Watch: Woman Caught On Camera Hurling Racial Slurs at Black Woman, Ordering Her to ‘Go Back to Harlem’ After Their Carts Collide in Florida Grocery Store

A routine run to the grocery store was anything but that for a Black woman in Florida woman who found herself being pelted with racial abuse after a stranger crashed into her shopping cart — and kept it moving.

Nicki Johnson captured the moment an unidentified woman called her the “n-word” after she confronted her about the in-store collision. Johnson said she was shopping at a Publix supermarket at Mary Brickell Village in Miami when the fracas unfolded.

Supermarket Spat

An unidentified woman launched into a racist tirade when a Black woman followed her through grocery store aisles to confront her about bumping into her shopping cart. (@Ohyounicki / Instagram video screenshot)

A video she posted to Instagram starts moments after the woman allegedly bumped her cart and refused to apologize, calling her a “n—-r” instead.

“You, why don’t you call me a n—-r again?” Johnson says, daring the woman to repeat the slur, but this time on camera.

“Let me tell you something, I don’t have to call you anything,” the cart culprit shoots back, later screeching through her teeth: “Get away from me!”

At one point, the woman threatens to sic security on Johnson and warns that their exchange is being recorded by the store’s surveillance.

Johnson told the Daily Mail that, before taking out her phone to record, she was waiting in line when the woman bumped her buggy and went on about her business. She said she asked the lady to apologize, to which the woman allegedly responded: “I didn’t hit you with my cart, and f–k you,  you f—–g n—-r.”

In the footage, Johnson pursues the hit-and-run suspect down an aisle, repeatedly goading her to use the slur as boldly as she had before. The woman, who appears to be in her mid-60’s, takes off with her cart in the opposite direction with Johnson not far behind, and at one point shouts over her shoulder, “n—-r!”

“If you follow me down here, I’ll call the cops!” the woman continues. “Because I did bang into you. Now stop following me.”

Johnson assures the woman she isn’t tailing her and but instead trying to make her way out of the store.

“Good, leave!” she responds. “Go back to Harlem.”

Social media users reacted to the now-viral video and applauded Johnson for her restraint. Others criticized the Florida woman, however, arguing that Johnson’s behavior was borderline “harassment” and that she only posted the video for clout.

“Why you all in her face demanding she call you another nigger and when she did, you do nothing. Y’all really irritate me,” one critic wrote.

Another echoed that sentiment, writing: “What was the purpose of doing all that if you wasn’t gonna do sh-t….”

Johnson quickly defended herself against her detractors. In response to a critic who slammed her for seemingly bullying the woman, the real estate agent wrote: “Ok … so let’s see someone call those beautiful babies you have niggers and see how you react.”

Watch more in the video below.

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