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Omar Goes Back to Africa With Congressional Black Caucus and Takes Pelosi With Her to Commemorate 400th Anniversary of Slave Trade

It’s been more than two weeks since President Donald Trump told Rep. Ilhan Omar and three other congresswomen of color to “go back” to the “crime infested places from which they came” July 14.

Since then, the words “send her back” have been yelled at a Trump campaign rally and even chanted in response to a California restaurant promotion offering a free side for doing so.

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But none of the people chanting about the Somalia-born legislator have volunteered to make the trip back to Africa with her. Omar said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did.

“They said ‘send her back’ but Speaker @SpeakerPelosi didn’t just make arrangements to send me back, she went back with me,” Omar, of Minnesota, wrote in a tweet Thursday.

Omar posted two photos of her in Ghana with Pelosi at the “door of no return,” a memorial to the slave trade.

That door is where “every man, woman and child walked to the slave boat, catching a last glimpse of their homeland,” according to the African American Registry, a web database of Black heritage.

Omar’s visit was part of a trip the members of the Congressional Black Caucus took to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the beginning of the slave trade from Africa to what became the present-day United States.

A ship arrived in 1619 at Jamestown, an English settlement in present-day Virginia, carrying about 20 captured Africans in what’s documented as the arrival of enslaved Africans on the American mainland.

Pelosi addressed Ghana’s Parliament Wednesday in what she called “a message of respect and reaffirming the U.S commitment to security, freedom and justice for all.”

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