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‘Give Me the Fire’: Hispanic Florida Man Shoots and Kills 22-Year-Old Burger King Worker After His Girlfriend Complained to Him About a Delayed Order

A Florida man is facing murder charges after he shot a Burger King worker after an altercation over a delayed order.

The incident occurred on Saturday night at a Burger King restaurant in Orlando, Florida, reported The Associated Press. The victim was identified as 22-year-old Black man Desmond Armond Joshua Jr., an employee at the restaurant.

Kelvis Rodriguez Tormes (right) was charged with first-degree murder for the shooting death of Desmond Armond Joshua Jr. (left) in Orlando, Florida, this past weekend. (Photos: GoFundMe, Orange County Sheriff’s Office)

Joshua worked at the restaurant for a mere two days before the incident that claimed his life, according to the Orlando Sentinel. He was working the drive-thru when the line became long, which caused a delay in the kitchen. A woman identified in news reports as Ashley Mason approached the window to complain about the wait and threatened to bring her boyfriend to the restaurant to fight Joshua, according to an affidavit.

She was given a $40 refund and told to leave the premises. Mason obliged but she soon returned with her boyfriend Kelvis Rodriguez Tormes. He was reportedly driving a work truck for SGL Constructors at the time.

Tormes, 37, demanded Joshua come outside for a fight, according to the affidavit. Joshua took everything out of his pockets and did just that. A scuffle ensued and was eventually broken up by witnesses. Mason reportedly told investigators she retrieved a gun from his truck and handed it to him after he told her to “give me the fire.”

Tormes was in the truck when Joshua approached.

“You got two seconds before I shoot you,” Tormes reportedly told Joshua. Moments later, he fired a shot that hit Joshua in the chest. The couple then drove off. Joshua’s coworkers called 911, and he would be taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Tormes’ girlfriend told detectives he admitted he’d “messed up” when he shot Joshua, per the affidavit.

Tormes was charged with first-degree murder, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and destruction of evidence. He received a destruction charge because he dismantled the gun and threw it away, police say. He also refused to tell authorities where the pieces were. Mason has not been charged with a crime.

Burger King North America President Chris Finazzo expressed his condolences in a statement on Monday, Aug. 3, reported News 6.

“We are deeply saddened to hear of the tragic incident that took place at the Burger King on 7643 E. Colonial Drive and passing of team member Desmond Joshua,” Finazzo said. “At Burger King, the safety of team members and guests is our top priority. The franchisee who owns and operates the restaurant is fully cooperating with authorities on this matter. Any questions should be directed to local authorities.”

A GoFundMe has been created in Joshua’s name by a Tiffany Mobley. It read in part, “Desmond was a bright young man just beginning to explore the world and his potential. He was a son, brother, uncle, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend. He was loved and cherished by many.”

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