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Aurora Police Force 4 Black Girls, Including a Crying 6-Year-Old, to Lie on Hot Ground After Stopping the Wrong Vehicle: ‘I’ve Called the Family to Apologize’

A troubled Colorado police department apologized after a group of Black girls were detained and forced to lie on a hot parking lot in a case of mistaken identity.

The incident occurred in the Denver suburb of Aurora, Colorado, on the morning of Sunday, Aug. 2, in the parking lot of a nail salon, according to The Denver Post. Video taken by a witness showed the girls, aged 6 to 17 years old, lying on the ground screaming and crying as Aurora police officers stood over them. An adult woman was also cuffed and walked away.

Aurora Police Department apologized after a group of Black girls were detained and forced to lie on a hot parking lot in a case of mistaken identity. (Photo: video screenshot.)

A 12-year-old and 17-year-old were cuffed and made to lie on their stomachs while two unrestrained girls, aged 6 and 14, were nearby. The police eventually realized they pulled over the wrong car. They were responding to a call about a stolen vehicle with the same license plate number. However, the missing vehicle is a motorcycle with a Montana plate. The girls were riding in a vehicle with a Colorado plate.

Brittney Gilliam, the adult who was driving the car, told 9NEWS she was taking her daughter, sister and nieces out for a day at the nail salon but it was closed. The police’s treatment of her family upset Gilliam.

“There’s no excuse why you didn’t handle it a different type of way,” Gilliam told the news station. “You could have even told them ‘step off to the side let me ask your mom or your auntie a few questions so we can get this cleared up.’ There was different ways to handle it.”

Teriana Thomas, Gilliam’s niece, said the incident destroyed her trust in the police.

“It’s like they don’t care,” the 14-year-old said. “Who am I going to call when my life is in danger?”

Interim Police Chief Vanessa Wilson apologized for the mix-up on Monday night.

“I have called the family to apologize and to offer any help we can provide, especially for the children who may have been traumatized by yesterday’s events,” Wilson said in a statement. “I have reached out to our victim advocates so we can offer age-appropriate therapy that the city will cover.”

Despite the mea culpa, Wilson believes her officers acted appropriately in a “high-risk stop,” but she admitted the officers must be allowed to “have discretion and to deviate from this process when different scenarios present themselves.” Wilson added she has instructed her staff to look into “new practices and training.”

The Aurora Police Department has been under scrutiny since the death of Elijah McClain. McClain died in August 2019 after he was stopped by officers who were acting on a call about a masked man behaving erratically. During McClain’s detainment, three officers used a carotid control hold, which caused him to lose consciousness briefly before he resumed struggling with the officers. After first responders arrived, McClain was given a sedative and suffered two heart attacks on the way to the hospital. He died on Aug. 30, six days after the initial stop. The incident is currently under renewed investigation by state officials.  

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143 thoughts on “Aurora Police Force 4 Black Girls, Including a Crying 6-Year-Old, to Lie on Hot Ground After Stopping the Wrong Vehicle: ‘I’ve Called the Family to Apologize’

  1. Esha says:

    Are you joking right now?? If that family was white there ain’t no damn way the police would have put the kids on that ground! Then the chief trying to justify why they were pulled out like that! High risk for a damn stolen car but It is not high risk when these white people kill numerous of people! GET THE HELL OUT IF HERE!

  2. Anonymous says:

    An apology is insufficient. These girls, including the adult was traumatized. The cops need to be fired, and a cash settlement needs to be entered into with each family member! Enough is enough. Having them pay on the hot ground, is unthinkable! They are not animals! FIRE THEM!

  3. Jasper says:

    This is not how these police would have treated a pale skinned family. Therefore this is racism. All the officers should be terminated immediately. If you cannot tell a car from a motorcycle you cannot be a policewoman or man.

  4. Lovely says:

    Your holding four children at gun point calling it a high risk stop! Hi risk over stolen property that can’t be traumatized!!! Your kidding right. Hi risk is someone just killed another person! Yeah that’s high risk! This is not!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    what’s the unwritten policy for pulling weapons on white children, having them lay on the ground while being handcuffed?

    Do you think maybe this is why the policy is unwritten?

  6. Walley R Naylor says:

    There is no way in Hell white teenage girls and a 6 year old child would have been treated like that

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fuck them all they asses should be fired and this so called chief to to step down. They were completely wrong and the fact she just trying to sugar coat it is a problem. 🖕🏼👮🏻‍♂️

  8. Leeloo says:

    This is the same police department that arrested mass murderer James Holmes, who killed 12 people and injured many more at a movie theater, quietly, calmly and without incident in 2012.

  9. Barbara Jacobie says:

    Why does this always happen to black people? You never EVER see a cop pull over a car with white children and force them to lie down on a hot pavement! NOT ONCE have I seen or heard of this happening.

  10. San is fed up says:

    Chief Wilson is not only tone deaf but blind as well. There
    is no question of the children being traumatized. How can
    a motorcycle be confused with a car?, even with the same
    license plate numbers?!. An apology is not enough legal
    redress must be made for these innocent children and their adult relative who was driving.

