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Police: Missing Milwaukee Girl, 6, Safe After Someone Dropped Her Off at Police Station 

A 6-year-old Wisconsin girl whom police considered “critically missing” is now safe and sound after being dropped off at a police station Tuesday.

Cierra Warren

Cierra Waren, 6, was last seen Monday getting off the school bus before leaving with a “young woman” who was there to pick her up. (FOX 6 Now / screenshot)

Milwaukee police said Cierra Warren was dropped off at MPD’s District 5 station just before 2 p.m. on June 4 after she’d been missing for almost 24 hours, FOX 6 Now reported. 

Warren, 6, was last seen at 3 p.m Monday at the spot where she’s normally dropped off by the school bus. When her sister arrived to pick her up, little Cierra was nowhere to be found. That’s when her father contacted police.

Marc Warren told WISN 12 at the time he had no idea where his daughter could be, but said he suspected a family member was involved.

“The school says the bus driver dropped her off and she got off the bus, and there was some young lady there that she ran to and hugged, and that was the last time I heard anything from her,” he told the station.

Warren’s name and photo were plastered across social media, and was also  shared by local media.

Police said Tuesday that although she’s been found safe, the investigation into her disappearance is still ongoing. Details about who dropped Warren off have not been released.

Watch more in the video below.

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