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Hampton University Surprises Displaced Bahamian Students With Extra Semester of Free Tuition

Hampton University has made good on its promise of helping a group of Bahamian students impacted by Hurricane Dorian and is now taking that generosity one step further.

In a special Halloween treat, Hampton President, Dr. William R. Harvey surprised the students with an extra semester at the Virginia campus, free of charge.

“Thankfulness is a virtue, and every single one of you who I’ve talked with appears to be so thankful for what we have done,” Dr. Harvey told students gathered for the special announcement last month, according to a school news release.

Hampton University

Bahamian students surprised with an extra semester of free enrollment at Hampton University. (Photo: Hampton University)

“I’m going to issue a blanket order that those of you who are in good standing, academically and socially, I am going to let you come back another semester, under the same auspices. Room, board, and tuition. Free,” he continued.

The surprise comes just months after the HBCU announced it would offer free enrollment, and room and board to students from the University of the Bahamas – North Campus who were displaced by the powerful hurricane, which left thousands without water, shelter or electricity. The university welcomed a total of 46 students in late September.

Hampton’s initial offer was only good for the Fall 2019 semester, meaning those who chose to remain at the Virginia institution would be responsible for paying regular tuition and fees — an estimated $24,950 per year — thereafter.

Since their move, the university said Bahamian students have acclimated to campus life quite nicely and are especially thankful for Harvey’s generosity.

“Thank you Dr. Harvey, the University and everyone else who has helped to make this a reality, not only for next semester but for as far as we are now,”  said Kristoff Strachan, a University of the Bahamas student. “On behalf of all the students, our parents, families, thank you. We are grateful to God that we have this opportunity and we are thankful for your kindness and gratitude.”

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