  11. Regina Pryor says:

    Public servants should be compassionate people first or who needs them!! These type of ” ” officers are dishonorable, and leave a bad image for the profession! Causing us to question our faith in public servants in general!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Fuck u and ur services about some help. You expect these people to take help from yall foul ass.. Fuck you.. Yall even had the baby on that hot ass ground. Fuck you and your entire police department bitch…. Dumb asses two

  13. Everton Thompson says:

    The cops can go fcuk themselves with their empty apology. Who cares really about their apology? They are without a doubt a bunch of thugs terrorising our community. They have surrendered responsibility by their thuggery and should not trusted or respected.

  14. Bobbi Lee says:

    Totally sickness . These children were treated very wrong . My heart is so broken that they experienced this . I pray they never suffer such indignity in their lives again .

  15. Darius says:

    Videos of this nature are a daily occurrence.
    Please vote in every election as if your life depends on it. We have no weapons other than the vote.

  16. Teresa says:

    This entire video was very hard to watch..All of those officers 👮‍♀️ need to be terminated immediately and that acting Chief needs to step down and find a new job…Jo way in hell should anyone be forced to lay on the hot ass ground…It was insane and clearly total abuse of power for no damn reason ‼️‼️‼️💩💩💩💩

  17. Anonymous says:

    When does it ever end, we are sick and tired nie

  18. Mandy says:

    I was so distressed and I cried asking why!!! Why are we treat less than animals…. why are we not treated as human beings… ????

    You offered an apology… that will never do until we are all treated with honesty, honour and basic respect!!! This will continue….

    A babe on the ground in the heat… words just don’t express enough of the pain.

  19. Patricia Smith says:

    These racists cops have traumatized these children and they may never be the same. I pray that this parent will seek legal counsel in an attempt to file suit against the department and the officers involved. Tell them to take their apology and stick it up their A__!

  20. Anonymous says:

    This has to stop. A baby!! A damn baby!!!!! You police have no regard respect or humanity.. and yall always cry about how yall feared for your lives.. lmao.. how about we just trying to keep ours… get yall shit together and learn respect and decency……

  21. Misty Morrill says:

    This is inexcusable! This would never have happened to a white family and I am white! Enough is Enough! Defund the police immediately! Fire those involved!

  22. Fuck u says:

    I fucking hate cops they are all ficking pigs we should start policing our own communities fuck them hope u all fucking för slow

  23. Leonard Wilson says:

    With all the protest, these terrorist still didn’t get it.

  24. Mz Fabulous says:

    Ooooomy this is why I become tone deaf hearing how bad the Police department is being treated. They are disgusting, disrespectful, racist bullies. Every part of this was uncalled for .Now you’ve got therapy huh🤯 #Cash#Cash #Bringthemdown demote them all to picking up trash on the dumpster 📣 This traumatic experience will have.a lifetime experience on each person4ever. Imagine that The Hot.Sun what a piece of work.. Stop making excuses for a lousy chief and Police department and most likely lousy mayor too. Lousy town for not doing something about their lousy behavior earlier . The problem has always been there.

  25. Mareeta McIntyre says:

    Ooooomy this is why I become tone deaf hearing how bad the Police department is being treated. They are disgusting, disrespectful, racist bullies. Every part of this was uncalled for .Now you’ve got therapy huh🤯 #Cash#Cash #Bringthemdown demote them all to picking up trash on the dumpster 📣 This traumatic experience will have.a lifetime experience on each person4ever. Imagine that The Hot.Sun what a piece of work.. Stop making excuses for a lousy chief and Police department and most likely lousy mayor too. Lousy town for not doing something about their lousy behavior earlier . The problem has always been there.

  26. Mz Fabulous McIntyre says:

    Ooooomy this is why I become tone deaf hearing how bad the Police department is being treated. They are disgusting, disrespectful, racist bullies. Every part of this was uncalled for .Now you’ve got therapy huh🤯 #Cash#Cash #Bringthemdown demote them all to picking up trash on the dumpster 📣 This traumatic experience will have.a lifetime experience on each person4ever. Imagine that The Hot.Sun what a piece of work.. Stop making excuses for a lousy chief and Police department and most likely lousy mayor too. Lousy town for not doing something about their lousy behavior earlier . The problem has always been there.

  27. Cynth says:

    The officers have a hot sheet, with license plates of missing, stolen or whatever the case may be. The get a new sheet everyday. They said they were looking for a motorcycle with out state plates. The victims yes victims of the police, had Colorado plates and was not a motorcycle. This is just BULLSHIT. IT WILL CLEARLY SAY ON THE HOT SHEET EXACTLY WHAT IS MISSING OR STOLEN

  28. C Mullen says:

    Shame on you, Aurora Police Dept.!! Those officers should be fired and so should Wilson! This kind of behavior taints every police officer and won’t be tolerated any more! Police are paid with Tax dollars to keep us safe! It doesn’t give you authority to abuse children of any law abiding citizen! Do it right! Officers are not above the law!

