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‘Give Me the Fire’: Hispanic Florida Man Shoots and Kills 22-Year-Old Burger King Worker After His Girlfriend Complained to Him About a Delayed Order

A Florida man is facing murder charges after he shot a Burger King worker after an altercation over a delayed order.

The incident occurred on Saturday night at a Burger King restaurant in Orlando, Florida, reported The Associated Press. The victim was identified as 22-year-old Black man Desmond Armond Joshua Jr., an employee at the restaurant.

Kelvis Rodriguez Tormes (right) was charged with first-degree murder for the shooting death of Desmond Armond Joshua Jr. (left) in Orlando, Florida, this past weekend. (Photos: GoFundMe, Orange County Sheriff’s Office)

Joshua worked at the restaurant for a mere two days before the incident that claimed his life, according to the Orlando Sentinel. He was working the drive-thru when the line became long, which caused a delay in the kitchen. A woman identified in news reports as Ashley Mason approached the window to complain about the wait and threatened to bring her boyfriend to the restaurant to fight Joshua, according to an affidavit.

She was given a $40 refund and told to leave the premises. Mason obliged but she soon returned with her boyfriend Kelvis Rodriguez Tormes. He was reportedly driving a work truck for SGL Constructors at the time.

Tormes, 37, demanded Joshua come outside for a fight, according to the affidavit. Joshua took everything out of his pockets and did just that. A scuffle ensued and was eventually broken up by witnesses. Mason reportedly told investigators she retrieved a gun from his truck and handed it to him after he told her to “give me the fire.”

Tormes was in the truck when Joshua approached.

“You got two seconds before I shoot you,” Tormes reportedly told Joshua. Moments later, he fired a shot that hit Joshua in the chest. The couple then drove off. Joshua’s coworkers called 911, and he would be taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Tormes’ girlfriend told detectives he admitted he’d “messed up” when he shot Joshua, per the affidavit.

Tormes was charged with first-degree murder, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and destruction of evidence. He received a destruction charge because he dismantled the gun and threw it away, police say. He also refused to tell authorities where the pieces were. Mason has not been charged with a crime.

Burger King North America President Chris Finazzo expressed his condolences in a statement on Monday, Aug. 3, reported News 6.

“We are deeply saddened to hear of the tragic incident that took place at the Burger King on 7643 E. Colonial Drive and passing of team member Desmond Joshua,” Finazzo said. “At Burger King, the safety of team members and guests is our top priority. The franchisee who owns and operates the restaurant is fully cooperating with authorities on this matter. Any questions should be directed to local authorities.”

A GoFundMe has been created in Joshua’s name by a Tiffany Mobley. It read in part, “Desmond was a bright young man just beginning to explore the world and his potential. He was a son, brother, uncle, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend. He was loved and cherished by many.”

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293 thoughts on “‘Give Me the Fire’: Hispanic Florida Man Shoots and Kills 22-Year-Old Burger King Worker After His Girlfriend Complained to Him About a Delayed Order

  1. jackie says:

    Why was Ashley mason not charged? She brought the killer to the place instigated the fight and handed the gun. She should be in jail because she was part of the crime and it was her fault, I bet she is white.

  2. The girlfriend should be charged with this childs murder as well.

  3. Dw says:

    Is there an newspaper called Atlanta White Star, that provides stories about White victims too.?? Hummm

  4. Kenyatta says:

    The female should be prosecuted as an accomplice to murder.

  5. Thelma Thomas says:

    Mason need to be charge she start this mess by going home to get her boyfriend she and when she gave him that gun she was the cause of him b3n shot. Lock her butt up.

  6. Ruby R says:

    She has not been charged? I don’t care if she is giving information she is an accessory to murder and should be charged accordingly. In fact this all ensued because of the girlfriend!! Yet she remains UNCHARGED?! I don’t know who to voice my outrage to. Do you call the mayor or police chief… this makes no sense!!!

  7. Kim Cairo says:

    Why isn’t this woman being charged as an accessory? She is a criminal and should do hard time for causing this poor man’s death.

  8. Wayne says:

    Sad story.

    The girlfriend should be charged with accessory murder. She retrieved the gun! Another point…. where’s the outrage over the death of another black man?

  9. Debra says:

    Burger King has no regard for their employees. I was a manager for three years and constantly threatened by idiots who pissed off about their food! After constant reporting and pleading for a safer environment to work in I left Burger King, disgusted with the total disregard for employees safety! So to the family, Lawyer up I’ll be a witness for you! I have a whole lot of evidence.

  10. Maximo Belmarez says:

    RIP young man. You did not deserve to die this way. My condolences to his family. Justice will prevail.

  11. Mike Coon says:

    Liberals are as violent as the primitive beasts and they all Re raised by single parent loaers.

  12. Brenda Holt says:

    Seems that the suspects girlfriend Ashley Mason was the instigator she should be held responsible also, she was the one who handed him the gun.

  13. Shelia says:

    I don’t understand why she isn’t being charged. She started the whole thing, and went got the gun.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The girlfriend should be charged too

  15. Anonymous says:

    Where was the manager? Why didn’t they call the police when the woman returned with her convict boyfriend? Why did the employee go outside to fight? Why didn’t the management just lock the doors? Why isn’t the girlfriend charged as an accessory? She brought him there and handed him the gun.

  16. David Weirich says:

    The girlfriend should be charged as an accessory since she retrieved the firearm and gave it to the suspect.

  17. Vicki says:

    The girl should be charged also.

  18. Val Stearne says:

    The woman should be charged
    as an accessory. She threatened the
    Victim, returned to the property
    with the Shooter, and provided the gun.
    Without the woman’s involvement, the
    Victim would be alive.

  19. Anonymous says:

    The girl needs to go to jail for bringing him there premeditated murder she handed him the gun smh

  20. ...... says:

    The girl needs to go to jail for bringing him there premeditated murder she handed him the gun smh

  21. Victor says:

    I will contribute however BK should be covering the funeral expenses.

  22. Concerned citizen says:

    Put the shooter in prison along with his girlfriend. She’s an accessory to the murder.

  23. Andrea says:

    Mason is an accomplice to murder!

  24. Z Gold says:

    The man’s girlfriend (Mason) should have been charged as an accessory, due to igniting and encouragement of the situation. She rec’d her refund, and continued to fan the flames in telling him about it,which enabled him to go to McDonald’s to confront the young man. Also finally, the young man should have remained inside the restaurant, and called police…my condolences to his family and friends for your loss.🖤🙏RIP

  25. Gina Lee says:

    My condolences to the family of the young man who was just doing his job and lost his life, but Mason retrieved the gun so she should be charged also.

  26. Ray says:

    How does his girlfriend not get charged. She handed him the gun!

  27. Anonymous says:

    these kinds of girls that cause these problems she doesn’t like what she’s being told so she’s going to have her boyfriend come handle it she probably told him a bunch of Crap that wasn’t true and look what it led to she should be charged with accessory at the very least because she’s the one that incited the whole thing in the first place when you could just be patient and wait, sometimes you just have to wait in line and wait your turn but she didn’t want to do that she wanted to have this situation happen.

  28. Parker says:

    Maybe Burger King should look into the fact that it takes longer to get quick service food from their restaurants than a full service restaurant. Situations like this are bound to occur with increasing frequency during periods of unrest. But I blame Burger King

  29. Anthony Tubbs Jr says:

    That’s bull shit why she’s not being charged with a Crime . She had her boyfriend to come there and handed him the gun to kill

  30. Linda says:

    Sorry for the loss of this young man,
    but employees are told not to go outside. At least anywhere my daughter has worked in drive thru services. And why hasn’t the girl been charged as an accomplice?

  31. Dan Fay says:

    Why was Ashley Mason not charged? Is she possibly white. No matter what color in adding the commission of a murder. She should be in jail too.

  32. Ms. A says:

    Burger king manager should have called the police as soon as the woman and her boyfriend returned. He should have told his employees to stay inside. The managers lack of leadership and actions contribute to this tragedy.

