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Police: Man Who Yelled ‘White Power’ Was Searching for His Gun to Confront Black Woman Over Hit-and-Run Incident    

Ohio authorities have arrested a man caught on video shouting racial slurs at a woman after a hit-and-run incident early Tuesday morning.

“I could feel it in my gut. Something wasn’t right,” Jolean Dailey told local station WKYC. “It’s not like we had any words, any confrontation. He just bumped into me.”

Alliance Police Department officials, who confirmed the arrest Thursday, said the incident unfolded just after 8 a.m. near Sawburg and State streets in the northeastern Ohio city of Alliance.

In video of the incident posted to Facebook, Dailey says a man hit her car, then yelled the N-word as he fled the scene. She says she followed him to a nearby parking lot, where, in a separate video, she alleges the man shouted “white (expletive) power” at her.

“He was about to take something out of his glove box, but his girlfriend stopped him,” the woman recalled in her Facebook post. “They took off again, smh. I can’t believe this just happened.”

A police report obtained by Atlanta Black Star names the suspect as 26-year-old Jonathan Raymon Hydock, who authorities said was driving on a suspended license at the time of the incident.

Officers confirmed Daley’s claims, saying the girlfriend of the suspect told them that the man was trying to retrieve his handgun from the car’s glove compartment before she stepped in. According to the Canton Rep, police later charged the girlfriend with obstructing official business, a misdemeanor, for switching seats with her boyfriend to make it appear that she was the one driving when Dailey’s vehicle was hit.

Alliance PD officials said the incident is being investigated. 

“This guy had so much rage over something that he did,” Dailey said. “It’s like people are taught hate.”

“If people love on each other, then we wouldn’t have this issue,” she added.

Hydock is charged with driving on a suspended license, not stopping after an accident and ethnic intimidation, among other offenses. He was booked  into the Stark County jail Thursday after failing to post bond.

His first court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 9.

Watch more in the video below.

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