Hispanic Father’s Reported Disdain for Black People Allegedly Ended With Him Shooting, Killing Daughter’s Boyfriend and Slain Man’s Cousin in ‘Cold Blood’

A Hispanic Oklahoma father who reportedly didn’t want his daughter hanging around Black people was arrested Wednesday in the death of the girl’s boyfriend and the victim’s cousin.

Albert Thomas, 20, and DeJon Ross, 21, reportedly were picking up Manuel Quezada’s daughter to go to a movie when the man allegedly shot the victims during a fight, according to KJRH.

Mugshots of Manuel Quezada and Angelica Quezada
Manuel Quezada and Angelica Quezada are accused in a double homicide. (Screenshot from News On 6 video)

The incident happened at about 10 p.m. Tuesday in a neighborhood of the Tulsa suburb of Owasso and led to the arrest Wednesday of Quezada as well as his wife Angelica on an accessory to murder charge, according to the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office.

The area is about 15 miles northeast of Tulsa.

When a neighbor heard the gunshots and called 911, deputies arrived to find one of the victims in the street with a gunshot wound, the other in the driver’s seat of a car and Manuel Quezada in the driveway with a gun in his back pocket, authorities told News On 6.

Family members also told the news station that Thomas had been dating Quezada’s daughter for the past two years and hadn’t met her father until the night of his death.

The victims’ aunt Aleta Thomas told News On 6 the father “would always tell” his daughter “that he didn’t want her being around black people.”

“He never met the dad until last night, and this man killed him in cold blood,” Aleta Thomas said of her nephew.

She said she doesn’t understand why her relatives were shot.

“They still have their family. We don’t,” Thomas told News On 6. “We have to bury a kid. We’ve got to bury two kids. They don’t deserve any of this.”

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton told the news station he’s still working to figure out more details in the incident.

“The questions I think we all would have on this is, ‘What’s it really about? Where have they been?’” Walton said. “Let’s find out more about our suspects and our victims both.”

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