  33. Kay says:

    Charge that c with accessory to murder, conspiracy to murder murder execute him and put her away for 25 yrs

  34. Anonymous says:

    Why isnt the woman charged in this case when she caused the whole thing. It would hve never happened if it wasnt for her stupidity. Sge should be charged as an accomplice. She handed him the gun.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Ashley Mason should be charged with a crime as well. She send Tormes to insight a civil distrubsnce /altercation start a fight. And she went to get a gun to be used against Desmond Joshua. She is an accessory to murder! Arrest and persecute her ascwell!

  36. Mvmr says:

    Mason wasn’t charged for aiding and abetting a murder??

  37. Lance Seunarine says:

    She should be charged with murder;she is an accessory to the crime.

  38. Trudy says:

    Why wasn’t she an accessory to this crime? She specifically brought him to do harm to someone and gave him the gun with which to commit murder. She’s a murderer!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Mason should be charged for instigating the situation

  40. HarleyGirl says:

    This is a prime example of gun laws NOT keeping guns out of the hands of convicted felons. CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY THE LAW. That’s what makes them criminals. So all these gun laws are only keeping the law abiding citizens from having the ability to protect themselves from thugs. Also, the girlfriend should be charged as an accessory for handing him the gun.

  41. Gerald Stokes says:

    The chick probably lied to her man talking about how dude was trying to push up on her. But us black men really need too not let everyone rile us. We’re the ones who always lose out in the end, nobody else.

  42. Bernadette Butler says:

    The female should be charged with something. If she had not reacted as she did two lives would not be ruined. One totally innocent and the other obviously a fool in love, and a total imbecile who thought nothing of the consequence of his actions. They should be given the harshest punishment for murdering someone that absolutely did not deserve to be “dead”.

  43. Anonymous says:

    This guy should be force fed burger kind until his stomach bursts, just like gluttony from Seven. And it should be fed to him by his bitchass girlfriend who thought cuz she’s on TV she can apparently bring violent men to fast food places to fight people. $40 refund..? Its funny, imo, seeing what fantasies do for food. You didn’t get your 6 whoppers exactly when you needed them.. be thankful people like me weren’t around. The pieces of the gun wouldve been missing cuz they’d have been firmly planted up his ass. Esp if i just watched him dismantle the damn thing.
    Mason should be in jail. If it werent for her fantasy intentionally bringing fuck face to the store for the purpose of fighting g a fast food clerk for fuck sake, then this wouldbt have happened.

  44. This guy should be force fed burger kind until his stomach bursts, just like gluttony from Seven. And it should be fed to him by his bitchass girlfriend who thought cuz she’s on TV she can apparently bring violent men to fast food places to fight people. $40 refund..? Its funny, imo, seeing what fantasies do for food. You didn’t get your 6 whoppers exactly when you needed them.. be thankful people like me weren’t around. The pieces of the gun wouldve been missing cuz they’d have been firmly planted up his ass. Esp if i just watched him dismantle the damn thing.
    Mason should be in jail. If it werent for her fantasy intentionally bringing fuck face to the store for the purpose of fighting g a fast food clerk for fuck sake, then this wouldbt have happened, it if I skimmed correctly I believe it said she’s not convicted…so apparently ots not illegal to hand over the murder weapon directly before a muder…with a weapon who’s only function is to kill or seriously injure. Whoever is responsible for setting these charges, and didnt charge the female who started this whole thing and handed him the murder weapon..your a pathetic piece of shit who should get the corona and fucking die. Does anyone think it makes sense that this bitch freaked out over food and had her bf come up and shoot a guy. I mean wtf are you thinking if you disagree. You deserve to be shot too. For real.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Why was Mason not charged with murder also? She instigated the confrontation and retrieved the gun from the vehicle for Torres.

  46. Anonymous says:

    To all the young dudes out there if your girlfriend
    wants you to get into a fight over a wait time in line
    or to defend her honor don’t do it unless she’s in
    imminent danger of physical harm let her fight her
    own battles.
    This incident shows us that,we have two young
    men one dead one who will spend the rest of his
    life in prison two families destroyed over wait time
    In line.

  47. Beatrice says:

    Unnecessary loss of young life. The murderers sounds like gang members. The young lady should also face charges for going to get the Fire as they called it. Also bringing her boy friend back to food establishment.

  48. Matt Enciso says:

    Why does it matter what race or ethnicity they are? It’s a sad and senseless event.

  49. Jim millsap says:

    That girl Mason assisted in this crime as well by giving Tormes the gun therefore she too should be charged for the murder even if only as an accomplice

  50. Kris DC says:

    PLEASE tell me the girlfriend will be punished just as harshly as the boyfriend who pulled the trigger.

  51. DRCharity says:

    They both go straight to the electric chair!!! We don’t need these folks in our society. I’m so sorry for Desmonds family.

  52. Kizzy Watlington says:

    She needs to be charged as well because if wasnt for her this young mam would be alive and well today.

  53. Lorenzo Brown says:

    Once again, this is so sad! However, why in the world do you go outside, while your supposed to be at work, to confront a hostile customer! Again, stupidity will get you Dead! Uncalled for and very disturbing!

  54. Billy says:

    Charge the girl too

  55. Linda says:

    This is sooooooo very sad. It breaks my heart. What is our world coming to? Prayers to this young mans family.
    I think the girlfriend should be charged as an accessory to the crime. She instigated the entire event. She was in the truck with her boyfriend and returned to BK with him, then she handed him the gun. She is just as guilty as shooting him.

  56. Linda says:

    This has to stop. People who have guns now think they are our “Law and Order enforcement. My prayers go out to the family.

  57. nonya says:

    SHE !!!!

  58. nonya says:

    L A W &. L A W S

  59. Shelley says:

    My heart is bleeding over this grossly callous, calculated and senseless killing. All involved parties should be charged for this crime. This is an example of pride & ego rearing its ugly and demonic head. Pure evil!!

    My deepest condolences to Joshua’s entire family. I pray for the hearts of his 2 murderers.

  60. Anonymous says:

    The dumb ass girlfriend needs to be charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER TOO!!!!!!!!

  61. Anonymous says:

    He should’ve never went outside.

  62. Anonymous says:

    First of all my sincere condolences to the victim of this horrible crime…may God keep your family strong at this time and i hope and pray that the NO GOOD SOB is dealt the same thing…he needs to be shoot as well and his life taken away justvas he did to young man who die..

  63. Anonymous says:

    Why ain’t mason being charged she is the one that retrieved the fire, and gave it to that idiot boyfriend…she should burn too!

  64. Sherridina Bivins says:

    He should be ashamed, and the girlfriend deserves punishment.

  65. Anonymous says:

    So no charges for the person who crafted the entire encounter and assisted with arming the shooter. Florida needs a tsunami now. Ridiculous waste of lives

  66. Byron Jennings says:

    Why is that bih not charged in this murder as an accessory?

  67. Anonymous says:

    Execute the low life. Along with his skank girlfriend.

  68. Melissa says:

    She most definitely should be charged with the crime. She contributed to that man’s murder bringing her convict boyfriend down to fight. She basically said it up he was just stupid enough to pull the trigger for her.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Tormes should be put to death. He is a convicted felon in the possession of a fire arm committing a first degree murder. Spare the taxpayer from putting him in prison and having to maintain him.

  70. Easter says:

    Where are we as a people. Fuc society, if we cant see the humanity in each other what hope is there we can ever be a nation. So its come to this? Lets face it, if we as loving people of color cant get it together for ourselves are we really expecting the white people to save us from our selves and why should they. We act like our value is zero, we deserve nothing until we can prove we care capable of handling what we have. He died over a burger and fries. Wow. This was a young man, A kid in my eyes trying to do the right thing. Get a job and progress. Never will we until we all understand we are one.

  71. Leslie Spotts says:

    Mason should be charged for murder as she is responsible for bringing her boyfriend back and for retrieving the weapon.

  72. W. Griffith says:

    He should not have gone outside. If the guy wants to fight him let him come into the kitchen.
    The girlfriend, to me, is just as guilty of the crime.

