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New Audio Reveals the Startling Reason Jordyn Jones Called 911 the Night Alexis Crawford Was Assaulted

The murder of Alexis Crawford has rocked the metro Atlanta community and caused shock across the nation. The 21-year-old was a student at Clark Atlanta University when she reportedly was strangled by her roommate and the roommate’s boyfriend in a grisly attack late last month.

Suspects Jordyn Jones, 21, and Barron Brantley, 21, are charged with murder in Crawford’s killing. They remain behind bars without bond.

The college senior was reported missing by relatives Nov. 1, and authorities found her body dumped in a local park one week later.

Since the suspects’ arrests, several new disturbing details have emerged about the case.

Here’s what we now know.

Alexis Crawford
Barron Brantley (left), Alexis Crawford (middle) and Jordyn Jones (right). (Photos: Alexis Crawford Facebook/Fulton County Jail)

Jones Called 911, But Not for the Reason One Might Think
In recently released audio, Jones places an Oct. 26 call to authorities to report her car stolen. Brantley, her boyfriend, reportedly took off in her Chevy Cruze after the two got in an argument over whether he raped Crawford after a night of drinking.

“Yes … by ex-boyfriend just stole may car,” she tells the dispatcher. “He took my keys and (expletive) ran and I’m about to — (inaudible).”

She never mentions the assault during her call to police.

Family Friend Reports Possible Rape
After calling 911 to report her car stolen, Jones called a friend to share the news. According to testimony from Atlanta police Detective Michael Young, it was a family friend of Jones’ who reported the alleged assault on Crawford.

“Jordyn actually called her friend Brittany, which is a friend of her sister’s and said, ‘Hey, my car’s stolen and also, I think something happened to my friend.’ Brittany comes over and finds Alexis crying before she “discloses…that she was assaulted.”

Brittany, who graduated from CAU 10 years prior, called police the early morning of Oct. 27, to report the incident.

Crawford would later file a police report accusing Brantley of unwanted kissing and touching. She was accompanied by her roommate when she took herself to Grady Memorial Hospital, where she was examined for a possible rape. Police would testify in court that DNA evidence substantiated a rape claim.

Unbeknownst to Crawford, it wouldn’t be long before Brantley was back in the apartment she shared with Jones. According to Detective Young, Jones hid her boyfriend in the apartment and even left him alone with Crawford when she went to class.

Jones Involves Another Friend In Her Alleged Scheme
In court, Young testified that Jones had asked a friend, Ayanna Williams, to help her replace the Rubbermaid bin she and Brantley used to dispose of Crawford’s body. Williams later shared screenshots of their text exchange with police.

Jones was eager to replace the bin that had been purchased by her parents, who were preparing to help her move back to her home state of Michigan.

Investigators Find Blood In Students’ Apartment
During their investigation into Crawford’s murder, police said they found evidence of blood throughout the off-campus apartment she shared with Jones.

One search warrant found a drop of blood in Jones’ bathroom sink, while a second search uncovered a sponge with blood and hair in the kitchen sink, according to Young. He added there “were five or six places” in the living room where blood was also found.

Jones Led Police to Body
Authorities said it was Jones, 21, who led police to Crawford’s body. She was accompanied by her father, a law enforcement officer in Michigan, at the time.

Victim Found Tied Up, Near Plastic Bin
Crawford’s body was found dumped in a wooded area of Exchange Park in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur. Investigators say Jones and Brantley placed the bin at the top of a hill and pushed it over, causing the victim’s body to fall out.

Young testified that Crawford was found wrapped “in a blue blanket” with the plastic bag Jones used to smother her still covering her head. He noted the bag had a hole in it and that Crawford’s hands were also bound.

Brantley Seeks Protective Custody
Brantley, 21, appeared in court Friday, Nov. 22, for a bond and preliminary hearing. He was ordered to remain in custody without bond, after which his attorney requested he be placed in protective custody.

The judge agreed to sign such an order once presented with the necessary documentation.

Hear more of the testimony below.

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