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‘Looking All Regular’: Fans Say They Barely Recognize Alexis Skyy After She Posts This

Alexis Skyy appears to be following the rules when it comes to social distancing. Skyy, the newest cast member of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” is seemingly spending a lot of time in her house. The mother of one has flooded her Instagram account with videos of her participating in TikTok dance routines as well as reenacting movie scenes from the 1998 drama “The Players Club.” The reality star is seemingly posting more at-home selfies since being cooped up in her home the past several weeks. However, one post in particular stirred up quite the controversy on the internet after fans claimed that they barely recognized her.

Skyy went to Instagram and uploaded a photo of her lounging at home in a black-and-white silky two-piece pajamas set. The model posted her steamy picture to the social media platform on March 29. She gave fans a glimpse of her cleavage and posed for her picture by gently touching her chest with her red fingernails.

Alexis Skyy posing in her two-piece pajama set. @alexisskyy_/Instagram

Skyy paired her nighttime attire with a few accessories. Her ears sparkled with Chanel diamond earrings, and she spiced her up her long, black, straight hair by adding bangs. She was seemingly getting ready for bed, since she barely wore any makeup. Her sexy bedtime appearance seemingly backfired after fans encouraged her to continue to sport a more natural look instead of her usual glammed-up appearance.

“Man, I didn’t even recognize you. Looking all regular,” one user wrote.

“Love the bang and I don’t even like bangs😍,” a second user gushed.

A third fan commented, “Love this hair look on you😍.”

“Love this natural look 😍😍,” a fourth user said.

A fifth fan wrote, “Face top tier😍😍😩.”

A sixth user wrote, “Love this look 🤩.”

Alexis Skyy kneels while showing off her pajamas set. @alexisskyy_/Instagram

It’s no surprise that Skyy shared her steamy nightwear photo to the social media platform. The social media influencer revealed that she makes the majority of her money modeling through Instagram, and she even recently opened up about the toll that being famous has taken on her mental health.

“I swear y’all don’t understand how frustrating & annoying it is being known everywhere & famous.” She continued her rant by saying, “Of course, it has its perks & advantages!! but when nothing u say or do is private & everything is magnify for the worlds opinion & slander. It slowly takes a toll on you,” she posted to Twitter in March.

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