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50 Cent Uses ‘Delicate’ Approach When Discussing Racism and Nationwide Protests with 7-Year-Old Son

Does a parent shield their child from the world’s painful realities or expose that child to them so he or she will develop early survival skills? It’s a question countless parents find themselves pondering.

It’s also one on which 50 Cent provided some perspective during a virtual visit on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” The rapper discussed how he talks to his 7-year-old son Sire Jackson about racism and the current nationwide protests.

50 Cent (R) explained how he talks to his 7-year-old son Sire Jackson (L) about racism. (Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

He said such a conversation with his son is required, but it needs to be handled in a particular way.

“I have to explain to him why they’re protesting, but not with the depth that would allow him to put me in those awkward situations,” he said in the clip posted to YouTube Tuesday, June 23. “They’re delicate. I always look at him and say, I don’t want to over-exert these things to him and jade his perspective on it at the same time.”

Clarkson also added how she’s having conversations about these topics with her young son and daughter.

The talks 50 Cent and others are having these days largely stem from the protests that have followed the May 25 death of George Floyd. Floyd, a Black man, died while a white Minneapolis police officer pushed a knee into his neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds.

One day after Floyd’s death, 50 posted an Instagram photo of now-fired officer Derek Chauvin committing the act.

“👀If they don’t charge this fool with murder,” wrote 50 next to the picture.

Chauvin was initially charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter and later received an additional second-degree murder charge. His bail was set at $1.25 million earlier this month.

“This is good news for all of us people are fed up,” wrote 50 on Instagram after Chauvin was first charged.

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