  73. Gale says:

    This is case of pure evil. In future management should direct employees to never leave store, call police and manager.

  74. Carol says:

    She was given a refund that’s where it should have ended,but she escalated the situation by bringing the boyfriend and she should face charges.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Why was Manson not charged with a crime.
    She handed the gun to her boyfriend. Doesn’t
    that make her an accessory to murder? All this—
    shooting a youngman over a meal that probably cost

  76. Betty says:

    The girlfriend should be charged. She started the issue and then got the gun. Trash

  77. Dave says:

    senseless violence that girl friend needs charges against her

  78. Janice Williams says:

    I hope he gets the death penalty!

  79. Anonymous says:

    That bitch needs to be charged with accessory to murder or 1st degree murder herself.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Sad really sad cause someone didnt have patience.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Charge that fucking BITCH! Idiots! She’s responsible!

  82. Jim says:

    She handed him the murder weapon, she is guilty of accessory to say the least, felony murder is what she deserves!

  83. Maria says:

    Please tell me, Mason is also facing charges for her actions?

  84. Junior Rivera says:

    Well… i hope that Kelvin guy dies in jail. A two time loser that needs to stay in jail for ever. smh

  85. It hurts my heart that he let this devil tempt him. Now we are all morning ..another innocent black life misused. It is evident that a fair fight ,somebody was getting their ass his woman pass the gun to her so call bad ass man

  86. Vicki says:

    Mason should have been charged with something as an accomplice because it probably wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t went to get the boyfriend in the 1st place.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Hang him high A Dog That was stupid

  88. Jamil L says:

    Please lock that man for the rest of his life please.

  89. LJohnson says:

    The wwe pman should be charged being she escalated the situation and she caused this mans murder by reaching the gun. This is very sad!!

  90. JM says:

    He asked for a fight – got it – lost most likely then went into sore loser mode and if they don’t arrest her for accessory I don’t know what else to say

  91. Ljohnson says:

    The woman should be charged being she escalated the situation and she caused this mans murder by reaching the gun. This is very sad!!


  92. Anonymous says:

    They both should be charged w/Murder.

    Their intentions are well documented.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Lock her up with him……..She is the reason this young man loss his LIFE!!!…… Accessory to the crime!!!!!……Over a whopper and some fries…..A Life for some Damn fast food ….

  94. Anonymous says:

    Charge her as well.

  95. Anonymous says:

    Lock her up with him……..She is the reason this young man loss his LIFE!!!…… Accessory to the crime!!!!!……Over a whopper and some fries…..A Life for some Damn fast food ….

  96. Jeff says:

    It’s funny how no one is saying how DUMB it was for the employee to actually walk out of work to go fight this thug. Well you know what? His lack of common sense cost him his life! All because you want to prove a point? Black people, keep reacting with your emotions and you will LOSE everytime.

  97. Mike schmidt says:

    Over a hamburger order? The Young lady that facilitated this argument and death should be charged as an accomplice?

  98. Bryan says:

    Even though Joshua approached the vehicle, it was reported that he had emptied his pockets. He was unarmed. ***Keep in mind Florida’s STAND YOUR GROUND LAW***. The couple should FRY. They were given a refund. She motivated her boyfriend to fight AND gave him the murder weapon. Obviously Tormes was getting his ass beaten during the scuffle. Still; they need to fry.

  99. Anonymus says:

    Why did he go out?

  100. Paulo says:

    Conservatives think that everything can be settled by shooting people of color this guy was clearly a republican and of Dominican decent.

  101. Princess says:

    Yeah well now he can be bubbas booty meat for being a effin tough guy.. dummass

  102. Myra says:

    Why was this chick charged as an accomplice!? She started the damn thing by being a fucking impatient asshole. Charge her, because someone lost their for fast food.

  103. Anonymous says:

    Mason is as guilty as the ass that fired the lethal shot

  104. Kathy says:

    So why isn’t the girlfriend arrested also. The whole sad thing started with her just like it started with a lie from a woman that cause the death of a fourteen years old Black boy in racist Jim Crow era. Women stop involving your man in something when you can’t keep your mouth close. She should be in jail #justsad

  105. T fal says:

    I saw a racist comment about the color of the girlfriend which is really sickening. You are just throwing gasoline on a fire and your comment is racist as it gets. This stops now or we all pay for it. She will get hers one way or another. All lives matter and another was lost to stupidity and hatred. When you let someone push your buttons to come outside and fight you are not above them at all. Your just as bad as they are and because of your pride and testosterone you are no longer here.

  106. Keith Mitchell says:

    Accessory my ass!
    She should be charged with “Solicitation of murder”!
    It was her complaint, her threat, & at her request that her boyfriend became involved in the first place! Then she handed him the gun to kill him, that’s a hell of a lot more than an “accomplice!

  107. Anonymous says:

    Trying to figure out why he even went out to fight. Kinda stupid on his part.

  108. Westy says:

    Another racist comment good for yall to be such racists. Dominican and a Republican? Glad your such a knowledgeable person but you are very bigoted. You have a problem with his personal color and name and automatically placed him in two categories that you have zero information on. Great example of a small way of thinking and the wrong way to think. Your thinking sets off violence not stop it. Atlanta White Star? There’s another racist remark. Your sad and need to stop your hate speech in its tracks. Throw another riot out there why not? You want that new tv or home theater but can’t afford to buy it so go riot, loot it from some mom and pop store and drive them out of business. Are you better than that? Then prove it by closing your mouth down and say something good for a change instead of foul thoughts, that is if you still can. Or have the roots of your racist actions gotten so embedded in you, that you act like a wounded animal not a human being. Red, Yellow, BROWN, Black, White, all lives matter every time.

  109. Anonymous says:

    What if it was a Police Officers child that got shot n killed Then what would u have done n what is the difference They both deserve to be put in Jail n service the Consequences n time in jail

  110. Mary Prokos says:

    Very typical of our justice system. It sucks. If you knew my story you would be horrified, and I even sent proof of a corrupt sheriff department to Governor Whitmore, and Attorney General Dana Nessel, and they only sent an email telling me to get an attorney, and won’t send my evidence back to me when they have duplicate copies of over 20 pages of false arrests charges against my brother who was assaulted by two other brothers with a deadly weapon and denied medical treatment when hit in the head. Also he was arrested again when reporting over $200,000 in hazardous welding tanks that have been stolen and sold to two businesses when these brothers used the system and got a Personal Protection Order against my brother to get him off my 93-year old mother’s property enabling them to break into Merritt’s Welding in Missaukee County. This brother worked his entire life for my father and was to inherit the welding business. He is now on SSI because of the theft of Merritt’s Welding. My mother has also been unfairly declared in competent by a court when not even present or without her knowledge. My parents” trust has been rewritten and it appears it’s legal as attorneys don’t register a trust which makes it possible to be stolen. I have illegally been removed as joint personal representative, and the attorneys who drafted the trust have tried to sell me the trust following my father’s death, when I am a party to the trust.

    I am a widow now and have also lost my son who tried to warn me about my horrible siblings. My sister demanded my father’s trust the morning following his death, and had I listened to my husband, who committed suicide I could have stopped my sister from taking the trust that was located in my father’s desk. She came very early that morning and left immediately with not only the trust but ally of my father’s financial documents. She has an attorney for a friend who she hired to represent my mother. There is even more horror to this story. I pray for new laws and new people in our government.

    Now our governor is asking for Federal help when my brothers and sisters have the monies from the large trust and they will do absolutely nothing to them. My brother won both false arrest charges costing my elderly mother $12,600 for two attorneys as she knew my brother was innocent. No charges have ever been brought against my two brothers, and one was on Federal parole when assaulting my brother, and the other brother committed assault against his wife with an axe.

    When you stand up for justice they try to discredit you and put her in a mental facility. I stood up for the people of Clare County as the director when county commissioners wanted grant monies and look at my job doing so. I was harrassed for two years and almost had a stroke. I had to get help from mental health as I almost had a breakdown. I won a small settlement Had I not.went for help I would have lost everything as my husband and my son lost their jobs from the collapse of the auto industry. We also lost a new home we paid on for five years due to the loss of our jobs. My husband only had three more years to receive a full pension after working away from home for the carpenter’s union of 22 years.

