‘Die, You N—–‘: 70-Year-Old White Man Claims Neighbors Provoked His Vile, Racist Attacks Despite Restraining Orders

A man living in England has thrown so many racist and violent fits that his neighbors got three restraining orders issued against him Tuesday.

Frank Garnett, 70, of Hull, East Yorkshire, hung signs on a woman’s washing line telling her to “die, you n—–,” and calling her a “black n—– b——,” according to the Daily Mail.

He threatened to burn one woman’s home with her inside and smashed his own window while shouting at her, his neighbors told the news website.

He was even seen throwing hammers at neighbor Neil Howling’s window while already on bail, the report said.

The man said that incident happened just after midnight, and in the legal follow-up, Garnett intimidated him at Hull Magistrates’ Court in a stare-down, Howling said.

“I’ve had to move everything away from the window because I’m scared if he does it again the hammer will come straight through,” Howling told the Daily Mail.

He said it was just the other day that Garnett shouted at another neighbor walking her dog. He told the woman he was going to strangle her and slit her dog’s throat, Howling told the Daily Mail.

“I don’t know how these restraining orders are supposed to work when he can still live so close to us all,” he said.

Another neighbor, a 59-year-old woman the Daily Mail identified as Debbie, said she is scared in her own home and desperate for Hull City Council to find her another property. She’s the woman Garnett threatened with a deadly home fire, the Daily Mail reported.

Debbie told the news outlet she “can’t sleep and can’t cope anymore.”

“But even in court he was saying it was all our fault because we were provoking him,” Debbie said. “All I know is someone hung a thong on his washing line for a joke but that doesn’t warrant having your windows put through and shouting horrible things.

“We can’t sit out in our communal garden because he will be there.”

Garnett pleaded guilty to two counts of causing harassment, alarm or distress contrary and three counts of racial aggravation. 

He was issued an eight-week suspended sentence, ordered to 15 days of rehabilitation and ordered to pay £200 for criminal damage to the window and a £172 victim surcharge, England media outlets reported.

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