example you should follow. Follow the example you’re parents set for you in handling this situation, they are the true leaders. I’d love for you to grow up in a world free from fear but that’s not realistic.

    You will meet many people in this world and not everyone is going to like you- even when you have done nothing wrong. I know it’s unfair but that’s THEIR issue- not yours. As I have told my own children, if someone calls you a name- we only have a problem when it makes you that name. Rise above the hate because you were made from God for great things in life. Don’t judge collectively- judge each individually. Be blessed!!!

  115. Joy Wills says:

    I’m sorry this stuff still happens today however what about all the white people innocently killed by black gang members and threatened with weapons while being mugged, robbed raped or carjacked?
    To continue to post these kinds of stories is doing nothing but stoking the embers of division and hatred!

  116. Roderick Henderson says:

    I would love to see an economy of Rich Africans, and African Americans doing business with each other to make both our economies and communities strong. We should contact them and secretly start buying building up these old businesses, and houses. White people feel we need them, but we don’t need them. We need to extend our hands to our brothers and sisters over there in Africa. They know what we are going through, and I’m quite sure they will do what it takes to help us help them. Integration was a terrible mistake.

  117. Monteezey says:

    Why do so many white people and Latinos not see the hatred towards blacks?? Incidents like this are so quickly forgotten..

  118. Sis. Mary says:

    That man with the sword is fighting that war in his mind. He can not win his personal battles in his life that is why he was pointing out the problems that plagued him in someone else life.

  119. Ellen D says:

    Tamir Rice had a toy gun and that he was shot dead smfh.

  120. Ellen D says:

    *Tamir Rice only had a toy gun and he was shot dead why wasn’t this man shit dead!

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