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‘Nothin But Truth!’: Kandi Burruss Fans Applaud Her for Speaking Up During Porsha Williams and Eva Marcille’s Confrontation

It seems “Real Housewives of Atlanta” viewers are siding with Kandi Burruss when it comes to Eva Marcille’s forgetful nature.

Viewers and the show’s cast members have caught Marcille apparently lying about the shady things she’s said about her co-stars. Whenever the model is confronted about her remarks, she seemingly denies what she said.

On Sunday night’s episode of “RHOA,” Porsha Williams confronted Marcille about rude comments she supposedly said about Williams and her fiancé Dennis McKinley. The new mother asked Marcille to explain to her why she told Burruss that she could forward her some blogs about the missteps of McKinley so she could worry about that instead of worrying about Marcille and whether she brings her kids to group events.

Williams also confronted the model about saying Williams hadn’t even let her C-section scars heal before she was starting drama.

Kandi Burruss
(From left) Porsha Williams, Eva Marcille, and Kandi Burruss attend ATL Live On The Park season IX at Park Tavern on July 10, 2018, in Atlanta. (Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage)

Marcille, of course, denied all of what Williams confronted her about and everything Burruss relayed to the 38-year-old. Amid her denial, Burruss made sure to let Marcille know she, Burruss, wasn’t lying about her accusations. Even when producers played back the model’s comments, it was almost verbatim with what Burruss told Williams.

Shortly after the episode aired, Burruss took to Instagram to get some things off her chest about her co-star Marcille. She posted a Nicki Minaj lying meme with the caption “Did I Lie? #rhoa 😂😂😂 if I say it roll the footage!”

Kandi Burruss.
Nicki Minaj. @kandi/Instagram

She then went on her “Speak on It” vlog to speak about Marcille backpedaling on her comments every time she’s confronted.

“The weird thing is with the whole Eva situation is that as hard as she was going about she didn’t say it, which, obviously, they only show you a little bit, but she really has repeated multiple times that she did not say that,” said Burruss. “I think in her heart of hearts, she really believed that she didn’t say it, which makes me believe, OK, she says things and doesn’t remember what she says, which is a little bit scary for her.”

Many “RHOA” viewers and fans agreed with Burruss and commended her for putting Marcille on blast.

“Kandi was not boutta be called a liar 🤣 Eva is f a k e. Kandi you told nothin but the truth!”

“Eva needs to stop throwing so much shade if she can’t own up to it. Kandi 😂 you be on point with it too”

“Eva always backpedaling when she gets caught up in her lies!!! The #LiesLiesLies  I was waiting for them to play that s–t back becAuse I sure saved it 🤣”

“LMAO😂😂😂 One thing about you is you NEVER lie and Bravo always backs you up with receipts. Eva on you s–t!”
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