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‘I thought I was the Only Person’: Naomi Campbell Draws Support After Extreme Flight Sanitizing Routine

With closed windows and no fresh air or ventilation, airplanes could be considered straight germ traps, which Naomi Campbell seems to realize.

On Thursday, the supermodel uploaded a YouTube video and showed that she rigorously cleans her airplane seat and other areas on the plane each flight.

She first puts on rubber gloves and then grabs a wet wipe to clean “everything that you can possibly touch.”

Campbell then proceeds to wipe down the window area, the place where passengers plug in their headphones, an adjacent wall, the TV screen and just about everything in sight.

“This is what I do on every plane I get on,” she explains. “I do not care what people think of me. It’s my health, and it makes me feel better.”

At one point, a fellow passenger jokingly asks Campbell to clean her seat too.

“I don’t do them for you but I’ll share it with you,” she replies.

The 49-year-old also brings her own seat covers on the plane and buys a new one at the airport every week. Plus, Campbell said she hand-washes every hotel that she stays in and wears a surgical mask on each flight.

People clearly related to the super model’s desire to stay healthy and not be taken down by airplane germs.

“I thought I was the only crazy person who cleans everything in the airplane,” someone wrote Thursday on YouTube. “Thank you Naomi for making me feel less lonely😂🖤.”

“As a flight attendant, I must give you this point that you are damn f***ing right to do it this way,” wrote another. “Airplanes are really dirty!! That’s a real thing!”

“I truly love you and your clean habits,” someone else else commented. “And how NICELY you CHECKED that chick when she asked you to “also clean her seat” 💅🏾👸🏾

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