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Porsha Williams Indicates She’ll Soon Show Her Baby’s Face to the World as She Teases PJ’s Photo Shoot

It looks as if Porsha Williams’ baby girl is readying to make her debut. The new mom shared glimpses of Pilar Jhena’s first photo shoot on Instagram over the weekend.

On Sunday, April 14, Williams shared with her followers how excited she was to have her 3-week-old baby take her first set of official photos.

“@pilarjhena First photoshoot I’m so excited 🤸🏼‍♂️👑” “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star captioned the video of Pilar in her car seat riding to the shoot.

“Headed to my first photoshoot wish me luck! I wanna out slay my momma 🤫 lol #pilarjhena” read a caption to the same clip that was posted on Pilar’s official Instagram account.

Once on the set, William’s fiancé Dennis McKinley captured some video of his and Williams’ first child in front of the camera. McKinley’s “Dish Nation” co-host fiancée also shared the footage on her Instagram Story later that day.

As usual, Pilar’s face remained hidden from view, but what was noticeable at least was her wearing a headband, which looked to be adorned with a flower.

The photo shoot teaser comes just in time as Williams’ fans are growing weary of seeing new photos and videos of PJ being shared on her parents’ Instagram accounts without her face being present.

“Dang hurry up and show our baby!”

“Why you keep covering her face. Want to see the BEAUTIFUL Pilar Jhena.”

“Yal KILLING me hiding these babies, most people be in a hurry to show off their new baby because they don’t stay babies for long. Only people on show business do that. I take that back Kenya didn’t hide that beautiful baby of hers. Porsha we no she cute, but we don’t want to see her when she one. We happy for you tho.”

“Ur showing everything else why not show her face 🤦‍♀️”

While fans will have to wait a little longer to see PJ’s face, the public does have an idea about what she looks like.

On part one of the “RHOA” reunion last week, Williams disclosed that she would name the baby after her if she looks just like her.

“I have one other name picked out,” she said when asked if Porsha Jr. was going to be the name of her baby. “If the baby comes out and she looks exactly like me, then I will name her Porsha Jr. But if she looks like her dad, which I think she will ’cause I saw her head, I’m gonna name her the other ‘P’ name.”

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