‘Trapped In the Sunken Place’: Diamond and Silk Draw Criticism, Sympathy For Overly Enthusiastic Praise of Trump During Black History Month Event

Vloggers Diamond and Silk gave their full-throated praise of President Donald Trump at the White House Black History Month celebration on Thursday, urging their fellow Americans to “vote right so you won’t get  left.” 

“Vote red, R-E-D,” said Lynette Hardaway, aka “Diamond” of the infamous Trump-loving duo. “Remove every Democrat by voting them out!”

Diamond and Silk
Sisters Diamond and Silk were among more than a dozen Black supporters who met with President Donald Trump on Thursday for the annual White House Black History Month celebration. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The sisters, who rose to fame after throwing their support behind the GOP candidate in 2016, were among the more than a dozen African-American supporters who gathered at the White House for the annual event this week. They were joined by the likes of conservative firebrand Candace Owens, Parris Dennard and Pastor Darrell Scott, according to video posted by The Hill.

During their remarks, the sisters lauded Trump, 73, as a true patriot whose policies have aided in the betterment of the Black community. The POTUS even took a moment to brag on himself at the event and said he deserves “100 percent” support for his record on issues affecting African-Americans.

“You know, I keep hearing the left talk about they’re a champion [for] this, and a champion for that,” Hardaway continued. “Well, when is a champion gonna win, because they ain’t winning! We’ve already found a champion, a true champion right here in our president, President Donald J. Trump.”

Her sister “Silk”, whose real name is Rochelle Richardson, offered similar words of support and applauded Trump for what she called his willingness to go “toe-to-toe against the status quo.”

“Mr. President, we’ve come a long ways at winning, winning and winning. They sing the song ‘I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired,’ but I haven’t gotten tired of winning,” Silk said, drawing cheers and applause from the crowded room. 

The sharp-tongued personality ended her remarks with exclamation, declaring Trump would in fact be a reelected president by Nov. 4, the day after Election Day.  

“He loves this country,” Diamond chimed in. “He loves America, and he loves Americans.”

The duo’s exhortations drew a Cheshire cat-like grin from the president, who showered them with hugs and handshakes. Online critics were less than pleased, however, and slammed the event as a “f—–g clown show.

Zirconia and Burlap please. Back in the day you BOTH would’ve been in the BACK of the kitchen washing #Trump’s casino dishes,” one Twitter user  wrote. “He wouldn’t have allowed you to be front of the house.”


@DiamondandSilk are the ‘I have black friends’ that Trump drags out every time he wants black people to forget that his admin is crushing their livelihoods by ignoring the issues that affect black communities,” another opined.

One user criticized “poor aunties” Diamond and Silk for being “trapped in the sunken place,” while someone else blasted them as “coons.”

This is so freaking embarrassing,” another wrote.

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