  111. Mary Prokos says:

    Please read this horrible situation I am have forced to endure because of incompetent people running our government.

  112. Mary Prokos says:

    Thank you. We are in big trouble and need to stand together and stop the evil in our world or we are doomed.

  113. Shani says:

    Dude has killed before. He knew exactly what to do with the gun. It’s sad a grown ass man can’t take a ass beaten these days. He pulled a coward move. Inmates watch the news, I definitely hope he has a surprise waiting for him when he gets in…selah 😉
    Rest in power Prince ☝🏾❤️✊🏾

  114. NICK MITCHELL says:

    Jackie said she was probably white. I would have to say that she is black. Why? Because these days, everyone is afraid to charge someone black

  115. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t of gone outside, hurry to die? Only heros are in the cemetery.

  116. Eddie Howard says:

    I see they’re) trying to come between the black and brown communities. Becareful to not fall for the propaganda

  117. Mont mac says:

    Damn! It’s just a cruel crazy 🌎 That we live in. Absolutely senseless. People need to think before they act. Its no coming back from death. If some people just realized all of the lives they change including their own! When pulling that trigger. I’ve lost loved ones to violence and it’s something that time doesn’t heal! Stop the violence people!

  118. Ashley Mason should be charged with 1st degree murder and she should be charged with conspiracy its obviously her fault. She instigated the murder.

  119. Anonymous says:

    Ms Mason was an accessory to murder she started it all thats white privilege at it’s finest…It’s horrible how this country picks and choose how they apply the law based on the color of ones

  120. Anonymous says:

    Ms Mason was an accessory to murder she started it all thats white privilege at it’s finest…It’s horrible how this country picks and choose how they apply the law based on the color of ones skin.

  121. Nuwasa Whitefeather says:

    What does it matter if the woman was white? She should be charged no matter if she’s white, brown, black, whatever.
    She started the whole thing and gave him the gun! Charge her!!

  122. sandyf464 says:

    This is disgusting! This poor kid trying to make some honest money and these pigs do this to him! What the hell is wrong with people? That gf should be charged along with her heartless bf!

  123. Nina B says:

    Dear Covert Racist asking the ridiculous question of where is the outrage over this young man’s death.
    The suspect was apprehended, taken to the county, then correctly charged within a matter of HOURS.
    There’s no organizational code to protect him pending further investigation.
    Not only are y’all weird af, you’re also ignorant and annoying.
    (The girlfriend will soon be facing charges.)

  124. JW says:

    The Mason female has now been charged as a principal to first degree murder and aggravated assault with a firearm. She needs life in prison just like Tormes! May that young man RIP! Prayers for his family!

  125. Y says:

    What has this world come to?
    The lady should be charged, she instigated
    this. My condolences to this young man’s family.

  126. Anonymous says:

    Charge that lowlife woman!!!

  127. whatever says:

    Now I am starting to dislike hispanics as much as I dislike racists whites.

  128. Anonymous says:

    I do agree, if she isn’t charged. Sue the arresting officer.

  129. Anonymous says:

    Sad situation (my condolences) but may have ended different if the victim didn’t go out to fight the boyfriend

  130. BigPapi says:

    On Wednesday, Mason was arrested and charged with principal to first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a firearm.

  131. Brian says:

    And you wonder why fast food workers want $15 an hour? There ya go idiots. No fast food worker should have to deal with the acum of society and fear for their lives. I pray that they charge the girlfriend with putting a hit out on that worker. She should never be let out of prison. Ever. It’s sad that people like her take things way too far. Idiots in America should I ask the feet of fast food workers and be grateful they are risking their lives during a pandemic to feed bad people. Just saying.

  132. Pam Coleman says:

    This was absolutely senseless..the girl friend should be bought up on charges as well..people need to have patience.. so what there was a long line in drive thru.. she should have stayed the hell home..just senseless now a mother have to bury her son just sincerest condolences to his family and friends coworkers 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  133. Oscar Morales says:

    The only real justice is to put both of them in a closed room with a few hungry lions and come back 1 day later! Where are the protests!!!?????

  134. TiredOfThis says:

    Charge the stupid ass girlfriend, that dumb bitch is the reason why another one of our black men is dead!!
    Over a fucking fast food order

  135. Dodie says:

    They both be locked up for the rest of their lives!!!!

  136. Dodie says:


  137. ALB says:

    This ain’t black on black crime

  138. dee says:

    They Both Need To Be Given The Death Sentence!!!!

  139. D James says:

    Ashley Mason was charged with being a “Principle to First Degree Murder.”

  140. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe no one at BK called the police after the first confrontation and threat she made,

  141. Chip says:

    He should die by lethal injection. That was senseless and uncalled for. The girlfriend should be charged too.

  142. leon says:

    She should be charged with assessory to the crime. She should be in jail, just like him. She went and got her boyfriend and retrieved the gun and gave it to him. Throw her ass in jail.

  143. Anonymous says:

    It would be in injustice if she’s not charge for that murder too!

  144. Amy Brown says:

    The girlfriend isn’t being charged?! What the actual hell! She started the whole thing! This is sickening.

  145. Kyle Coleman says:

    In all actually I feel that even if the isn’t Murder, she should be charged with accessory to the fact or maybe even before the fact . Because her action did indeed incite and/or assists someone in committing a crime.

  146. Anonymous says:

    Put her ass in jail too for life.

  147. Anonymous says:

    Where is BLM now? A young black man
    gets murdered by another black. He did it with malice. That bitch with him needs to be charged with murder.
    Explain to me they aren’t rioting and burning down this Birvet king.

  148. Gwyndolyn Foster says:

    Regardless of Mason’s race, she too should be charged with felony/first degree murder. It is unfortunate that the young man went outside. I wish he hadn’t. My deepest condolences to his family. Lock her up!! She caused this young man’s death.

  149. Anonymous says:

    She did get charged with murder

  150. TG says:

    Mason, the female accomplice should be charged as well. She should be charged with accessory to murder, disorderly conduct, manslaughter, premeditated murder because she went and got her boyfriend and brought him back to the store she had plenty of time to think rationally, inciting just to name a few. Remember she retrieved the gun for the boyfriend from the vehicle.

  151. Byron Moore says:

    She should be charged with murder as well, she handled him the gun.. put both in prison and throw away the keys

  152. Justin R says:

    what does the color of this woman have to do with this young mans death? If she’s pink with pokadots. Dosnt make a difference. If your with a person who kills another your as guilty as the one who pulled the trigger. Anyone who has to bring color or race onto something like this is the race baiter. And racist.

  153. So you’re telling me that me and a friend could commit a crime, get into a shootout with cops, my friend get killed by cops, and I get charged with his murder but this girlfriend bring boyfriend to fight, hands boyfriend the fire(gun) boyfriend kills someone, and she not be charged? She must be white

  154. Anonymous says:

    The girl friend needs to be charged too

  155. Walter S says:

    Another tragic and senseless killing. Another man to spend life in prison. All over pride, ego and the desire to defend the honor of a less than honorable woman.
    The young man should never have left the safety of the store. The other guy should not have come to the Burger King. And the young lady should have been happy with her refund.
    I practice pausing and thinking before I react. During the pause, I ask myself, is it worth it? The consequences, tragedy, and chaos I have prevented, in my life, have been enormous.
    No it was not worth the lives of two men.

  156. Patrick matu says:

    I think this fucking lady she’s whites

  157. Alex says:

    Sad story. However the employees action did not help the situation. Where was management or even other employees to stop this young man from essentially losing his job and ultimately his life?

  158. Divad says:

    Sooooo, homie thought he was big bad John because he had a gun. This mfer will burn even before he gets to hell. So called girlfriend needs her pathetic arse whipped and she needs to be JAILED! She is an accessory to a cold blooded murder. Rest in Paradise to the Patriot young man and hopes he haunts the hellz out of his murderer and accomplice. Beyond condolences and heartfelt prayers to the family and friends of this young man!
    After the arsenal whooping, murderer deserved Ed the forever SLEEP needle. So freakin sad. Brit has arsexwas probably illegal at that. WHOOP THEIR ARSES!!!