  29. Anonymous says:

    As a white make i can assure you that cops would do this to white oeople as well. I say this as someone who has been treated in the same way for the same reason or should i say lack of reason. However I would agree that this kind of thing does seem to happen to the black community on more occasions and it is unacceptable. These policies need to change I understand that the police do not know who they are dealing with in most any situation and feel that they need to get and keep the upper hand for their safety until they know exactly who is who and that they are in no danger. But this can never be at the expense of an innocent persons right to feel safe in this country. No matter what color they are even if it possibly puts them at a higher risk they need to deal with people with respect and dignity even if they are guilty until they do something that actually threatens their safett. It happens every single day and at almost any instance that they cone into contact with our citizens. They are told to take and keep control immediately between that and the fact that most of them have a power complex and over zealous ego think that they have the power over us. Which in fact is the opposite of the truth. There is no wonder this kind of crap happens all damn day long. Eventhough they may have had in fact a lic. # that matched so understandably
    Needed to make contact with them it cetainly could have been dealt with in another way especially once they were aware that small children were involved. They could have asked everyone to stay in yhe car and askrd the driver to exit the vehicke then inquire as to yhe ownership of the vehicle. Which could have been straightened out without even one other person needing to be removed from the car. I mean how hard would that have been. I do not think that this was a racially motivated situation “though I certainly can see why it woul

  30. Mike says:

    This is another incident of police brutality against people of color that a Caucasian family in this matter in fact I would wager that in the history of the police department in Colorado they have never done this to a Caucasian family in the past this Police Department should be sued and the jewelry should give the maximum award to this family as well as any psychological trauma done to those babies Sue sue the hell out of them get yourself a Jewish lawyer and SUE THEM!!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Apology not accepted 😡🤬

  32. Gandy says:

    If the police chief thinks the action taken was appropriate and the only problem is that it was mistaken identity she needs to lose her job.
    It’s tiring to keep trying to school people who know they are wrong. Even if this was a white family it’s still wrong. It seems that America is so far gone that people are starting to believe their own rhetoric.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you take that fake ass “support” you are offering and use it towards your narrow minded police department. They clearly need additional support, training and therapy because I have no idea how you can comfortably just stand there while watching A FUCKING 6 YEAR OLD LIE ON THE GROUND AND CRY FOR HER MOTHER. At this point it is more than clear that police lack compassion or even simple courtesy when approaching black civilians.

  34. Anonymous says:

    You are kidding me..WHAT IN THE HELL?! You keep apologizing bad untrained cops! This would have NEVER happen to a white family..NEVERRRRR!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Fire them , to have the audacity to do that during a time like this. FIRE the new police chief , for justifying it. As we all know in just a few months they will be making the news again for some more dumb shit.

  36. Tonya Midgette says:

    This shit is sad they didn’t have to make them lay on the ground like that i dont blame them for pressing chargers they need to be fired thats why u can’t trust police

  37. HARRY JULIEN says:


  38. Monique Allen says:

    This is deplorable and all you have is an apology that says your officers acted appropriately? Are you insane, these children did not steal a car, the officers only detained them because they were black. You think they need to look into other options and need to explore them? They need to be reprimanded period. You criminalized this family for no reason. I pray they sue the shit out of you!!!! Disgusting

  39. Anonymous says:

    What a sad day we are living in, these officers need to be terminated immediately and the chief needs to step down apparently this is so brutally disrespectful….one thing for sure there is a day of reckoning for all you people who have a problem with another’s ski color…you are going to stand in the presence of a almighty God and you are going to give account of every act of deed you have done in this body….and its going to be sad for you when you find out Jesus skin tone is brown and not white

  40. Winky says:

    What a sad day we are living in, these officers need to be terminated immediately and the chief needs to step down apparently this is so brutally disrespectful….one thing for sure there is a day of reckoning for all you people who have a problem with another’s ski color…you are going to stand in the presence of a almighty God and you are going to give account of every act of deed you have done in this body….and its going to be sad for you when you find out Jesus skin tone is brown and not white

  41. Anon says:

    WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! It is child abuse, call the Lawyers, how can this be merely a mix up!

    Any Adult in their right mind, knows you do not treat CHILDREN like this. C’mon. Nooooo!!

  42. Michelle Dubois says:

    Pure Disgust! That family should seek council…

  43. Anonymous says:

    I am lost for words. High risks is if she didn’t stop and didn’t comply. I heard a talk that black children aren’t seen as children by whites. This makes me be that notion. No one verified the information at all. Did dispatch state motorcycle? Out of state plate if not they’re at fault as well. This is horrible and I would sue the department, dispatch, and each officer individually. Someone should’ve realized the mistake prior to approaching the vehicle. When she said the kids were scared and asked to speak privately the kids could have remained in the car. Wow!!! This is America !!!

