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‘Toni Is Not Playing About Her Man’s Name’: Tamar Braxton Can’t Stop Mispronouncing Birdman’s Given Name, and Fans Are Cracking Up

Tamar Braxton rang in 4/20 by showing off a gadget Toni Braxton‘s fiancé gave her for the cannabis holiday but it was the way the star continued to mispronounce Birdman’s legal name that had fans cracking up.

Tamar showed off a smoking apparatus that is meant to allow the user to vaporize two different THC oils simultaneously thanks to its double cartridge. The vape is made by California-based Double Barrel and retails for $100, according to High Times.

“In honor of 4/20 I just wanted to give a shout out to my brother in law Bryant,” Tamar begins as her older sister is heard in the background shouting, “Bryan. It’s Bryan! No ‘T’!”

“Now, I don’t indulge in the marijuana with people watching because I’m saved,” Tamar continues, ignoring her sis. “It’s strong too. It smell like badussy but it’s all good. I’m sure it’ll get you high. Happy 4/20. Congratulations, Bryant.”

“Bryan!” Toni says, the irritation rising in her voice as she gets the rapper’s birth name out of her mouth.

The interaction had fans doubled over with laughter.

“Lmao Toni in the back with the correction. She don’t play about her man.”

“Toni in the background 😩💀”

“I like that Tay Tay. Better get Toni’s man name correct. 😂. Wait a minute. Did you say Budussy? I haven’t heard that word since the late Bernie Mac. 😂😂😂😂”

“There’s No T😂😂😂😂 Toni is not playing about her man name sis😂”

“Toni in the background basically saying put some spect on his name 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

While Tamar may have been evoking humor by purposely mispronouncing Birdman’s given name, a name is all she had to go off of when she was using her detective skills to question Towanda Braxton’s new man about his identity.

On the newest episode of “Braxton Family Values” on April 18, Tamar got to work questioning Sean as they had lunch at Toscanova, an eatery in Los Angeles.

“So you’ve been here before?” Tamar asked as she pelted him with questions. “With who? You got a girlfriend? Why you keeping it under wraps for?”

Sean only confirmed that he was “seeing somebody,” but a call from Towanda during the meal confirmed Tamar’s suspicions.

“If y’all want somebody to keep y’all secret, I am her!” Tamar exclaims. “You say you had been here, you had the sherbert drink … that’s her drink. I am here for the secret, ’cause I ain’t stupid. I ain’t gonna tell nobody. I ain’t gonna tell nobody. I promise.”

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