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‘F–k Y’all’: Alexis Skyy Hits Back at Critics Blasting Her for ‘Clout Chasing’ After Robbery Protest

It looks like “Love and Hip Hop: New York” star Alexis Skyy isn’t here for people accusing her and her friend Sabrina Peterson of seeking attention after their publicity tour about what they say was a carjacking in which they were recently victims.

Skyy and Peterson were reportedly robbed at gunpoint at a QuikTrip gas station on Atlanta’s Howell Mill Road on Sunday night. Following the incident, the two women have appeared on 11 Alive news and went viral on social media for protesting at the scene of the crime on Monday evening. It was not clear exactly whom the protest was directed toward.

Alexis Skyy
(from left to right) Sharonda L., Sabrina Peterson and Alexis Skyy. @alexisskyy_/Instagram

Many social media users accused Skyy and Peterson of clout-chasing.

“Protesting what tho ?🤨 Folks been gettin they car took for years, but because it happened to you, you wanna do something about it. Do stuff from the heart, not just because it happened to you‼️”

“What the gas station supposed to do? Why didn’t they protest at the police department? The gas station employees can’t help you either. 🤔 I really feel their clout chasing and trying to ride this wave”

The 25-year-old model caught wind of what detractors were saying and took to her Instagram story on Sept. 10 to hit back.

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy hits back at fans accusing her of clout-chasing. @alexissky/Instagram

“Everyday someone gets robbed,” she wrote Sept. 10. “They need to do more at the gas [station] no security no cop on duty no nothing! … Y’all think everything is funny! Until s–t happens to y’all. … F–k all y’all ignorant mf.”

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy hits back at fans accusing her of clout-chasing. @alexissky/Instagram

Skyy and Peterson sat down with 11 Alive news yesterday, just hours before their protest at 7 p.m. and shared details on the ordeal. They claimed that two Black men carjacked them and stole Peterson’s 2019 black Maserati truck worth $110K. The two women say they were filling the tires with air when a car pulled up with two men inside, one pointed a gun at them, and the other, a Black man with dreads, then entered the SUV and took off in it at high speed.

Alexis Skyy
Sabrina Peterson (left) and Alexis Skyy (right) discuss an alleged carjacking they say they were victims of on Saturday night. (Photo: 11Alive screen grab)

They recounted how terrified they were during the carjacking and said they were most thankful that their children weren’t in the vehicle with them.

“To the gentleman who has my car, enjoy it,” said Peterson. “Have a great time in it. I’m praying for you and I’m praying for your family. … I pray that if you do sell the car, that you make enough money to have another outlet to be able to…use my car as the money to fuel your dreams.”

Skyy added, “I’m not even angry. It’s more so about our kids. All I’m thinking about our kids being in the car. Take my life, but my kid. No. Even if it was her kid, I would have felt like it was my fault. She could have went home peacefully and had her car

The mother of one’s boyfriend, Trouble, also shared a post on social media about the incident and asked the suspects to turn the vehicle in.

Alexis Skyy
The Glam University claims she and Alexis Skyy were robbed @alexisskyy/Instagram

Skyy and Peterson rallied at the alleged crime scene yesterday and chanted with their crowd of supporters, “No justice, no gas.” Others who joined them, the majority of them women, claimed they too were victims at or near the same QT.

Despite the backlash Skyy and Peterson have received, they’ve also gained a wave of support.

“Good!⁉️ If its happening frequently then there should be some type of police presence constantly… Nobody should be robbed at gun point, especially for something they work for.”

“I’m proud of them for protesting! So many people have been victims there. Good job Alexis and Sabrina”
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