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‘Called Aunt Jemima on Set’: ‘Boy Meets World’ Actress Trina McGee Accuses Her Former Cast Mates of Being Racist

Trina McGee claimed she was mistreated during her three-year stint on “Boy Meets World.” McGee accused her former co-stars of being racist in a series of recently uncovered tweets. The former ’90s actress implied she was called racial slurs on set and revealed she was referred to as “Aunt Jemima” by her fellow cast members.

McGee played Angela Monroe on the ABC sitcom that ran from 1993 to 2000. She joined the cast in 1997 and was introduced as Topanga’s best friend. Topanga, who was played by actress Danielle Fishel, was a main character on the show. McGee’s character dated Shaun Hunter, played by Rider Strong, and the pair became one of the nation’s favorite interracial couples on television.

Trina McGee. (Photo: SGranitz/WireImage)

McGee suggested in tweets that date back to the beginning of the year that her cast mates were bigots.

Trina Mcgee claimed her co-stars called her Aunt Jemima on set. @realtrinamcgee/Twitter

“Called aunt Jemima on set during hair and make up. Called a bitter b–ch when I quietly waited for my scene to finish rehearsing that was being f’ed up over and over due to episode featuring my character. Told ‘it was nice of you to join us’ like a stranger after 60 episodes,” she vented.

When someone asked McGee which show she endured such treatment on, she responded by saying, “BOY MEETS WORLD.”

Trina McGee shared she was treated poorly on “Boy Meets World.” @realtrinamcgee/Twitter

McGee, a mother of two, revealed that she received the most hatred from the show’s main actors and clarified that the crew was always great to her. McGee called out Fishel, Ben Savage, who played Corey Matthews, and Will Friedle, who portrayed Eric Matthews, for how they treated her. She mentioned that she was left out of conversations on set and implied her co-stars were jealous of her. “I’m left out because of fear and jealousy. Crew was always great. Talking about three acting colleagues,” she shared.

Trina McGee said the main actors from “Boy Meets World” were hostile toward her. @realtrinamcgee/Twitter

The 50-year-old actress explained that her time on the set was challenging. She shared that she was raising a family and filming a hit television show while her cast mates were not parents at the time.

“I did my job and I expect my due. At times the tension of the disrespect was extremely stressful. 25 yrs old at the time raising a family and did not deserve to be thinking about this. None of those three colleagues had children. Just cowardly egos and hot diarrhea mouths,” she said.

(From left) Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel, Ben Savage, and Will Friedle. @daniellefishel/Instagram

Fishel, Savage, and Friedle have yet to respond to the accusations. McGee reprised her role on the “Girl Meets World” spinoff in 2015 but shared that she was upset about not having a larger role in the revival. She promised fans she would share the whole story regarding her experience on “Boy Meets World” when the time is right.

Trina McGee opens up about “Boy Meets World.” @Trina McGee/YouTube
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