  44. Just a voice says:

    This is how people get killed by the police. This incident shows so many levels of incompetency. First, someone didn’t make clear that the vehicle was a motorcycle. Second, if the message was conveyed, they don’t know the difference between an SUV and a MOTORCYCLE! Third, did they really present as being car thieves? Really! Naw! Y’all getting sued!

  45. Tameyka says:

    If these police officers weren’t so busy training to handle American citizens, as if we’re all out here behaving as radical militias, in third world countries. This wouldn’t continue to happen within law enforcement. They need to differentiate the war being on crime and not the American people altogether. The same rules don’t apply for every stop. Every situation. Why put 2 different races of cops together. When neither one of them can be trusted to think rationally or logically. Let’s be real. These officers are terrified of the way their communities doubt and fear them as well. How can you have groups of men and women, wearing badges of authority, patrolling the streets their scared to be in their damn selves 😒🤦🏽‍♀️

  46. Chrielya Roberts says:

    Ridiculous you want to offer them therapy really so you want get sued why in Jesus name would they treat children like that I watched it over and over my heart fell to my stomach no chief needs to go also

  47. Anonymous says:

    And they wonder why we are so angry, and protest and burn crap to the ground. Change is not happening at all. My hearts go out to these young people. I guess they they are still not getting it, so we go a step further.

  48. Anonymous says:

    White teen shoots black people in Church gets bullet proof vest and gets to go to Buger King for lunch….high risk I think so, treated high risk not. Black teens mistaken identity from a car on the hot ground hand cuffed high risk not chief said high risk should be fired . Don’t know the difference between high risk and not high risk. Police officers should be fire cause even a 3 year old knows the difference between a motorcycle and a car.

  49. Anonymous says:

    How about in your training teach them to read a report correctly. Wrong state, wrong type of transportation. You’re telling me, no one on that team read that?!?!?
    Those are very specific details.

  50. Anonymous says:

    This was unbearable to watch, and the chief really covering for them is distasteful. Anyone with an IQ above Zero could tell that this wasn’t a high risk situation and handcuffing children is inexcusable. Imagine it’s summer in Colorado and you detain a car of black women and lay them on the hot pavement like slaves in an auction. No care no sympathy. I 100% know they wouldn’t have done this to a white family and that’s the problem in today’s society this suffocating wall of racism.

  51. Anonymous says:

    This is really fuc*** can you not know the difference between a car and a motorcycle..: ?? (Hey cops: car: 4 tires… Motorcycle 🏍 :2 only..! )I hope it helps..!! And also in a car you can travel almost with all family members…not so in a motorcycle..!! Just saying..!!

  52. Anonymous says:

    This is bullshit,there r ways to handle issues betterThis is so unfair.Prayers for all/

  53. Delores says:

    In humane and awful. 4 girls and a mom/ aunt getting their nails done are not high risk and anyone who can differentiate a car and motorcycle is not competent. They are an embarrassment to good officers everywhere. I hope the girls are okay! ❤️

  54. Anonymous says:

    It is claimed that most cops are good. Most cops are GOOD & CRAZY!

  55. Brenda Dailey says:

    If your officers can’t read enough to know the difference between Colorado and Montana or know the difference between a motorcycle and a van, then there is something wrong with your hiring policy. And, that being said, it is no wonder such racist, inconsiderate, horrible behavior occurred. What compassionate person would ever do that to four male children, let alone four female? The fact that they are Black, the manner in which they were treated, and the way the officers stood around watching has hints of things that occurred back in slavery days…Chief, I know you have to stand behind your officers, but what about standing up for those you are supposed protect? Are your feelings the same as your dirty officers who seemed to derive so much joy in the agony of those poor children, their cries of pain and fear? ? Are you watching the body cam video from the police officers and laughing and joking with the other officers as well? you repeatedly watch and listen to such fear? The crap you are offering as an apoligy and excuse is just that…crap, phony, and unbelievable. You should have kept it. No one believes it…or you.

  56. Bell says:

    Oh okay! You believe they handled the situation appropriately?!!!! Get the HECK out of it!!!

  57. T. Payne says:

    Always the same story, different part of the country. Police continue to treat African Americans like they’re second class citizens, with the mistreatments and brutality of our rights. Enough excuses and explanations, losing your job for the unprofessional conduct should be step one and when they kill one of us, they should be held in jail, the same way you do your citizens, period. This aire of invincibility and your above the law, has to stop, especially when it comes to African Americans rights and civil liberties being disregarded totally.💯💯

  58. Lee Lee Jenkins says:

    Apology not accepted. These people lives are forever changed because of this incident. Stop treating black and brown people worse than animals. DON’T treat anyone like this. There lives matter too. Lawyers need to be knocking at there doors offering there legal services for free but definitely bill the city. Sorry beautiful Queens you had to endure this. Straighten your crown and be the Queens God intended you to be.

  59. Anonymous says:

    This shit bogus is fuck… Those are babies wtf man

  60. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it protocol to 1st ask for license and registration? That could’ve eliminated all of this!

