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His Nickname Was What? 5 Facts You May Not Know About Will Smith

Will Smith is a Hollywood star whose shine only has become brighter throughout his 30-year career. From box-office hits, a long-running television show to now having a YouTube channel, it’s easy to wonder what more there is to know about the 48-year-old superstar.

As it turns out, there’s plenty of facts about Smith that may have gone unknown. Check out the list below to learn more about the megastar.

He Was Jealous of Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac’s Relationship

While doing promotion for “Bad Boys For Life,” Smith admitted that he was “deeply insecure” over the bond and love that his wife shared with the West Coast rapper early in their relationship.

He Turned Down the 1999 Widely Successful Sci-fi Fit “The Matrix”

Smith says he didn’t get the concept and was unable to see the vision in the script. It’s one of his career regrets and a source of humor considering he went on to make the “Wild Wild West.”

He’s Smarter Than The Average Actor

Smith was accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but chose to pursue his music and acting career. He can also solve the Rubik’s Cube in less than 55 seconds!

He Was a Millionaire Before His Box-Office Hits

The Philadelphia rapper made his first million off his debut rap album, “Rock the House.”

His Hollywood Nickname is “Mr. July”

For years there wasn’t a summer that went by without a blockbuster movie from the superstar. His track record for dropping some of the hottest films that racked up millions in ticket sales made it easy for him to be dubbed “Mr. July.”

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