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‘Using Her Name for Clout’: Fans Scold Alexis Skyy’s Boyfriend After He Publicly Takes Credit for Her New Hairdo

In case no one’s heard, “Love and Hip Hop: New York” star Alexis Skyy has cut her hair extremely short, and it’s apparently all thanks to her new boyfriend Trouble.

The 25-year-old model displayed her new hairdo on Instagram Tuesday evening with a video and picture of herself flaunting a tapered pixie cut. Skyy’s new look came as a shock to fans, considering that she’s known for wearing long weaves and wigs.

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy and her shorter look. @alexiskyy_/Instagram

Not long after she debuted her new look, her boyfriend Trouble made a post seemingly suggesting he was the reason she cut her hair.

“Told ace how much I love confident women with short hair instead of them colors everyBody else Be doing an what she go do, cut her hair for papi!” he wrote, attaching an image of Skyy’s impromptu photo shoot outside. “I gotta say I definitely appreciate you trusting me though. S–t look toooooo good on you! #thugluv”

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy praised by her new man for her new look. @troubledte6/Instagram

A few social media users felt Trouble was trying to take credit for the mother of one’s mien, calling him controlling.

“Why he putting on like he did something 🤷🏽‍♀️ so controlling. Lmao so you want your lady not to look how when you first met her?”

“Imagine cutting your hair bc a man suggested you should. I’m sure she did bc she wanted to & simply asked if he like it, he turned into I ‘told her she should’. Boy bye!”

“She already had her hair cut short smh he just using her name for clout 😳”

“It’s a red flag when a man starts to dictate how a woman should present herself Idc. Controlling and Toxic red flags 🤷🏽‍♀️”

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy and her boyfriend, rapper Trouble. @alexiskyy_/Instagram

Backlash to Trouble’s response comes days after a video surfaced of him seemingly putting Skyy in a chokehold.

A short Instagram clip posted by the rapper himself, showed the Atlanta native caressing his girlfriend with both hands around her neck. At one point, she seemingly tried to remove herself from his grip, but he wouldn’t let go.

It’s unclear how long Skyy and Trouble have been dating, but according to an old picture posted on his page, they were spotted together around July 16. The “LHHNY” actress publicly announced they were dating on August 3.

Skyy is the ex-girlfriend of singer Fetty Wap, whom she shares 1-year-old daughter Alaiya Grace with.

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