  61. Nadine Ford says:

    Having a girls day out while black. Add it to the list. SAD!

  62. Anonymous says:


  63. linda fisher says:

    what fucking low self esteem loosers. Putting children on that hot ass pavement you all should be ashamed of yourself not a grown ass move you look like idiots. Lets put your white fat ass on hot cement see if you like it I am beyond disgusted with these morons karma is a bitch !

  64. tanisha says:

    I cant be the only one who read that the stolen vehicle was a motorcycle then the police chief said the plates and vehicle description matched…were the lady and 4 children on a motorcycle 🤔 the children could have sat off to the side and why were 2 of them handcuffed…they had no mercy or human kindness for the 6 year old crying…

  65. GuyWho Cares says:

    I think that these white police office has a secret challenge to see who can to the most horrendous act in public to black people.

  66. Peggy simpson says:

    We all know why white cop’s stop them and l am sick of and you want black men and women to feel bad when a white cop get killed well i don’t what go’s around come’s around

  67. Pamela Harris says:

    Your apology was obviously a gimmick to try and justify your officer’s lack of empathy. Everyone knows why this was done. You people try every trick known to murder and maim. If those children HADN’T lay on the hot pavement, that would have given them probable cause to murder or maim, once again. For that, NO ONE accepts your apology.

  68. A child of God says:

    I’m in total agreement with anonymous #2. The officers who did this should be terminated and a cash settlement awarded to each of the victims. These young ladies are going to be scared for life. They will hesitant about calling the police for help based on what they’ve experienced. Their captain should be fired also is she can’t see that what happened was uncalled for. That could not have been my chol or grandchild, because I would not let it go until justice was served. Contrary to what white people think, African Americans are not animals or any other negative things you may call us or think about us. We are human beings with the same emotions and desires that you have. We all bleed the same color which is RED. It’s time to put all this hate and racism aside that you have for us. However, I know in my heart that it’ll never happen until Jesus returns and all this will be no more. You don’t have to agree with me and I really don’t care. I’m just expressing my feelings. You all have a peaceful and blessed. Stay healthy and safe.

  69. Anonymous says:

    We need more retaliation. If they keep doing it to us then we need to give it right back to their white asses. They know what the fuck they are doing. They’re telling you to your face “I don’t give a fuck about your black family”.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Retaliate. They know exactly what they’re doing. They ain’t even trying to hide it. Eye for eye tooth for tooth. It’s time!!

  71. Anonymous says:

    My belly fell to the ground watching the whole incident on TV! I am outraged! It’s a big disgrace!!! 😢

  72. Sabrina Green says:

    This is racism in living color. There is no way these cops would have put these kids; including a 6 yr. old, handcuffed on hot pavement face down like these people. They were black and any ounce of “give a damn” was non- existing!

    This is Trump’s America. These people are empowered to treat black people like they did in the 60’s. End of story.

  73. Anonymous says:

    They all need to be fired and police cheif tothis is pure racism

  74. Everette Mathis Jr says:

    They all need to be fired and police cheif tothis is pure racism

  75. CHRIS Mcclammy says:

    I watched the video and was at a loss for words.
    It brought tears to my eyes and it’s just inhumane.
    How can one say there is not a problem in this society with police and black Americans. It’s time to clean house starting at the presidential level all the way down to local government officials who condone or choose to dismiss this type of behavior.

  76. Police Are Terrorists says:


  77. Anonymous says:

    I guess all lives matter? Except black lives!

  78. Michael says:

    This is another racist act by police that family needs to be confiscated with in the next 48-72 hours I’m sure there is a lawyer in Colorado who can get this family paid and if that was my 6 year old trust me I would not be happy

  79. Anonymous says:

    An apology is not good enough! I thought if you couldn’t do your job properly you get fired!! That’s what need to happen here. Not to mention a couple law suits to follow!

  80. Lindsay says:

    You got to be shitting me if they were whites kids this would never have happened they try minorities like animals! Just calling it like I see it!!! Freaking kids small kids! What they were packing heat too right!! Fucking disgrace

  81. Anonymous says:

    The kids could have been placed in a patrol car but display on the hot pavement like they just committed murder. What are you trying to prove?

  82. Anonymous says:

    That’s why you can’t trust these MF Police get rid of them or three will be More riots for justice for black people

  83. Karla says:

    When has a license plate shared the same exact plate. This is insane. Shameful and very unprofessional.

  84. Orlando says:

    I hope all of these assholes were fired, What is wrong with the police are they fucking stupid.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Theirs no justifying this a six year old baby on the hot pavement,enough is enough blm
    I don’t give a damn about the police and their lives matter they this that every black person is a criminal let’s see you arrest some white children their the ones who’s killing

  86. Anonymous says:

    This is racism they all need to be fired and the boss condones their actions. She needs to be gone also. Them babies had their day ruined cuz they was a carload of black people. A target by a racist cuz if he was doing his job he wouldve seen description had motorcycle not car but because a car of blacks rode by they the suspects. NAACP please step in.

