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Jesse Williams’ Ex Reportedly Gets Partial Victory Over Legal Fees in Divorce Battle

It was reported in April that Jesse Williams‘ ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee wanted the “Grey’s Anatomy” star to pay an additional $210,000 of her legal fees, which breaks down to $100,000 for her lawyer and another $110,000 for a forensic accountant.

The former couple split in April 2017, and they’ve been duking it out over spousal support ever since, as well as custody of their two children, Sadie, 5, and Maceo, 3.

Williams and his ex were in court on May 9, and the actor said he shouldn’t be responsible for paying $210,000 for her legal representation because he’s already given her $270,000 for her legal fees and still gives her $100,000 a month in combined spousal support and child support, so he’s claiming she can afford to pay the legal fees herself.

Williams also accused Drake-Lee of using some of that money to buy artwork instead of paying for her legal team.

But according to The Blast, on May 9 the judge sided with Drake-Lee and ruled that Williams has to pay some of those additional fees. Then on Friday, it was determined that amount is $60,000, which will pay for her lawyer’s preparation and attendance.

At this time, the judge is still ruling on the $100,000 that Drake-Lee was asking for her forensic accountant, because it’s unclear on how many days of work would be needed to comb through Williams’ finances.

The judge said “more detailed information” from Williams will be required before a decision can be made.

The ruling of the $60,000 comes after Williams paid the $270,000 of Drake-Lee’s legal fees in June 2018, which is another reason he’s been fighting her request for additional money.

In a future trial, Drake-Lee will fight to keep the amount of spousal support the same after Williams says it should be lowered. Drake-Lee also claims the actor still owes her almost $1 million in back child support.

The former couple were together for 13 years and married for nearly five before they split.

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