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R. Kelly Reportedly Requests Release From Jail Because Conditions Inside Are Causing Him Anxiety

R. Kelly wants out of Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Chicago due to health reasons, and his lawyer filed new court documents to try and make it happen.

AS TMZ reports, Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg said among other ailments, the disgraced singer is suffering from an untreated hernia, has numbness in one of his hands and has anxiety.

Greenberg said the jail isn’t providing Kelly with proper medical treatment either. Plus, he called his client’s stay in solitary confinement “stifling.”

That’s because Kelly is only allowed to have one of his two girlfriends visit at a time, and after a 90-day period they can switch. Currently, Azriel Clary is on the visiting list, and the 52-year-old’s other girlfriend Joycelyn Savage has to wait the three months before she can be on it.

Savage and Clary are the same women whose parents have accused Kelly of brainwashing them.

In addition, the lawyer assured the courts that if Kelly is allowed to be freed until trial, he’ll stay away from witnesses and won’t tamper with or intimidate them.

And Greenberg scoffs at the idea that Kelly would be a flight risk, because he doesn’t have access to his passport, and he hardly travels outside of the United States.

Barring some time when he was out on bail, Kelly has been locked up for most of his days since February, when he was charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse in Chicago.

He also received 11 separate felony sexual misconduct counts in May, which was followed by a July arrest, when the feds nabbed him while he was walking his dog in Chicago.

That arrest came with a 13-count indictment out of the Northern District of Illinois and a five-count indictment from the Eastern District of New York.

Some of the federal charges include forced labor, racketeering, kidnapping and the sexual exploitation of a child.

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