  159. Tia says:

    The gf is an accomplice! She got her money back and an apology. She didn’t have to bring the murderer back with her and she DEFINITELY didn’t have to “give him the fire.” What the hell is happening to the world??

  160. Bucknard says:

    Just google Ashley Mason, according to the Orlando Sentinel, she has been arrested. She’s being charged with Principal to 1st degree murder, and aggravated assault with a firearm.

  161. Anonymous says:

    Why do people think they have a right to kill someone if they don’t get there way. Come on people it’s ok to agree to disagree, and not be fearful for your life. If someone has a complaint, give them time to make it right. We are all in this world and want to live happy productive lives. Please quit killing other people. Take accountability for your actions. There are laws for a reason, respect them, live by them. If you don’t like it, kill yourself not others. The girl is a self centered with a low understanding of human correctness. The behavior is learned. Take responsibility, stop playing victim. Treat others how you want to be treated. Get off your ass and make something of yourself.

  162. Gerard Zimney says:

    To the Family and friends of Desmond Armond Joshua Jr I offer my sincere condolences for the loss of this young man in your life. He was brave and should certainly be alive and well today.
    Mason needs to be charged with accessory to murder and that is a fact.
    Regarding Mary Prokos (comment 110) your injustices too are of the worst sort short of murder. Incompetence in government seems to be the current norm. Hate groups have gotten the green light from the very top of our governmental structure.

  163. Anonymous says:

    So when is this Burger King gonna be set ablaze by “peaceful protesters” and the BLM? (Sarcasm) This woman needs to be charged just as her boyfriend was if not as an accomplice at the least! This young man did not deserve to lose his life,but one wonders if he had stayed inside Burger King and the restaurant called the police, if he would still be with us today?? Sad day indeed! When will people learn violence is not always the answer…. you ain’t faster than a bullet and it ain’t worth your life!

  164. MJO says:

    Ashley Mason, 31, was arrested Wednesday on charges of principal to first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a firearm.

  165. Anonymous says:

    This sucks and she should be charged. However, leaving work to fight someone over a fast food issue and potentially loosing your job and in this case your life. Think things through the guy dame looking for you…do you not think he was prepared for the worst? And all you race haters….this isn’t a “race” issue it’s a “Hangry” issue.

  166. Carmen Webb says:

    I agree that the girlfriend should be charged as well for murder but Buyer King management should be held reliable as well! Management should have not allowed the employer to go outside to fight in the first place. Management is there to protect their staff! Someone should be held accountable for that!

  167. Carmen Webb says:

    I agree that the girlfriend should be charged as well for murder but Burger King management should be held reliable as well! Management should have not allowed the employer to go outside to fight in the first place. Management is there to protect their staff! Someone should be held accountable for that!

  168. Anonymous says:

    She gave him the gun, she started it to get rid of him! Lock her up 🗣NOW

  169. Anonymous says:

    I’m so sorry for the family’s loss. Peace be with All for the senseless death.

  170. Selenia Nouger says:

    The woman must be charge as accomplice, INSTIGATOR.

  171. Beverly Ross says:

    If you really want to blame someone, Start at the top. Stop the head, the tail will die.

  172. Victoria says:

    Why is the woman NOT an accomplice to the murder?! She should also be charged. This is ridiculous.

  173. DF says:

    DW comment #3 Dw you weak sad sorry …the comment is out of order. Go back to your klan meeting.

  174. MMEmmons says:

    The very first comment was ridiculous & uncalled for. The gf’s race is 1000% irrelevant! She should be in jail charged w the exact same charges or worse than the bf. She started it, brought him there, & gave him the gun. She should be charged.

  175. Anonymous says:

    22yrs old, 2 days on job, takes everything out of his pockets and walks outside to fight

  176. Anonymous says:

    Typical Meccan attitude!! Youz disrepketed my bitch! I choots you now!

  177. Nat says:


  178. D says:

    That bitch started the while thing by deciding to make it a “thing”…She’s as guilty as the one who pulled the trigger. Stupid entitled whore.

  179. Natasha says:

    They both should have bren charge with murder.not a family is having to plan a furnel for there son not for cool at all

  180. Anonymous says:

    She needs to be charged as well ASAP

  181. Mildred says:

    She was arrested today!

  182. William says:

    I’m near this particular burger king. It has been reported the girlfriend has been charged as of today, August 5th.

  183. R Gathers says:

    In okla. if you drive someone to a place and something like this happens !! You are charged the same as if you did it!!

  184. Ethel Hargrave says:

    Both should be Changed ❗️❗️❗️

  185. D says:

    And if BK would’ve called the cops instead of letting dude go out and fight in the parking lot he’d still be alive … the Hispanic dude probably wouldn’t be, because he’d force the cops to kill him and then everyone can start rioting again and pretending this Hispanic dude was a “nice guy” who didn’t do anything.

  186. Ms.B. says:

    Make sure you have something done to her when she’s delayed in coming to visit you doing your Time. Hopefully life!!!!!!

  187. J olene says:

    Mason is the instigator. I hope she gets time. How stupid not to charge her. Stop racism.

  188. Amy says:

    Ashley was arrested a while ago and she was an active participant in the shooting as well. Witnesses said she grabbed the gun first then was pointing it during the fight and then gave it to her husband

  189. Anonymous says:

    Kill this mother fo…..he dont need to be alive ..electric chair for this pi..of trash…

  190. Anonymous says:

    The stupid lady need to be in jail too.

  191. Veracosa DeMylo says:

    Bet a Hondo is illegal…..bless that young man ….Soo wrong.

  192. Brenda says:

    I couldn’t help but cry when read this story and saw the photograph of this young man. So tragic. 😢
    Praying for his family.

  193. Anonymous says:

    Sad.. I’ll bet a Hondo the killer is un DOCUMENTATED

  194. Bella says:

    Seriously, killing over not getting your BK?
    Nothing, absolutely nothing on their menu is that great. These are some really demented hungry idiots. Charge the bitch too!

  195. Anonymous says:

    That bitch should have gotten off of her ass and cooked her a meal if she was hungry-charge her ass as well – all these unnecessary killings really NO MORE FUCKING EXCUSES-yea FED THE FUCK UP

  196. Corrine Moffat says:

    Miss A Mason actually needs to be charged for manslaughter because this was pre meditated by her comment that she should bring her boyfriend down there to fight she knew what she was doing when she left and then proceeded to go home and tell her boyfriend she did this on purpose she also pulled the trigger by opening her mouth and then seriously who spends $40 at BK on food I have never spent that much at BK or any other fast food place that’s crazy

  197. When stupid boys play with stupid toys, stupid s**t happens. Subhumans.

  198. Tee says:

    The woman should have got charged also. If not thats messed up because female very seldom get held accountable for anything vs men

  199. Kristen says:

    Taking a life over a slight waiting period when purchasing low quality food that Mason RECEIVED A REFUND for already?! Check your privilege and sanity level. Why would she invest this much time and hatred over a fast food meal? This entire situation was handled so poorly. The victim should had never engaged in the dispute the situation had already been resolved when she received her refund. She must be held accountable!

  200. John P Moore says:

    We The People Of The United States Of America are Demanding That They Girlfriend Be Arrested and Charged As Equal Co Murder of This Young Black Man Because They Felt Like Black Lives Doesn’t Matter ,Another Act Of Racism And Bias Against Blacks, This would have ended if the Girlfriend Didn’t Threaten And Then Returned With Her Boyfriend To Beat Him Up, But The Moment She Went And Got Him His Gun and He Shot and Killed This Innocent Young Man, Whom Had Just Started This Job Two Days Earlier, And Burger King Is also Responsible For Allowing Him To Go Outside To Fight, But No One One Supposed To Get Killed In A Fist Fight, But The Boyfriend Was A Coward And Wll Get His In Prison, But The Girl Is Just As Guilty and Must Be Charged And Prosecuted By The Fullness of The Law, For It’s In God We Trust, The Law To Be Fair And Just, and Not To Just Us ,But Let Justice Be Equally Received,!

