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R. Kelly Asks Judge to Stop Ex-Wife Andrea Kelly From ‘Blasting’ Singer Publicly

R. Kelly has been on the defensive since being indicted on 10 counts of sexual abuse in February, then hit with another 11 counts of sexual misconduct in May.

But now he’s playing offense, because his legal team filed a motion accusing his ex-wife Andrea Kelly of violating a “marriage settlement agreement” they signed 10 years ago.

Reportedly, the mother of three agreed not to talk about her marriage to the singer when she signed the agreement, and according to Kelly’s lawyer Steven Greenberg she breached it last month during an interview on TMZ Live.

During that discussion, Andrea Kelly talked about the child support Kelly owes her and encouraged him to work at Del Taco if can’t pay it.

Greenberg said his client’s ex agreed not to give “any account of their private lives, business activities, relationship with each other, marriage or circumstances surrounding the dissolution in the agreement,” and she’s been doing just the opposite.

The singer’s attorney said the TMZ Live interview is just part of the reason a motion was filed, and he’ll try to get a judge to order the reality star to keep quiet.

The singer’s attorney also said Andrea Kelly broke the agreement by talking about her ex on “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” where she’s a cast member. In one scene, for example, she’s talking to Waka Flocka‘s mom Debra Antney about the charges Kelly is facing.

Then in another part of the show, Ms. Kelly explains some of the abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of her ex, and Greenberg said he wants a judge to stop her from talking badly about him.

“Drea has two strands of income,” he stated. “Child support from R. Kelly and blasting R. Kelly publicly. … Kelly has not made one disparaging remark about Drea publicly, and there’s plenty he could say.”

But on Tuesday, Andrea Kelly’s lawyer Alison Motta responded to Greenberg and said the singer actually violated the agreement a long time ago.

“Robert has not been complying with that provision of their agreement for years, even put out a book ‘Soulacoaster’ with details of their marriage and divorce,” she told TMZ.

“He essentially waived that provision and is now using it as a vindictive sword to punish her for asserting her right in domestic relations court and forcing him to comply with his financial obligations. He can no longer control her with physical abuse, so he’s resorting to methods of control and punishment that can be inflicted from afar.”

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