  87. Steve Berwocl says:

    Bloody hell I thought the Police in London could be more than a bit thoughtless. But o can’t imagine them forcing a little girl not much older than a toddler to lie down on hot tarmac. Your cops are making your country look like a backward barbaric hell. I have no idea how to make this good but a mealy mouthed apology will not do it.

  88. David walizer says:

    This is a horrible response especially with the ages of the children. However to say it would never happen to white people is egregious. As light tone individual I ll never forget when my brother and two friends of ours were ask to get out of the onw friends vehicle a 69 Camaro made to lie face down on the concrete guns drawnecause my friend was suspected for stealing his own vehicle. All they would have had to do us ask for hus license and registration to verify it.

  89. Tee says:

    WTF is a Carotid Control Hold?? Call that sh*t what it is… a choke hold!! Smmfh

  90. Janice Pearson says:

    So anybody can be police officers, right? Anybody with eyes can see that this was unnecessary. Is there any any wonder why everything that’s going on today is happening? This is completely unacceptable, and an apology is not nearly good enough, and especially when what follows is an excuse and pretty much support of the behavior of the officers. Disgraceful!

  91. Mrs F Stanley says:

    This was some Bull Shit an they Know it fire those officers 👮 an the chief ass to were dam tired of theses white peoples trying to say all black peoples do is steal never looking up at them self’s U MF are the ones who are the lairs anU fucker are dam sure thieves try looking at your goddamn self going to neighborhood but the dialysis leave us the hell alone mother fuckers sorry no business being here bitches always trying to tell usGo back to Africa where you got them home at Costco how many of you bitches need to find it it not in the United States an You came here stealing living on stolen land that black peoples worked an made theses streets an roads

  92. Anonymous says:

    Sighs here we go again

  93. Debra says:

    Just sad so sad 😡

  94. Mike says:

    Damn police it’s the same thing over and over racism at it’s finest I hope they sue

  95. Anonymous says:

    Get a Lawyer – SUE!!!

  96. BLM Woke says:

    And this is why we need to defund them. Restructure their whole department. Take out all these racist morons and put honest cops who are well trained. That’s why the protests should continue until this stops!

  97. Rochelle says:

    This is appalling!!! When is it gonna stop!!!?!?

  98. Anonymous says:

    This is about the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in years. Why are these people being treated like animals?? The kid that kill those 9 church members didn’t receive this foul treatment. This is why people protest police treatment of African Americans. Help me understand how she believes her officers acted appropriately. My wife and daughter are police officers, but definitely not this kind. The badge on the left of the uniform symbolizes justice with compassion. For everyone, not just certain people. So sad.

  99. Anthony says:

    This is about the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in years. Why are these people being treated like animals?? The kid that kill those 9 church members didn’t receive this foul treatment. This is why people protest police treatment of African Americans. Help me understand how she believes her officers acted appropriately. My wife and daughter are police officers, but definitely not this kind. The badge on the left of the uniform symbolizes justice with compassion. For everyone, not just certain people. So sad.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Barbara Jacobite, this does happen to white people. You just don’t see it in the media.

  101. Me says:

    If this was a car with white kids being pulled over this would not have happened to them. If it was white kids and a non white driver (potential babysitter or nanny) the cops would have assumed they were kidnapping victims. They would have been treated nicely, asked if they were ok and heck probably even given lollipops and shit.

  102. Bud Martin says:

    Speaking as someone who would be considered “pale skinned”, in my experience, cops who violate peoples rights and have an attitude of being above the law are equal opportunity ass wipes. I’ve been on the shit end of the stick when pulled over many times. I’ve had cops tear my vehicle apart inside and out, only to find nothing. I’ve had cops challenge me to get physical with them when I hadn’t shown any attitude of aggression. No Barbara,you probably haven’t heard about this kind of thing happen to white folks, but it does. It just wouldn’t make the news. Encounters with the cops have cost me a considerable amount of $$ over the years. Sometimes I legitimately hadn’t taken care of something and it caught up with me. Other times it was totally bogus. And there is no real recourse. Good luck trying to file a complaint. God Bless us all and lets pray for peace and an equal quality of life for those who want to live and work in this country.

  103. Shaunita Burrows says:

    This is that great American justice its blind alright. Fire the police inquestion and put a sue in play…

  104. Luis Gonzalez says:

    The hell with an apology. Apologies apologies,
    Don’t make things better. A normal cop wouldnt
    leave a 6 yr old on the floor. You can tell
    they racist!!! Sue Atl pd. Sue!!!!!!

  105. Anonymous says:


  106. Sally Casas says:

    Ridiculous preditor type behavior by the Colorado police Officers. Aren’t there any minority police officers in that department? That is the first clue of discrimination in hiring practices, therefore discrimination in how officers serve the public, profile, harass and damage their relationship with the entire community. Not a good model and might end end up losing $$$$$$ in law suits and government funding. What’s the motivation to change these scenarios since training fails to be ineffective Chief Vanessa Wilson?

