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Watch: Drunken Woman Harasses Black Man on NYC Subway Platform; Police Offer No Help, Says Victim

A New York woman was filmed throwing a drunken fit in the city subway this week, stumbling to and fro as she wrongfully accused two Black men of stalking and harassing her.

Twitter user @D0ugLyfe posted the video Sunday, showing the unnamed woman following and cursing the men near the turnstiles of the Columbus Circle station in midtown Manhattan. At one point, she attempts to block the pair from getting through the turnstiles and even assaults one of them.

Drunken White Woman

A drunken white woman was filmed following a cursing a pair of Black men as they tried to enter the New York City subway. (Photo: @D0ugLyfe / Twitter video screenshot)

“Your mama’s a b—h,” the woman is heard saying before asking the men, “Why are you following me? Follower, follower, follower, follower …”

One of the men makes a clear effort to avoid the drunken damsel as she chases them back and forth across the platform, still accusing them of  pursuing her.

In the two-minute clip, the woman continues shouting insults about one of the men’s mothers, calling her a “whore” and a “f—–g c–t,” among other things.

“What are you gonna do? You gonna f—–g fight me?” she says. “You’re a follower like your mom. Your mom is a broke ass b—h.”

The woman later approaches the cameraman and flips him the bird before taking a swat at his cellphone. She swings at him once more, this time with what appears to be a scarf.

“If you … if you hit me, I’m going to smack the sh-t out you,” a voice behind the camera warns as the woman continues ranting.

“Oh really,  n—-a?” she shoots back. “Like, whatever. You have no money … b—h.”

The video garnered more than a million views by Wednesday, and sparked a flurry of reactions from online users who wanted to see the lady charged.

“She’s crazy, but that’s no excuse. She should be arrested,” one Twitter user commented.

“Nothing worse than a drunk racist, disgusting human,” another wrote. “Admire the patience of that man! Where’s the police — oh wait, she’s white.”

One user opined,” When you drink and the true you comes out. I hope they find her and charge her. My heart sinks when I hear and see what people of color have to go through day after day. Being drunk should NOT be the excuse. Call it what it is: RACIST and criminal.”

@D0ugLyfe later updated users on the incident, saying he contacted police  only to be let down.

Wow … So I just left my local police station the 44th police precinct to be exact and White Officer Jocaby told me this is not assault and she wasn’t racist she only called me a nigger one time and I was following her,” he tweeted.

The officer, he said, claimed he had only been harassed by the belligerent woman and refused to hear his assault claims. When the user pushed back, he says the police officer told him to leave.

“He just didn’t want to see his racist sister go down for her actions,” he concluded.

Watch more in the clip below.

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