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‘So Sweet’: Actor John Boyega Surprises His Parents With Their Very Own House

The actor John Boyega has become a big star after appearing in “Star Wars” films like “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” which came out in December.

But his heart may be even bigger than his star power, at least according to a video that he posted to Instagram on Monday.

Actor John Boyega bought his parents a new house, which touched many. (Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

The clip shows Boyega buying his parents a house in London, England, but they had no idea they were getting it.

The 27-year-old, who’s British-Nigerian, brought his folks to the house and told them they were going to be interviewed there.

He then revealed the big news: There was really no interview, and the house they were sitting in belonged to them. Afterward, both parents just sat there with blank expressions on their face.

“Dad, this is your house,” a female voice said off-camera.

“We’ve been planning this for four, five months,” Boyega followed.

The actor then explained to his parents why he wanted to purchase the home for them.

“It’s a small token,” he said. “But I just thought it was best that you live in an environment and place where you’re happy and you have space and privacy.”

“It’s your prayers that has got this,” Boyega added. “Because the skill and ability that I’ve received has been from your prayers, and I cannot ignore what God has used my parents to do in my life, and this is just my physical appreciation, honestly, from the bottom of my heart.”

Boyega’s father started to cry, so the actor hugged him, then rubbed his shoulders.

A full tour of the sprawling home wasn’t shown in the video, but you can see it has multiple levels, huge windows and a high ceiling.

In the comments below, people said they were blown away by Boyega’s act and incredibly touched by it.

“I’m fully bawling on this train,” someone wrote on Twitter after seeing the video.

“This was so humble! he paid for it but framed it as their accomplishment, incredible,” another person wrote.

“So sweet,” a third comment read.

There were also a bunch of people who said they’ll be disappointed in themselves if they can’t do something similar for their parents. But one person gave a piece of advice that some may find useful.

“Just remember it doesn’t have to be a fancy house,” that person wrote. “There’s plenty of ways to show appreciation you don’t have to feel disappointed if it’s not as grand as this gesture.”

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