Donald Glover Recruits Mo’Nique for 5 Brilliant Adidas Commercials

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, has partnered with Adidas to launch three different lines of sneakers, and he stars in the commercials with Mo’Nique.

Glover chose to release the ads in five vignettes, as opposed to creating a typical one minute commercial spot.

The first clip shared on Instagram is titled “1985,” and in it Glover finds himself in front of Mo’Nique’s home-intercom after jogging. He then asks for the code.

“Try 1-9-85,” the comedian tells him but it doesn’t work. “They said it was my birth year.”

“Try your actual birth year,” Glover shoots back.

Next on “Timber,” the “Atlanta” writer is seen chopping wood without a shirt, which Mo’Nique teases him about. And before the clip is over, she tells him to be quiet, asks why his bare chest is out like its the ’70s and calls him a “little booty baby” for showing his chest hairs.

Then on “Avocado,” Glover and Mo’Nique are extracting honey, and the “Redbone” crooner finds out he’s gotten the wrong kind. So Mo’Nique tells him to toss it down the drain, and when he asks why she tells him that his forehead resembles a stop sign.

The two stand-ups appear in a commercial kitchen at a fancy gathering for the next short titled “Polenta,” and Mo’Nique accuses Glover of being out of touch as far as food goes — mainly because he’s among Hollywood’s A-list.

“I can’t do it,” says the “Precious” actress. “Now if I’m going to be here I’m going to need some real food. Japanese polenta? Lord, they’re trying to take away grits too.”

From there, Mo’Nique grabs a box, cooks Glover some grits and the jokes continue.

On the last clip “Dusty,” Mo’Nique is looking around the house for the “good lotion” and asks a preoccupied Glover where it is but he doesn’t know.

“Of course you don’t know,” she replies. “I can see the white around your ankles from all the way up here. Since you got all these names I’m going to add another one for Dusty Ass Donald.”

Based on the comments, people completely loved the shorts and debated which one was best.

As far as Glover’s sneakers with Adidas, the “Nizza,” “Continental 80” and “Lacombe” will be released on April 26 at $80, $100 and $90 respectively.
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