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Erika Alexander Reveals an Executive Didn’t Want Her on ‘Living Single,’ Show Creator Had to Fight to Keep Her

Actress Erika Alexander is opening up about an executive not wanting her as part of the “Living Single” cast, and how show creator Yvette Lee Bowser had to do something about it.

Alexander was on Facebook Live with “Shadow And Act” on Wednesday, May 11 when a fan asked if she were aware at the time that Bowser had to fight to keep her character on the show.

Erika Alexander confirmed that an executive didn’t want her on “Living Single.” (Photo: Facebook)

“I saw her say that, or read it,” said Alexander about Bowser, starting around the 17:00 mark of the interview. “I had no idea they wanted to remove me.”

She continued, “They wanted a different actress, actually a fantastic actress, and I was told that one of the big head honchos after the table read said, ‘Hey, we’re going to have to get rid of Erika, because she’s not doing well at this table read.’ Now I don’t know how I could not do well. I’d just [done] the audition a day before and got hired. T.C. and I were the last ones to get hired … We did the exact same thing we did in the auditions … But apparently he wanted somebody else. There was another head honcho in there that called him out and said ‘If you say anything about Erika Alexander I’m [going to] beat your a-s.’ And he backed down.”

“The Cosby Show” alum seems to be keeping busy while staying indoors during COVID-19 by not only engaging with her fans on Facebook but also on Instagram. She’s announced that she plans to co-host a live makeover session on May 18 with celebrity makeup artist Frederick W. Sanders.

Alexander also told her followers in February that she produced a documentary about civil rights leader and Georgia Congressman John Lewis called “John Lewis: Good Trouble.”

The trailer was released on Monday, May 11. It will be on demand and in theaters starting July 3.

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Posted by Shadow And Act on Wednesday, May 13, 2020
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