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Ya’ll Need to Chill: Regina King Addresses People Who Keep Pressing Her About ‘Vow’ Made in Golden Globes Speech

Regina King has asked for patience after she made a promise to include more women in the projects she develops through her production company Royal Ties.

Back in January, the “Boyz n the Hood” star won the Golden Globe award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “If Beale Street Could Talk,” and her speech made headlines.

“I just want to say that I’m going to use my platform right now to say in the next two years everything that I produce I am making a vow – and it’s going to be tough – to make sure that everything that I produce is 50 percent women,” said King. 

“And I just challenge anyone out there – anyone out there who is in a position of power, not just in our industry, in all industries – I challenge you to challenge yourselves and stand with us in solidarity and do the same,” she added.

It seems since then, whenever King sits down for an interview, she’s asked about that vow and whether she’s moved on it yet.

And during an interview with Marie Claire, she said “Have you seen an announcement of me producing something yet?” Which is a response she often gives to reporters who ask her about the speech.

King also said as a black woman she’s held to a different set of expectations that aren’t realistic because of Hollywood’s uneven playing field.

“That speech was six months ago. Goddamn. I’m held to account,” she stated. “Not having as many of the opportunities or resources as a white man or a white woman in the industry, but now that I’m the one that’s decided to say that I’m going to use what I’ve been given to do more, it needs to have been done yesterday?”

Elsewhere in the interview, King used the word “overshare” to describe her Golden Globe speech and expressed a level of regret about making the promise on such a big stage.

Next, King will be playing a superhero in the HBO series “Watchmen,” which the Los Angeles native said she always wanted to do.

Plus, the 48-year-old said it’s something she’s already prepared for physically.

“I like to say, I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready,” King told KeKe Palmer at this year’s CultureCon. “I try to keep it fit.”

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