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Say It Ain’t So, Joe: Joe Budden Seen with Model Weeks Before He and Cyn Santana Split Up

So there may be a theory as to why “Love & Hip-Hop: New York’s” Joe Budden and his fiancée Cyn Santana aren’t doing so great right now.

As reported, Santana recently removed all of her photos of Budden from social media and deleted his last name from her Instagram handle.

It’s been said they had a big fight and split immediately afterward, but during a live taping of “The Joe Budden Podcast” in Tampa, the retired rapper said he and Santana didn’t part ways, although they haven’t spoken. He also revealed that she moved out of their home.

“We didn’t break up,” he specified. “There’s been no breakup. Now words are important. So what does that mean? What that means is neither one of us said it’s over … Haven’t spoken in a little while … I think her phone’s been dead for a few weeks … I didn’t take it no way when she moved all her sh*t out of the house.” 

In a tweet posted May 6, Santana shot back and wrote “Actions speak louder than words. People have months broken up and don’t even know it. But God reveals all truths.”

And to add to the breakup rumors, Budden was spotted in Miami Beach a few weeks ago with Jazzma Kendrick, a model, real estate agent, and social media personality who has hundreds of thousands of followers.

The pair was seen by a group of female spring breakers, who screamed and asked Budden where Santana was. But the rapper-turned-podcaster just waved and kept on walking.

Some left comments under the clip of the two strolling and many thought Kendrick was the reason Budden and Santana are on the outs.

“Oohsh-t you got shot of cheating joe budden,” someone wrote .

“Look at Joe, smh,” wrote a second person.

“why joe WHYYY?” another person asked.

Many also left comments on Santana’s page, with some telling her to move on from Budden, while others said they’d like them to work things out.

“I’m rooting for you and Joe I love y’all together,” someone wrote.

“Joe who? NEXT!!!!” wrote another.

Budden seems to be enjoying his time tweeting “When you can really enjoy a meal during your break up diet>>>.”

You can see Budden and Kendrick walking together below at the 5:46 mark.

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