  201. Anonymous says:

    Where is black lives matter now. Is there going to be any protests for this mans life.

  202. Luis A Riveros says:

    Well is obvious that the couple are criminals, for sure involved in drugs or something, that woman things to wait longer for food has the right to kill people? What kind of country is this? Where is the justice? The police are so unprofessional, unsafe, what they are learning in their institution?. Somebosy has to explain why that criminal white woman is not in jail.

  203. Sandra Green says:

    Why isn’t the girlfriend being charged i don’t care if she i a giving a statement she should be charged according she is an accomplise in the shooting. By handling her boyfriend she did everything but pull the trigger herself!!

  204. Joliezap says:

    This POS woman, plainly the convicted felon’s accomplice and instigator of the whole mess in the first place, was arrested today. Of course he had a gun, doubt he was a Republican as mentioned by the douche nozzle in a prior comment, and made chose stupidity. Condolences to the family of Desmond, a promising life lost way too soon.

  205. Ross says:

    This unfortunately happens too many times – women getting their significant others in fights and trouble happens every day all over the US. Usually the woman, full of anger and addicted to drama, starts a fight with someone somewhere, many times with a MAN, whether its a bar or in a drive thru and then runs and gets her man involved to “save her”. I have literaly seen this 100s of times in my life and its always the woman who starts it. The man is then left to fight over something he wasn’t involved in and gets in arrested, hurt, or killed. All because the woman could not control herself and wanted her rush of drama for the day. Now a young man is dead (my condolences to his family) and another will spend decades in prison. And in a few years the woman will move on to her next BF and do the same thing. This trash should be locked up for murder along with her idiot BF who didnt have the common sense to know his GF would get him involved in something like this. And this is not meant to be sexist at will happen again right now somewhere else. I think if a woman is going to be brave enough to start, instigate and threaten a man like this then she should handle it herself. The POS ended the lives of 2 men because she couldn’t control her behavior. Just awful, terrible story and I hope she does as much if not more time than the shooter because both men would be free and alive if not for her.

  206. David Phillips says:

    She should be charged with first-degree Murder.

  207. overtheBS says:

    The entitlement of some people make me sick. Over fast food?! It was his second day!!! I’m sure Ashley is the star employee where she works…what a joke this bi+€h is.
    Who the F orders $40 worth of BK btw?!? She is the reason this young black man is dead. SHE. NEEDS. CHARGED.

  208. Clfleyer says:

    She should be charged with Solicitation of Murder!

  209. Zoo says:

    Why is it that only if it is a Cuban, Colombian or an Argentine do they then get called by their nationality? But P.R. and Central Americans (like in this case) are always referred to as “Hispanics or Latinos. If the woman was white, I bet she is white trash, don’t think they won’t get her later just because she is white.

  210. Roxy says:

    This young lady got a refund of her money, went and got her boyfriend, gave him the gun to shoot someone and she is walking free where is the Justice. We need justice for this young man

  211. Meredith says:

    Mason the girlfriend should ABSOLUTELY be Charged with accessory to the Murder 1! She not only instigated it
    she then handed him the gun that killed this poor young man!!😡😤

  212. Anonymous says:

    Has nothing to do with color damn people but she should ve charged as an accomplish to first degree murder. The young man would still be here if she did not get the gun

  213. Fade says:

    She’s was white but they looked her butt up too so no worries.🤷🏽‍♂️

  214. Chris says:

    The girlfriend has been arrested and charged with murder as well.

  215. Elsa says:

    In prison are going to teach him to be a macho man She should be charge

  216. Bettie Swaims says:

    The woman should be charged as the instigator of the fiasco. If it hadn’t been for her the boy would. It’s her fault that it happened at all.

  217. The blackman was stupid and left his job to pursue a fight and the manager didn’t discipline him and when have you ever heard of 🍔 Burger 👑King giving someone 40dollars unless the employee is wrong. No the Hispanic should not have taken his life but most Hispanic are short tempered and have no respect for blacks because they already know black lives don’t matter to whites.

  218. Jeff says:

    Such a horrible tragedy over a delayed order for a few burgers.

  219. Anonymous says:

    State of Florida you’ve failed in times past when it comes to crimes involving minority’s.You call yourself the sunshine state but in reality all there is is rain pouring minorities.Yes the lady who was involved should be charged as well and it should be swiftly if you want the American minority’s to try trusting your system because as you know this since less murder was well premeditated… My prayers goes out to Desmond Family and Love ones 😞

  220. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t be my brother cause I would be making headlines as well for her sorry HUSH

  221. Akilah says:

    The manager needs to be fired for not taking safety precautions such as locking the doors and calling the police and telling the victim to stay inside… the manager should’ve kept an eye open that night after he was harassed by mason and told the staff to be aware of what is going on after mason threatening him at the drive thru window. Also … hands down… mason should be facing some hard charges.

    Burger King should be paying funeral expenses… he was way to young to die like that. He is literally still at kid at 22… I’m pretty sure his family didn’t prepare for him to die and funerals are expensive.


  222. Lee says:

    I don’t care if she’s white, green, Hispanic or black she instigated she does time!

  223. Rob says:

    The law enforcement of which is investigating this issue should have immediately arrested both the shooter and the person of whom instigated and accessorized the shooting.

  224. Justin Igger says:

    Another Nigger was made Good.End Ashley a check.
    Crime stoppers should s

  225. Justin Igger says:

    Cops shoot black peoples.
    Blacks shoot black peoples.
    Now Latinos shoots em too.
    Who does black lives matter too?

  226. Issa Israel says:

    Sad to see comments like T Fal – some racists scum claiming the young man is just as bad as the people who murdered him because he went outside to have a fist fight after being called out.

    This is pure stupidity and racial hatred. It is not a crime to come outside to fight if someone shows up demanding you do so. That’s normal male behavior. It wasn’t a good idea to do so but its not a crime. Murdering someone, on the other hand, is a terrible crime. Making these kinds of false equivalencies are ridiculous.
    Additionally, the fact a previous person on his thread called out the likelihood that Mason is White and thats why she wasn’t charged with murder as well is the opposite of racist. It is not racists to identify racism in America. This is an irrational, hyper emotional response by folk who lack the courage to effect positive change as it relates to racial issues.

  227. DC says:

    She should be charged as an accomplice and go to jail but the bigger issue is how this criminal had a gun. Thanks to our spineless president who caters to the NRA And his white supremacy groups , guns in the hands of criminals and racists will be an issue Unless he is voted out of office

  228. A. P. says:

    He is just as stupid as the girl friend. She definitely needs to be charged with the death of this young man.

  229. This girl must be white, she brought him there gave him a gun and she gets to walk away she’s white and the DA attorney is white

  230. Inca Amoah says:

    What a sad situation. The boyfriend’s background should be checked. He must have killed for her before. Kelvis Rodriguez Tormes must be charged with first-degree murder for the death of Desmond Armond Joshua Jr. ASHLEY AS AN ACCOMPLICE MUST BE CHARGED ALSO. She gave Kevin the weapon to kill Desmond.

  231. Been there says:

    According to federal law it is a federal offense for someone to knowingly sell, trade, or exchange a fire arm to a convicted felon and causing death or serious bodily injury is a enhancement factor so in do time she’ll probably be indicted on federal charges

  232. Anonymous says:

    Sickening what both did doesn’t matter what color skin anyone had i personally don’t eat at burger king their food tastes like antifa

  233. Anonymous says:

    Your great democratic party

  234. Shane says:

    Just looked up Ashley Mason of Florida and she has been charged with murder

  235. Anonymous says:

    The girlfriend should be charged as an accomplice. She got her boyfriend involved, she got the gun and she helped him escape the crime scene along with harboring a fugitive and either helping to hide the weapon or doing it herself.

  236. Nancy says:

    I have to ask the question here, why did Desmond leave his job to go fight the guy? He should not have left the work place to engage with this hostile man that meant to do harm

  237. Anonymous says:

    It’s all good though. Since the shooter wasn’t white.