  107. Unacceptable. Fire and charge the maximum. The police chief needs to step down too.

  108. Anonymous says:


  109. Leisa says:

    How could the police imagine that three black young ladies and one child driving around in a stolen car how fucking dime can these fucking officers be I smell bullshit, bullshit and bullshit nothing but a bullshit of lies coming from these offices and the fucking police chief black people are being Target across this country by the police force and something needs to be done about it.

  110. Anonymous says:

    This is how America has been treating
    Black Americans how many hundreds
    Of YEARS
    Wake Up People

  111. Angel says:

    Who puts a baby On the ground…what could she have done to be treated this way. This is unacceptable and wrong

  112. Anonymous says:

    What a huge threat to the police a six year old WTF if they feels six year old has to be face down on the ground because she is a threat they shouldn’t be a cop. Fire them all

  113. Anonymous says:

    Fire these ignorant animals!! The police chief need to be fired too!! Have the officers lie on that hot pavement and crack and egg next to them!

  114. I.DIANA says:

    This is how they treat black people, you think if it was little white girls, they would have done this. Where is the nice black pastor with hisnice speech. Where is he?

  115. Anon says:

    It’s just another excuse to humiliate black people, it would just happen again and again. Children should not be treated this way, they weren’t even on a motorcycle.

  116. Maria says:

    The Police Chief should resign if after the George Loylds incident this chief has not retrained her Police force, it’s disappointing, she should do the needful and quietly resign.

  117. Beatrice says:

    I can’t understand what does are guys in blue thinks when their on their on their way to work. “I’m going to get me some niggers today.” What I can’t understand with police officer in uniform. How do you treat man-kind that way like where bottom feeders? Would you like someone to treat your brothers, sisters, mother, father, and children like their inhumane? The Colorado police department in Aurora needs to revamp the entire police department and have officer “Tommie “ look him up on “YouTube “ to teach Aurora Police officer in that Department culture diversity and ethical skills. Police officers are to protect and serve- but if your killing our black community and degrading them what are you protecting. The chief needs prayer because “God” sits high and watch low, and if she’s comfortable with what happened to that family, I don’t want to see… where her soul is going…. Show me where a white Family has been faced down on hot pavement with a Six and fourteen years old children pleading for their life traumatized like on August 2. 2020. I will never text my comments again. This world is so sad because people that don’t look like you….feel the need to take you out. Only God is allowed to that. And no one is no better than he.

  118. Janet says:

    The problem is systemic. Firing the cops involved is like digging a hole in the sand too close to the water at the beach. The next cops that take their place would do the same thing. The department is rotten to the core. Defund the police. Put more money in the communities for the arts, social programs and training for the remaining police department. And yes, as a beige person, I can almost guarantee that if I was pulled over, I would not have ended up on the asphalt. We all know, all of us with all our shades of skin color that racism is alive and going strong in the USA, 2020. Shame. When the darker skin colored people become the majority, we can only hope that they don’t do the same thing the pale skinned people have been doing for ever!

  119. D walker says:

    What in the world is wrong with the police. They should be fired immediately.

  120. Anonymous says:

    Are black people not human beings? Why do we allow police officers tovtreat any human being like animals. Not trying to add race to my text but I have never seen a white family with young children on a hot ground and probably never will. Black is just a color!! They are human being first. What if it were you? How would you feel?

  121. Anonymous says:

    Pure dumb and Pure racism and Pure hate for black people. Those children had no business forced to lie face down, handcuffed on that Covid-19 contaminated parking lot. They did not have any weapons. All those officers should be fired and not be allowed to work anywhere again in law enforcement. They have no regard for black people lives, not even for a 6 year old child..

  122. Anonymous says:

    Get off this racist bullshit. I was those kids when I was young. Forced to sit on hot pavement while they figured out what was going in. Fuck all of you that want to abolish the police. Grow the fuck up and stop playing the victim. When you encounter the police, shut the fuck up, do what they say, and if you feel that you were mistreated then do something about it after the incident is over. Dont try and fight them on the spot, your not going to accomplish anything except making matters worse for yourself.

  123. Veejay says:

    High risk stopping a car full of women & children, who are you trying to kid. Mass murderer Dylan Roof arrested after being stopped by police. He had murdered 9 black people in church, was he terrorised, no he was treated to burger king because he was hungry. White privilege, racist police, the chief needs to go with his police he is protecting by justifying there abhorrent treatment of theses people. How much longer #BlackLivesMatter

  124. Anonymous says:

    This is nothing but sheer EVIL and HATE. These bastards can’t serve and protect us because they detest us. I worry for my black children…how do we protect them from the government?

  125. dwayne says:

    How could the tags and vehicles match, when they stated in the story one of the vehicles was a motorcycle? Then if the owner of the truck reported it stolen earlier this year, shouldn’t the bulletins been removed once she had it back. Bullshit cover up for dirty cops, talk yo a lawyer on this matter.

