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‘I See Cyn’: Joe Budden’s Pic With Son Goes Left When Fans Claim Toddler Resembles His Mother Cyn Santana

When Joe Budden posted an Instagram photo of himself and his 2-year-old son Lexington Budden, he probably didn’t think it would spark a bunch of comments about his ex and the boy’s mother Cyn Santanabut it did.

The picture shows the retired rapper wearing all black as he and the toddler sit down at what looks to be a restaurant. Lexington is sporting a striped shirt and has his hands around his dad’s neck, while Joe places his hand over his son’s two little ones.

The 39-year-old also has his eyes closed and head tilted back in the shot, as if he’s in total bliss.


“This hug… in this moment… is everything for me… Thank you God 🙏🏽,” wrote Joe in the caption.

Afterward, many said that Lexington looks just like his mother, and that’s when a lot of people weighed in with their own comments.

The former couple was engaged until they broke up in May 2019, and, according to Santana, Joe being unfaithful had something to do with it.

Later, a lot of people thought that Joe and his ex rekindled things after being seen at Erica Mena‘s baby shower and other places, but in a Jan. 15 tweet Santana confirmed that she’s single.

“I see cyn alllllll in that little face! Beautiful kid!” someone wrote underneath the photo of Joe and Lexington.

” He has Cyn’s whole face 😩,” wrote another follower.

A lot of people also said they love seeing the New Jersey native with his little boy, but there were also some who poked fun at him by bringing up Santana.

One person, for example, told Joe to “Thank Cyn!!!” for the boy and the happiness that he displayed in the photo.

There were others who begged the former Slaughterhouse rapper to mend things with his ex, while at the same time some said they want Santana for themselves.

“Work it out with your queen!!!!” one person wrote.

“Tell cyn get at me,” another stated.

Then there were those who said Joe was creating a fake moment with the pic just for Instagram likes.

“Stop turning your kids into photo ops,” wrote one of his followers.

“Its really not a moment if you taken a picture 🤷🏾‍♂️ to post about it,” a second person commented.

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