  238. Juano Rivera! says:

    She needs to be charged with conspiracy to commit murder, if not murder. She instigated the whole thing. The young man is dead because of her actions.

  239. Cj says:

    Please charge that trash bitch that started all this. Put her in a zoo where all the lions and bear can eat her! She needs to be put to death and so is her bf. They took away a young life!

  240. Prof. Matthew Jones says:

    Someone explain why it is relevant that he’s Hispanic? Please? Think about it… Seriously.

  241. Donna says:

    The woman needs to be charged.
    Wonder how this would had “ ended “ had the BK employee remained inside & called 911 to report an upset man who threatened him – assault.

  242. Juanita Butcher says:

    What kind of idiocy is this??? She complains about a DELAYED order after getting a $40 refund no less and then gets this idiot who says “give me the fire.” Did they think they were Bonnie and Clyde?? This is surreal

  243. Anonymous says:

    No 1 There were witnesses
    No 2 She aided and abetted
    There’s the proof weapon or no weapon.
    They should BOTH be in prison for life on death row SHE AGGED IT ON .
    My condolences and prayers for this young man’s family.

  244. Anonymous says:

    Mooks and Mexicanos are like oil and vinegar… Thinning the herd…

  245. Joyce says:

    Yes send him to the injection table ASAP.

  246. Deidre Diggs says:

    That Girl Mason needs to be charged with Murder!!! She started the whole altercation!!!

  247. Andy says:

    What is being white have to do with my man losing his life your stupid.

    jackie says:
    August 5, 2020 at 10:21 am
    Why was Ashley mason not charged? She brought the killer to the place instigated the fight and handed the gun. She should be in jail because she was part of the crime and it was her fault, I bet she is white.

  248. Anonymous says:

    Since it keeps getting mentioned a quick Google search will show that Ashley Mason has been arrested and charged in connection with the crime.

  249. BrieMetz says:

    Why isn’t the girlfriend charged with anything? She complained threatened to bring him up, got her money back and brought him up anyway, went and got the gun when he said “bring me the fire”. You have got to be kidding?!?

  250. Mz. Diva says:

    The young lady should aslo be charged. She received her money back. She left and came back with her bf. He wasn’t winning the fight I assumed so he had to shoot this young man. She started the whole situation. Charge her as well.
    As far as how Burger King handles the situation is sweep it under the rug. They don’t care about nobody just make them their money. The family should get a lawyer and she Burger King and make sure the gf get locked up right with her bf.

  251. Juanita says:

    The girlfriend played a big role in that she should be in jail and charged

  252. BC says:

    What a pan of scrambled eggs you have here. A female instigator, a murderer who apparently loves prison food, an employee too macho to do the right thing and remain inside the workplace and a non existent management crew. The question is: would the management and franchise be relieved of responsibility because the employee his job to accept a challenge to fight the angered man?? I mean yes, the manager could have locked the door but the angered man didn’t try to enter the business, he told the employee to come outside to fight in which the employee obliged. The manager couldn’t stop that. Finally.. The murderer’s girlfriend had to have known how the confrontation between the employee and her boyfriend might end. She knew he was a convicted felon and she knew he had a gun which was a violation of his parol yet she still instigated the confrontation and handed her boyfriend the gun. That should at least constitute an accessory to murder charge against her.

  253. Mz. Diva says:

    The young lady should also be charged. She received her money back. She left and came back with her bf. He wasn’t winning the fight I assumed so he had to shoot this young man. She started the whole situation. Charge her as well.
    As far as how Burger King handles the situation is sweep it under the rug. They don’t care about nobody just make them their money. The family should get a lawyer and she Burger King and make sure the gf get locked up right with her bf.

  254. Anonymous says:

    She is now an accomplice to murder. What do you mean no charges. If it wasn’t for her pride being hurt this young man who was full of life and potential would still be alive. They should both be held accountable.

  255. Anonymous says:

    Why would this girl , who her money refunded go get her boy friend. Then she goes to get a weapon out of the truck. You think she is going to be around when ever you get out of jail.
    Wow, people can’t take a whipping. So they rather shoot somebody to feed their manhood.

  256. Jamie long says:

    The man who shot the guy needs to be held responsible for his actions, now the girlfriend should have known better to bring him up there knowing she knew he was crazy. She needs to be held responsible for putting that Burger King employee life at danger which sadly ended his life. She knew what kind of man her boyfriend was probably hit her a few times too. And Burger King should say hey he was our employee and his family is hurting we will atleast go half on funeral I totally don’t blame burglar king cause you can’t blame someone else for pulling a trigger and killing someone else. That is why we have to take responsibility for our own actions!!!! The guy needs to go to jail and never get out he is to violent to be with society. His mind is gone. And she needs to do some jail time and do community service with counseling.

  257. Catmandoo says:

    This is absolutely so tragic. And avoidable. Would imagine the manager of this Burger King was nothing but a kid himself. No real training on how to avoid this type of aggressive behavior . Again the doors should have been locked when these thugs returned. The police called. The situation could’ve been cooled down and two lives would not be ruined. However the girlfriend Ashley should be charged.They were committing a felony ( murder)during the commission of a crime ( assault) she should be charged with felony murder too not as an accessory. Period. The franchise owner is responsible as well 😞

  258. Anonymous says:

    Mason will meet her karma soon. She might be out on the streets but her life is about to be in hell. Lock her up and for get about her. Let’s see who will come to her aid then. She started it and the young man that was killed family will make sure to end it for her ass.

  259. Cmoore says:

    She should be charged as an accessory not only did she bring him back there but she handed him the gun.

  260. Lala Grant says:

    1. The girlfriend needs equally charged.
    2. A young man was murdered lets not blame him for his
    own murder. Going outside may have been a bad.
    choice but if your blaming him that is just hateful.
    3. White people saying accusing Black and POC of being.
    racist, asking if there is a “white star” and saying all.
    lives matter. Please educate yourselves, you are the.
    racist. We can be prejudiced with good reason never.
    4. Someone blamed Burger King for being slow. As a 20 year restaurant worker I am speaking for all restaurant employees: people need to grow the fuck up! You don’t get to mistreat other humans because you are impatient, in a bad mood, hungry! We are not your punching bags! Now an innocent worker has been murdere over a fucking cheeseburger!

  261. tn says:

    Why go out side where was the manager and they should have just called police never go out side people the lady needs to be charged she went got gun call police people

  262. Meggy says:

    Why did the worker leave the he building to engage in a fight? Was there a Manager around to discourage this behavior? It’s sad! Police should have been called when the guy showed up. Unnecessary loss of life.

  263. Anonymous says:

    Another Instigating Karen who caused someone to lose their life. Hopefully, a petition calling for her arrest will be circulated.

  264. Kevin says:

    How come she isn’t charged?? She’s definitely an accomplice in this murder!! She went to get the murder weapon and she went to get her boyfriend to confront the young man and that’s hat started this tragedy!!!

  265. Anonymous says:

    She HAVE TO BE CHRAGED AS WELL. She went and got her boyfriend and the gun to commit the crime. She is just as guilty as her boyfriend. The only thing is she didn’t pull the trigger. She is the MAIN LEADER. JUSTICE WILL NOT BE SERVED FULLY UNTIL SHE IS CHARGED AS WELL. IT’S BECAUSE OF HER ACTIONS THAT THE YOUNG MAN IS NO LONGER HERE.

  266. Greta Johnson says:

    This girl is guilty of murder. She had motives. Why was she not chartered. Really !!! This young Black man working had to deal with this personal attack, over food. That girl should be arrested. The family needs to push for her to go to Jail immediately. She is a danger to the world. Who is her next victim. That she kills through using someone else.

  267. KD says:

    You can’t have it your way anymore, not even at Burger King!!! The girlfriend is the fire starter to the whole thing…
    She should be charged and sued… That was her way of breaking up with her boyfriend…

  268. BRENDA S GRAHAM says:

    that stupid female should go to jail for murder too. She gave him the gun.