  126. Anonymous says:

    This getting out hand first thing i would do be calling me a lawyer since they can’t tell a motorcycle from a car sue the officers and the city

  127. Lisa, UK says:

    There is no excuse. Children are not treated that way in civilised countries. There is no scenario that excuses this.

  128. Ms fed up says:

    If this doesn’t show how much black people are hated and discriminated against for color of skin nothing will wake people up white ppl are treated better get better sentences
    A Better chance being treated fair or have and enjoy good quality of life without fear being hunted .It’s not fuck the police but where is fair police or judges ?
    Even most racist person see this this was crazy unacceptable shame on you you are forming unnecessary
    War change is going to come even if we have to make tables turn .

  129. Anonymous says:

    Apology not accepted.

  130. Paul Gallagher says:

    Who steals a car and try’s to make a getaway, in broad daylight with their kids onboard!?

    And, with all the high tech communications, reporting and computer assisted information available to police forces, ‘mistaken identification’ over an ‘identical’ (?) plate number from a different state. Come on, that’s pretty lame. How about a different country – Ontario, Canada. That’s gotta be the lamest after-the-fact made up excuse or blatant incompetence (assuming the cops in question are all literate) or just sloppy work.

  131. Anonymous says:

    You mean to tell me…of all the cops there…not one had enough sense to work this in a humane manner? This is unacceptable…totally!

  132. Bernard Lawes says:

    This is why when white po pos get killed nobody really gives a fuck, I know I don’t and to be totally honest I almost feel like celebrating the death because I know that’s one less corrupt cop off the street. There aren’t anymore good cops unless they dead ones. None of those pigs would feel good about this if it was their daughters, sisters, mom or any female they love. This is the day and life of being Black in Amerikkka.

  133. Fix your cops says:

    I NEVER see videos of white families being treated like this. Never have I ever seen a white 6 yr old face down on the ground from a mistaken traffic stop. Aurora, your cops are racist af & you need to fix it asap

  134. Anonymous says:

    The hell with her apology

  135. Anonymous says:

    Without a doubt the most vile, inhumane, and disgusting video that I have seen in more than 40 yrs of using the computer. Those cops, including the bitch cop should be shackled and paraded through the streets for their unwarranted treatment of those innocent children. I am sure they have families and they should have to worry and agonize for the rest of their lives that their children are treated in the same manner. I spent 27 yrs in this vile country’s military, supposedly protecting the home of the brave. What a bunch of horse shit.

  136. Rashidah Qaiyim says:

    It is inhumane to have a 6 years old child to lie down, as if he/she committed a crime. However, it’s negligence & abusive to allow people skin touch the heated ground. How many mistakes are you going to make before you realize it’s the wrong person, I thought he had a gun, or I My life felt threatened? Our tax dollars are paying for a cult, and racist cultures that continues to abuse their power, don’t follow the protocol, and target blacks, underprivileged, mentally ill, & poor people! The killing of Blacks and Browns are direct correlation to racism. It’s an intended consequence!

  137. Rob says:

    The police involved including the Chief should all be terminated. There was no reason to put the four young blacks on the hot ground. And the audacity of the Chief trying to justify putting a six year old on the hot ground. At six years of age was she a threat to the police? This is so wrong.

  138. Anonymous says:

    The police chief who ever needs to step the hell down and those officers needs to be fired and the family needs to get a lawyer and take care of business

  139. Millison says:

    Fuck da police and their apologies that shot was wrong and they knew it they just didn’t care

  140. Audrey says:

    I am sick and tired of hearing of my black people suffering in hands of police in the USA 🇺🇸 when will this STOP enough is enough I know England 🇬🇧not perfect as we have racist police here also and yes they done my people wrong but the USA takes it not a next level Evil they are BLACK LIVES MATTER even when you think it don’t it does

  141. Anonymous says:

    Looking for a stolen motorcycle, so they stopped a car.
    How is that “a vehicle with similar description”?
    This is a lie to protect their own.

  142. Gigi says:

    How can a cop mistakenly believe someone is in a “stolen” car? Once he called the tag in, he knew before he stopped them that the car is not “stolen”.

    They [or whichever cop initiated this racist police harassment] just wanted to terrorize some Black people, even Black children.

    All the racial profiling, harassment and terrorism police are inflicting on Black people is not a “mistake”.

    It is premeditated, planned, thought out, Before they do it.

    They have been assured ahead of time, that there will be no consequences for any harassment, terrorism, brutalization and murder of Black people [i.e., that they won’t be tried or convicted for their Crimes against Black people, and wind up in one of America’s predominately Black prisons], or they wouldn’t be doing it, in fact, it is the ONLY reason it is happening on the scale it is right now.

    Hopefully, these children’s parents are going to demand these cops’ resignations, and sue for the abuse and damages they inflicted on their children.

  143. Inez says:

    This bull shit has to STOP!!!!!

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