Right-Wing Radio Host Attacks Botham Jean’s Mom, Suggests God Chose Amber Guyger to Murder Her Son

A right-wing radio personality is offering his two cents on the tragic killing of Botham Jean by attacking the slain man’s mother and arguing that Jean’s killer, fired officer Amber Guyger, was sent by God to murder the 26-year-old in his own apartment.

Shock jock Chris Krok of WBAP 820 AM in Texas spewed the vile remarks during a recent broadcast reshared by civil rights attorney S. Lee Merritt, who’s representing the Jean family. Merritt condemned Krok’s commentary as “dangerous, defamatory and uniquely evil.”

The conservative radio host ripped into Jean’s mother, Allison Jean, who reacted to the 911 call Guyger made after shooting and killing Botham at their Dallas apartment complex last year. Gugyer, 30, who faces a murder charge in an incident, had just finished a 15-hour shift when she arrived home and shot Jean after she says she mistook his apartment for her own.

Jean and Guyger, who didn’t know one another, lived one floor apart. Her apartment was directly below his. Still, Allison Jean has her reservations about Gugyer’s story and is demanding justice in her son’s death

“[Guyger] said nothing to suggest that she was armed, and that she sought to disarm him,” the grieving mother says in a clip included in Krok’s radio show. “Or she rushed to the door. Or he charged her.”

Krok then interjects with his own tasteless opinion: “Ohhhh, charging! The same thing your attorney said yesterday.”

The host proceeds to paint Jean as a”scheming mom” looking to get rich off her child’s death, adding that she’s “filled with bitterness and hatred.”

“Botham Jean’s mother is consumed with hate” Krok tells his listeners, claiming she’s going to “start a riot in Dallas.” “Botham Jean’s mother is either being lied to or has been lied to by her race pimp attorneys — she’s got several race pimp attorneys.”

Krok even accused Ms. Jean of being a liar herself.

The most shocking moment of the broadcast was when the host suggested that not only was Botham’s death an act of God, but that Gugyer was specifically chosen to take him out.

“God took Botham away for some reason,” he said. “God chose to use Amber Guyger to do that.”

Krok’s comments were met with immediate backlash from online critics.

“This is horrible,” wrote one Twitter user. “How can anyone with common sense say this about this grieving mom. Amber knew where her apartment was located. Chris’ choice of words are totally uncalled for.”

“Oh my! Have some respect for that woman,” another chimed in. “Her son was killed bc a police officer thought she was in her apartment. Let’s think about that for a min, who wouldn’t be pissed!!! Then you hear the 911 call where this same officer was only worried about her job, not the victim.”

Audio from the 911 call, released earlier this month, revealed a frantic Gugyer, who repeatedly declared, “I thought it was my apartment” and expressed worry she would be fired after realizing her fatal mistake.

“I’m f—-d,” she told the dispatcher. “Oh my god.”

Guyger’s story about walking into the wrong apartment was doubted for several reasons, specifically her claim that Jean’s door was slightly ajar. Other residents who live in the complex also pointed out that the apartment doors in the building shut automatically, poking a hole in the officer’s claim.

Guyger’s changing account also raised red flags.

The disgraced officer turned herself into police three days after the shooting and was subsequently charged. Her trial is scheduled to begin in September.

Hear more in the video below.

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