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‘Can’t Wait’: Kenya Barris’ New Show ‘#blackAF’ Has Trailer Released, Buzz Begins Instantly

The trailer for Kenya Barris‘ new Netflix show “#blackAF” was released on Thursday, March 26, and some said they’re excited for the season to begin.

Barris plays a version of himself and lives with his wife, played by Rashida Jones, and their children. The family is also well-to-do and lives in a correspondingly rich neighborhood.

Kenya Barris has a new show called “#blackAF,” and the trailer has just been released. (Photo: Christian Alminana/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“With new money and expensive tastes, Kenya Barris and his family navigate success and explore the struggles of being unapologetically black and wealthy,” reads Netflix’s description of the show.

Based on the trailer, it seems “#blackAF” shuns the typical family sitcom format and goes more of a dry humor route, with characters breaking the fourth wall and speaking to the camera.

“When you’re a mixed mother, you’re constantly tested on your blackness,” says Jones’ character in the trailer. “Name the Fab Five, name The Jackson 5, name all the members of the Wayans family. Do you know? No.”

A few celebrities will show up for cameos during the season, including Nia Long, Issa Rae, Lena Waithe and Ava DuVernay, who all appear in the trailer.

Back in December, when the working title for the show was “Black Excellence,” Barris was criticized for not casting more dark-skinned people to play his children, which he responded to then.

“Guys, this is supposed to be real,” he tweeted. “What do u think Rashida & I’s kids would look like? Have you seen MY actual very real and definitely BLACK family? Don’t we have enough hate from others?”

Barris was married to Dr. Rania “Rainbow” Barris for 20 years before he filed for divorce in August of last year.

Besides #”blackAF,” Barris also created the show “Black-ish,” and Tracee Ellis Ross‘ character on that show is loosely based on his ex. Barris is the creator of the “Black-ish” spinoffs “grown-ish and “mixed-ish” as well.

“#blackAF” premieres on Netflix on April 17, and people left comments under the trailer on YouTube.

“lemma tell you all this is gonna be crazyyyyyyyyyy imma definitely watchin this!!!” one person wrote.

“I can’t wait to watch it,” another stated.

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