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Convicted Murderer Jason Van Dyke Formally Resigns from Chicago PD, Folks Ask What Took So Long

Jason Van Dyke, who’s serving a roughly seven-year sentence for the killing  of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, has stepped down from the Chicago Police Department.

Van Dyke formally resigned last week, a department spokesman said. The former officer was fired and was awaiting a police board’s decision on his dismissal. The process was held up, however, by his pending criminal case.

Laquan McDonald

Former Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke lost his certification following his conviction, making him no longer able to serve as an officer. (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune via AP, Pool)

Van Dyke’s resignation is considered a formality and he will not collect a pension, police said.

In 2018, the Chicago cop was convicted of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery in McDonald’s 2014 shooting death. He was sentenced in January to six years and nine months behind bars.

Van Dyke became the first Chicago officer in over 40 years to be convicted of murder in an on-duty shooting. Dashcam footage from the fatal October 2014 encounter showed the officer fire 16 shots into McDonald as the teen, who was armed with a knife, retreated from officers.

Video of the incident, which was finally released via court order in November 2015, sparked intense protests across the city and prompted both local and federal investigations.

News of Van Dyke’s resignation came as a shock to many critics who were unaware he was still employed as an officer.

Jason Van Dyke was still a police officer even after being found guilty and while in a prison,” a Twitter user wrote. “This is some sick sh-t.”

“WTF took him so long? About damn time,” another chimed in.

One user was stunned by it all, writing: “WHAT THE F–K? He’s been on CPD payroll, while in prison?!?!”

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