  269. Del says:

    RIP. Give that clown life-plus, the girlfriend needs to be prosecuted for gettimg the boyfriend, getting “the fire,” and the stupidity of doing is over a damned delayed meal.

  270. Anonymous says:

    The fact that Mason came back with hostile felon boyfriend – wrong

    The fact that he invited Desmond to fight – wrong

    The fact that Mason handed him a gun – wrong

    The fact Desmond was shot and murdered – WRONG in so many levels!

    But what will make this case spin sideways in court – the fact that Desmond did come outside and therefore SELF AGREE TO FIGHT – also wrong

    And finally, the fact that Desmond agreed to put himself in danger by approaching boyfriend ALREADY IN VEHICLE (no longer a threat) – dead wrong!

    Not justifying this shooting at all, but just because one is instigated to fight, doesn’t mean one has to! And when that walks away, doesn’t mean you have to go back to it – at this point, defense claim can be “self defense”

    Btw, Burger King’s responsibility to protect Desmond, ENDED the minute he chose to walk out of protected domain, and put himself in danger. Hardly a possible claim against BK, where nowhere in the SOP it says, “BK must stop employees from voluntarily walking outside to fight”. Wrap your head around that for a minute.

  271. Manny. Quinones says:

    This woman. Ashley Mason started this whole mess. Got a young man killed over food order. She should be charged as well. She caused this whole fiasco. To all posting here. Vall state attorney office. And demand she be charged as well. We can all protest this peacefully in front of court house. Let yiur voice be heard for joshua. Please. No riots.or vandalism necessary. Your voice loud ss can be. Is enough. May the lord be with all.

  272. Marie says:

    She’s been arrested and charged on principal to first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a firearm.

  273. Truth says:

    I know I should just keep my mouth shut, but here it is. Should this guy be tried and convicted? Of course. But am I the only person who thinks Joshua took his life into his own hands when he walked out of his job to fight someone? Then approached a man with a gun because apparently he couldn’t walk away? I feel bad for his family, but he signed is own life away. I’ve been threatened and challenged to fights while working dozens of times. You know why I’m still alive? I chose to keep doing my job instead of fighting strangers. Every person in this situation is guilty, and the scariest reality here is that 110+ commenters are blinded by their biases and unable to see the truth. Joshua is responsible for his own death.

  274. Uncle melvin no email address says:

    Uncle she should be charged to because she went got the gun and now the man is dead she can’t get off

  275. Joyce Thomas says:

    DW, obviously you are White and there is nothing happening to white folk and when it does, you get off and way less time than Hispanics and Blacks. We have our own news because you assholes having being reported incorrectly and stealing shit from Blacks all of our lives. Get out of her with your shit.

  276. Mary says:

    Stop looking for the color of the girlfriend. She murdered that young man as if she pulled the trigger. It wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t a self entitled hateful being. CHARGE HER! A young life was lost. Opportunities of the wonderful things he could’ve done are gone! A family is left with a hole that can’t be filled. A loss that will always be there! This young man was working being a responsible member of society. He shouldn’t have gone out to fight that criminal (Criminal because I won’t call him a man he doesn’t hold the honor of that title) But he went out to fight an Honest fight. He didn’t start it he didn’t need a gun! I don’t care what the paper is called they are printing the news showing a crime against someone who was murdered! As any news media should. People stop looking at the color look at the wrong that is done! Murder is murder! Girlfriend is more that an accomplice she she instigated it she handed the gun. My heart goes out to the family of this young man. You are not alone.

  277. The restaurant need to train people to know the customers always right til they totally put hands on u that’s different so accountable they should be

  278. Ronald Winters says:

    double zero is an idiot.
    The girl should be charged as an accessory, why she isn’t in jail is an example of the police and how stupid they are.

  279. Tido says:

    First of all. Why would he meet him outside and fight? Where was the manager when this altercation happened? That’s very unprofessional to begin with.

    Secondly, the girlfriend need to be charged! She handed him the deadly weapon who took his life away!!! Not only did she threaten him, she instigated this entire scenario as well!

    And lastly, according to my tastebud, the last time I ate a whopper there it tasted alright. Why would you argue over stupid sh**t like that? Inpatient HANGRY people!!!

  280. Willatrice harvey says:

    Wow really how can the girlfriend get away bein the person who called her boyfriend to fight the young man he didnt even start college maybe not even a family its so sad she should go to jail too mason has here son u took someone son brother uncle cousin maybe even a daddy u should turn yourself in also u you are a murderer also because he refunded u all your money and u had to call detective innocent guy gone too soo Life is too short wake up smell coffee stopping killin the young people

  281. Andrew Cabra says:

    Stupid girl friend she should be in jail too

  282. Lele says:

    Why did the employee leave his post, anyway, and go outside? Well I guess you cannot and will not beat death, huh? It was his time to call it a night.

  283. Lynn Soares says:

    To anyone asking why isn’t there an “atlantawhitestar”. There is, it’s called the KKK. And btw it was reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

  284. Lisa James says:

    The girlfriend should be charged as well. She instigated the fight, then she gave her boyfriend the gun from the truck, as he requested. She is definitely an accomplice. My condolences and prayers to the family of the young man involved. What is Burger King doing about this incident? The young man’s death happened while he was on the job, Burger King’s management should be held responsible for allowing this type of conduct To take place at their place of business. Why wasn’t the police called immediately. Work place safety for employees is an issue as well.

  285. MARGARET LEE says:

    we have to learn to protect the police let them handle such store on immediate lock down …if inside train others to call police as the others decide how they will help protect the one threatened.

  286. JHall says:

    Want to know why she is not being charged? The boyfriend wouldn’t tell police where the dismantled pieces of the firearm were. Who do you think did that? There is probably surveillance footage of her doing all the article described. When they got her to the station they probably told her “you can go to jail for life or help us find the weapon YOU gave to your boyfriend to shoot Mr. Joshua. (Choice is yours, In my Fleece Johnson voice)

  287. Shirley Jones says:

    This is so sad. Over some damn Burger King. A young man’s life was snuffed out. The way in which this world is going is to hell in a hand basket. The Authority’s have no authority because they (a few) don’t know how to use it. And Ms. Mason needs to be charged even if she provided information to the Police about where the gun was after being dismantled. Lord I pray for this young man’s family.

  288. Lisa says:

    Mason has been arrested! Thankfully! I can’t believe someone on this post said, “I bet the girlfriend is white”. What a rude comment. Doesn’t matter if she’s white, black, Hispanic, Asian – who the F cares. They both participated in killing this poor, handsome young man over a delay in getting burgers. Disgusting. And Shirley Jones – it’s “authorities” but I guess you wouldn’t know that since you don’t understand that police are required to handle situations a certain way and in some cases can’t do anything. In addition, a few bad apples don’t really spoil the whole bunch. There are many more good police officers than bad.

  289. Sis. Mary says:

    Shame before God a young man lost his life, and the other man lost his life to prison over nothing. That girl wont be his girlfriend while he locked up. So he

  290. Locked and loaded says:

    Nation in decline.

  291. Walter says:

    I knew this young man Desmond. Fighting was almost a sport for him. I witnessed him step to another player on the basketball court and fight him over words. Desmond was quick to settle disputes with his fists. Of course he did not deserve to get shot, but I could see him make a bee line to the parking lot to respond to Torme’s threats. He told me of his other fights. I used to tell him “Live by the sword, D ie by the sword” As a hint he might not want to be so quick to rush into battle. It takes two to tango.

  292. Walter says:

    Also I’m pretty sure Desmond dominated the chubby looking Tormes. Desmond was fit, played basketball everyday and confident. Tormes needed the gun to save face in front of his girlfriend and turn the tables Desmond.

  293. Tammy says:

    The girlfriend is being charged as well and so she should be. This is a tragic event and this young man had his whole life ahead of him.
    This is a human being who lost his life it doesn’t matter his tone of skin. This is what is wrong with the world. A person should not be defined by the tone of his skin but what is on the inside. You skin does not define who you are as a person! One human life is not worth more than another! Stop treating people differently we are male and female or good or evil. End of story!

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